1. FINAL: PSU 61, IU 55.
    IU: Watford 15; Hulls 9; Oladipo 8, 6reb; VJones 7; Rivers 5, 4stl; Roth 3; Moore 3; Elston 2; Sheehey 2; Pritchard 1.
    IU: 22-45 (49%) FG; 4-18 3PT; 7-11 FT; 23 reb; 10 to; 8 (19) fouls.
    PSU: 22-48 (45%) FG; 6-16 3PT; 11-20 FT; 34 reb; 11 to; 3 (10) fouls.
    PSU: Brooks 15, 7reb; Battle 13; AJones 12, 7reb; Jackson 9; Marshall 7; Frazier 5.

  2. Sorry but as much as I like our team they don’t seem to have the basic fundamentals high school kids have –catching a basketball, not bad-passing, following your shot, blocking out at the free throw lines, but the real blame to me is a coach who has them thinking energy wins games and in turn offers no poise and what is the offensive play? play number 1 or number 1 which is dribble around the perimeter like harlem globetrotters until the clock winds down to 6 sec then throw one up. We have illumined play but it doesn’t get put together-Coach’s fault –coach the players play and not cheerlead.

  3. Waaaaah. Whining about the coach. Tell me one of these players other than Watford that should be starting on any Big Ten squad right now? Hulls has potential, but he wouldn’t crack the starting 5 anywhere, but maybe Iowa. All the rest are off the bench guys anywhere else.

    Crean is going to be held to the fire next year and there better be some improvement. The coaches can take some blame this year, but they are FAR from the only problem. Watford is the only guy capable of creating his own shot. Rivers is the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Imagine a GUARD that is so bad, the defenders play 10 feet off of him knowing that he can’t hit a shot beyond 5 ft. I’ve never seen anything like it.

    Non-sequitur: I’ve noticed that most of the people venting here about Crean are as likely to string two sentences of correct syntax together as I am of dating Gisele anytime in the near future. I’ll assume you guys aren’t that dumb and that your rage temporarily leads you 4th grade grammer.

    Food for thought and such.

  4. Indiana played with more energy and excitement tonight…but same old result..loss #20.Crean really didn’t cost us this game tonight like he has 8-10 other games this year..he pretty much stayed out of the way and let the kid’s play.The reason we lost tonight was could not rebound..we simply have no talent or players that know how to block out.Indiana shot 5 air balls tonight…and VJ3 shot 3 of them.Run the shot clock down to 4-5 seconds and then just get whatever shot you can throw up.We have to do that to shorten the game..or we would lose every game by 30.The only way we win next year..it’s very simple..Elston..Bobby C..and Roth will all have transfer papers filed by friday morning…they are gone.If Crean will go to the JR. college ranks and get a couple 6-9…6-10 players to go along with Zeller..Watford..Creek..Pritchard..Hull’s..Jones then we have a chance to win 15-18 games next year.If these guy’s don’t transfer and we go into next year with what we have now plus Zeller and Etrington…we won’t win 12-14 games next year.Look at it this way…if we do go to NIT next year..then NCAA in 2 year’s when all the so called ‘commits’ get here…then great..if we don’t then that will be the end of the Crean era…and not a second to soon.Go New Mexico..at least we have one Indiana boy to root for.

  5. How about we add a Big Man coach to the coaching staff? A guy who is a specialist in developing big players, and who will be assigned only that responsibility. If we presently have such a coach, it doesn’t show and you would never know it. Crean cannot do it, we know that now. So let’s get some help on the sideline.

  6. Does anyone know is Indiana looking at some juco players for next year. Would love to see someone come in so we could bench V jones. I got to say I was glad to see Dumes leave last year.

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