Hollowell commits to Indiana

Every long-time friend who committed to Indiana made the school more and more attractive to Jeremy Hollowell.

The Lawrence Central junior swingman wanted to make sure he was picking the right school for him, but he came to realize that the opportunity to play with Ron Patterson, Yogi Ferrell, Hanner Perea and Peter Jurkin — not to mention Austin Etherington and Cody Zeller — was what made Indiana the right school.

“In Indiana, I see something pretty amazing, and I wanted to make sure I was a part of that,” Hollowell said.

On Thursday, he did, announcing that he had verbally committed to Indiana over Purdue, Ohio State and Cincinnati at a ceremony at Lawrence Central High School.

Before Hollowell came into the conference room where he was making the announcement, coach J.R. Shelt laid out hooded sweatshirts from Ohio State, Indiana and Purdue. When he made the announcement, Hollowell grabbed the Indiana sweatshirt and put it on.

The 6-foot-7, 190-pounder gives the Hoosiers a versatile wing scorer in that class who can score from the post and the perimeter. Shelt said he can also defend every position 1-5, especially if he puts weight on as expected.

Hollowell said Indiana coach Tom Crean envisions him having a similar role to Christian Watford where his versatility will be utilized.

“I’ll be playing guarding multiple positions,” he said. “Guarding different players. I’ll just be playing wherever they need me.”

And he’ll also be recruiting. Just as the players in the 2012 class who committed before him worked hard to get him in the fold, so too will he.

His focus, he said, was obvious. Hamilton Southeastern guard Gary Harris, the No. 24 player in the Class of 2012.

“I think we all know I’m gonna go after Gary Harris pretty hard,” Hollowell said. “… He knows I’m going to come after him hard.”

AUDIO: Jeremy Hollowell

AUDIO: J.R. Shelt


  1. Listened to the audio portion…was the reporter trying to eat the microphone? Couldnt understand half of the question and answer section. Anyway its great to see IU getting the Indiana talent and (hopefully) on its way back to #1.

  2. JHpI, agree with db. The Hoosier Nation should be thanking AE, I think he’s a big part of the reason we are getting all of these guys…

  3. Chevin,
    Sorry about that. Had a combination of issues, one of which being that Hollowell doesn’t talk very loud, another of which being that my battery was dying, so I didn’t want to put my recorder up on the podium. I moved the recorder sometimes to try to make sure the sound picked up, then had to put it back on a chair while I was putting stuff on Twitter.
    More or less, I was pretty much a mess throughout this whole shindig.

  4. No apology needed. I could hear it just fine. Just turned up the volume?????? No big deal!!! Good reporting. I am excited about the future of Indiana Basketball!!!!!

  5. Very happy to see Jeremy heading to IU. Seems like a great kid and of course he is talented. Welcome to the Hollowell family.

    Congrats to Coach Crean and staff. Another huge win over some tough competition.

  6. AE is not only going to play, but he’s going to play a lot. The least talked about recruit is going to be one of the most crucial to IU’s success in the next few years. Book it.

  7. After watching Jeremy Hollowell play against Pike, I don’t see him much like Christian Watford, but more like Jeffrey Newton. Newton played very good defense in the post and also against smaller guards and wing players. Hollowell is as gifted physically as Newt and is a better shooter from the outside. I sat next to Ohio State assistant coach Brandon Miller at the Pike game and he said he could play the 2 guard through the 4 position right now. Kudos to Tom Crean for landing this guy.

  8. TuShay —

    You may be right, but Newton was three inches taller, which made him a little more of an imposing presence inside.

    I’m SO EXCITED about this class, but we still need a center!!

  9. Comparisons to Watford should be looked at in the sense of JH will also play more than one spot and guard more than one position. That is the only comparison.

    Because JH can actually handle the ball with skill and has the quickness to beat defenders makes him much more dangerous than Watford.

    I appreciate what Watford is trying to do at SF but in a perfect world (i know) he would add another 20 lbs and be an incredible mismatch for other fours to guard.

  10. Galt-
    have you ever seen AE play? While Cody, Yogi, and numerous other IU recruits are leading their teams to wins in the HS tourney, AE again lost in the first game of sectional…sorry but if you are 6’7″ and on a full ride to IU you should be able to carry a HS team. AE will play at IU? In front of who, in front of Watf, Sheehey, Oladipo? In front of Harris, Hollowell, Patterson, Perea?

  11. JhpI one person can’t lead win a sectional he scored 20 something in that game if you don’t have a team around you you just wont win also he is only 6’5 not 6’7

  12. JGpl, When I was a kid my high school absolutely crushed Springs Valley and some kid named Larry Bird. One player can only go so far.

  13. they lost in the first game of sectional to an unranked 9-11 team, HH was ranked all year, he did have help, it wasn’t like he was playing with scrubs. What grade was Larry Bird in when that happened Chet? Was it his senior year? Was it the first game of sectional? Was your team 9-11? Also back then there was no class basketball, Bird played at a tiny school. Just saying I’ve seen guys with less talent than AE carry their teams, he simply never did in his 4 years, you are going to IU and playing against kids who will play B league intramurals at IUPUI, you should be able to win some tourney games.

  14. It wasn’t in the tourney and I went to a bigger school that was a basketball power at the time.

  15. we don’t need a lot of “blue chippers” We just need some good players that are going to stay,not one or two years and leave.. Most of those players won’t get down and get dirty they think they are too good for that Just watch Butler play and you’ll see what I mean Cream needs to attend Brad Stevens course on how to play basketball.

  16. Stevens may be the best young coach in the country…probably is. I wonder how he would do in a significantly different setting, with self indulgent blue chippers to nursemaid instead of good quality individuals that he can develop into the ‘Butler system’. I hope he sticks around the Hoosier state and we never have to hear about him someplace else.

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