1. Just another loss ….just another Crean year end disaster ….here is what I do know as a 40 year Hoosier hoops fan …we have great fans that virtually no other U would keep cheering for loss after loss …season after season …I am as well as thousands of other Hoosier fans just are tickled to see if the 2 Million dollar man can actually COACH minus DwaaaaaaaAyne WaaaaAaade …let’s just see …so far ….he absolutely SUCKS

  2. FINAL: WIS 77, IU 67.
    IU: Jones 18, 5reb; Hulls 15; Watford 13; Rivers 6; Oladipo 4; Roth 4; Sheehey 3; Pritchard 2; Elston 2.
    IU: 22-47 (47%) FG; 2-11 3PT; 21-26 FT; 22 reb; 5 to; 12 (19) fouls.
    WIS: 24-49 (49%) FG; 9-16 3PT; 20-22 FT; 29 reb; 4 to; 14 (22) fouls.
    WIS: Taylor 39, 7-8 3PT; Nankivil 16; Leuer 10, 7reb; Gasser 4; Smith 2; Berggren 2; Bruesewitz 2, 7reb; Jarmusz 2.

  3. And forgot to mention …please take Felicia 9 win Jack with u as you leave out of town with Millions ….why do we do this …:ow do we justify this …the ONE sport IU has always been counted on has hit bottom 4 plus years in a row …the joke continues …are u all tickled Creany pink with 12 wins ?? Lord have mercy Indiana has hit decades long bottom

  4. I thought IU played well. If Taylor wouldn’t have had the game of his life and we could get just a little respect from the officials we would have won.

  5. CTC is a lousy coach, the refs are horrible , and certain players need to go. WE need an assistant that can develop Big men. Next year will not be any different except some teams will lose alot of talent while we will have the worst coach in the Big 10. Absolutely disgusting to watch our big men and offense. Failure to get defensive rebounds coat us at least 10 points– blocking out is horrible–that’s lack of coaching.

  6. this is not enjoyable basketball. it appears to me that the referees are complete homers trying to keep the game close. there was absolutely no excitement in this game other than watching it being manipulated to remain close for the t.v. crean has no class.

  7. Oh, I’m sorry. Was that Crean guarding Taylor? I could have sworn it was V. Jones who missed three layups. One of them uncontested.

    We need players who can knock down open shots, and get in your pocket on defense.

  8. I really liked the half time adjustments on Taylor– once again CTC has no clue. My golly why were there not 2 guys on him every time he got the ball.

  9. Tick tock, tick tock. Shot clock down to 3 seconds, time to take a (typically) low percentage shot. Where is the sense in this “offense” we have witnessed all season?

    And what happened to CWat in the second half? He became virtually invisible, and played very few minutes.

  10. Adjustments? Really? You could have built a 20 foot wall in front of Jordan Taylor and he still would have dropped it in last night. The basket was an ocean for him. The kid was in the zone more than i’ve seen anyone this year. He had several highly contested off balance shots that just found a way through the net. Was it frustrating to watch as an IU fan…H yes! As a college basketball fan was it impressive to watch….Absolutely!
    Taylor reminds me of Eric Gordon. Not the gimp wristed IU freshman, but the NBA Gordon. The kid is strong.

  11. I am tierd of seeing player’s get there career high..all against Indiana!!!I have been in Mexico for the last 8 day’s and when you tell the people there you are from Indiana there are 2 thing’s they all say…Oh Bobby Knight!!! and the other…thanks for not hiring Steve Alford at Indiana!!! The people there love Alford and cannot figure out why Indiana didn’t hire him.I told them all that I couldn’t figure it out either!!!The people in Mexico know more about Indiana basketball than the people running our university!!!Crean will never teach defense…never did at Marq…the fan’s there were glad to see him go…what does that tell you???

  12. People in Mexico talk about Steve Alford and Bobby Knight? Really? Do you think anyone believes for a minute that more than 3 people in Mexico have ever heard of Steve Alford or that anyone in Mexico follows Indiana basketball? What in the hell are you talking about?

  13. Maybe by “Bobby Knight” he meant “Chicharito” Hern├índez. Maybe by “Steve Alford” he meant Adrian Gonz├ílez. Maybe by “Mexico” he meant “New Mexico.” He is TERRY, after all.

  14. Well dumbass…since Alford coach’s there and everybody in America has heard of Bobby Knight…yes I think more than 3 people have heard of them.They have even heard of Crean and Glass…as the 2 that have destroyed Indiana basketball….not really…just threw that one in for free.

  15. Terry,
    You sound like the typical cynical deadbeat that only crawls out of ur hole when it feels safe to spout ur putrid perspective. Seriously, get a clue before u start jumping on message boards trying to berate.

  16. Last time I checked, Alford was the coach at NEW Mexico…dumba**. Mexico, not to be confused with the STATE of New Mexico, is the COUNTRY south of the United States of America. No colleges in Mexico participate in NCAA athletics. So TERRY, thank you very much for displaying your intellignece to the Hoosier Nation. It is greatly appreciated. And chet is probably right about the 3 people…

  17. I see some real idiots have made it in!!! Personally, the ones that want to express their childish beliefs about Crean & the IU program, I don’t understand why they even come here. It’s kinda like a spouse, if there’s that much hatred, prolly time to move on, I could do without the btchn & complainin!!!

  18. It seems that no one can post an honest opinion on this blog without first being deluged with a heavy dose of condescending crap followed by name calling(idiot dumbass etc.etc.)and lately capped off with veiled threats.IS THIS WHAT HOOSIER NATION HAS COME DOWN TO? If it is then maybe right now WE ALL have the Basketball TEAM we deserve. Have a nice spring and summer and enjoy each other’s company.

  19. RAM: I hope you are including yourself amongst the name-callers.

    There are people in here who spent 8 days in New Mexico, and return with stories from “Mexico.” I think it is fair to call out their mistakes, just as it was fair to call out the person who said she could see Russia from her front porch.

  20. LonF, do you even know who said the “see Russia from my house” quote? I will give you one clue… it was not Sarah Palin.

    I will accept responsibility for calling some poster’s on here ‘idiots’. Is a person wrong for telling the truth?! Rude maybe, but spot on with an apt observation.

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