Hollowell: “I’m just ready to get it over with.”

Just got off the phone with Jeremy Hollowell and learned the same things everyone else who has spoken with him in the last 18 hours have learned. He’s narrowed it down to Indiana, Cincinnati, Purdue and Ohio State. But here’s what I got from him and part of the story that will run in tomorrow’s paper.

Jeremy Hollowell is looking to get it over with.

The Lawrence Central junior and Indiana target says he’s going to make his college decision before he begins AAU play with the Eric Gordon All-Stars in April. He said he’s narrowed his choices to Indiana, Purdue, Ohio State and Cincinnati.

“I’m just ready to get it over with, focus on AAU, just focus on playing and not having to worry about it,” Hollowell said. “Not having to rush at the end and come to a final decision. I just want to know where I’m going and just be ready when the time comes.”

Hollowell said that Cincinnati made the final four because he likes the style of play and likes Big East basketball. Purdue made it because he has a good relationship with the staff and the players, including former North Central star Terone Johnson, now a freshman with the Boilermakers. Ohio State, he said, has been one of his favorites all along, though the Buckeyes apparently haven’t been pushing as hard recently.

“That was my first favorite,” he said. “I just love the campus, love the team. I just always wanted to go there growing up.”
But a lot of his friends and fellow top recruits are going to Indiana, and that seems to be a major selling point for the Hoosiers. He’s close with Austin Etherington, Yogi Ferrell and Ron Patterson, who are all from in or near Indianapolis and who are all committed to play for Indiana.

“They’re trying to push me there a lot,” Hollowell said. “They talk about it pretty often. They’re doing a pretty good job of just telling me about it and just trying to get me to go there. (It’s a factor), just being familiar with them, knowing how they play, knowing what we could do for the team.”

Hollowell, a 6-foot-6, 190-pound swingman, is the No. 39 rated player in the Class of 2012.


  1. I’m trying not to get my hopes up, but it would shock me to see him end up somewhere other than IU.

  2. If OSU wins the National Championship that might be hard to overcome. If OSU exits the tourney early, then IU will be the choice…

  3. Higgi,

    I don’t think that really matters. I think he knows where he wants to go already, otherwise he wouldn’t have made this announcement. Most of their players (except Craft) will be gone by the time he gets to campus anyway.

  4. If we make room for both, great. If we only add one to that class, I like Harris’s talent but with Yogi and RP Hollowell’s size as be a bigger swingman makes a lot of sense too. Will be interesting to see how it all plays out.

    Also, looks like Hollowell will decide by the end of March, before the final four. So it doesn’t look like this tournament will be much of a factor.

  5. If he goes to IU I hope it is because he wants to be there. I’m glad the other recruits are talking to him but I hope, in the end, nobody has to “push” him there.

  6. We didn’t help ourselves the way we closed out the season. He probably has his eyes on being a 2 and done and that’s not going to happen at IU

  7. Saw him play against Blgton North this season and he was a whiner… two little north freshmen double teamed him and he couldn’t do anything. I’d say pass.

  8. Somebody tell me again what a great job Steve Lavin is doing at St. Johns. I don’t know if that’s the worst beating a 6 has ever taken from an 11 but it’s got to be in the ballpark. St. Johns is absolutely loaded and they had no idea what to do out there. Total disarray. Great job, Steve.

  9. Chet,

    Do you want to take your Steve Lavin comment back?

    Almost every “expert” picked the Red Storm to beat the ‘Zags, but then they got blown out on a neutral court.

  10. Higgi, Uh, why would I take back a post criticizing Lavin and pointing the beating his team took. You’re not making sense. Am I missing your point?

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