Glass: Legette-Jack will return

While some fans might have wondered whether Indiana University women’s basketball coach Felisha Legette-Jack would return next year after a 9-20 season, athletic director Fred Glass said Wednesday night he had no doubts about the future.

“Absolutely (she’ll return),” he said. “I have great deal of confidence in Felisha. I look forward to next year.”

He went on to add that this season was not what he or anyone had hoped.

“I’m disappointed in the wins and losses, not anymore so than Felisha and the kids on the team,” Glass said. “She had three seniors of hers on there and a lot of expectations for a better year, but they had some challenges along the way, so while disappointed in that, I feel good about Felisha and what she’s doing and what she’s building.”

The Hoosiers will be much younger next year, but Glass said he is simply looking for improvement, whether it shows in the team’s record or not.

“What I’m ultimately looking for is progress going in the right direction,” he said. “That manifests itself in different ways, sometimes not in wins and losses.”


  1. Why? What has she done to remotely consider bringing her back? It’s not like she has a bunch of top recruits lined up. It’s not like she has developed any current players. Somewhere Bill Lynch is sitting and wondering how this happens.

  2. Sam, I agree. I’ve watched a couple of games, and I’ve seen some poor decsion making, and kids just losing composure at the end of close games.

    They need a breakthrough, like the womens volleyball program.

    We’ll see what she does with a young team.

  3. This is the same answer we got with Lynch. Clearly having watched this team Jack is not the person to lead the team and not a good coach.

    Like Glass said he needs to see “progress”. Something we won’t see next year. Also Jack will be going into the final year of her contract after next year and Glass has snowed he will either extend or fire a coach with a year left on their contracts.

    After he sees no progress next year Coach Jack will be axed and we’ll start over much like with Lynch.

    Looking back on Greenspan’s hires they are a mixed bag:

    1. Tracy Smith (Baseball is very good now)
    2. Sherry Dunbar (Team went from 5 wins in 3 years when Dunbar took over to the sweet 16 this year)
    3. Ron Helmer (Has track team in the top 5 in nation right now and cross country finished year in top 10 [team was aweful before he got here])

    1. Lynch
    2. Jack
    3. Sampson

    Jury still out:
    1. Crean

  4. The jury is not still out on Crean– he stinks. Next year he will have mostly Seniors and Juniors and will finish in 11th or 12th place in the Big 10. The words Glass uses for jack will be transferred to tan man. Translation— another year of frustration and continuing on the path of irrelavance for IU . More excuses and jibberish from CTC. More “WE have great practices” b.s. and other Big 10 teams laughing at us. Penn State will win easily today.

  5. Thanks to Fred Glass for his vote of confidence in Coach Jack. It has to be beneficial to the team.
    The ball is now in Felicia’s court, and I look forward to her team’s improvement next year.

    Go Lady Hoosiers!

  6. if she can start getting top indiana players that would help.they recruiting a few players from jeffersonville lady red devils team

  7. Terrible Terrible decision. Jack is by far the worst coach I’ve ever seen on the collegiate level. She should be gone without a doubt. Her decision making is very poor. She doesn’t even play her best players and stills expects to win. I call that incompetence. After next year she’ll be out of there. She won’t get any good recruits and the players that she has, she mistreats them and half of them want to transfer out anyway. What does that say about the coach and the staff. Once again, Terrible Terrible decision. I guess that’s been the trend for Indiana basketball the past few years. Well let the mediocrity continue.

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