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Things did not go exactly as planned, but Jeremiah Rivers found a role that suits him and bought in — an important process for the younger teammates to watch, Dustin wrote.

A Q&A with Rivers from the IDS’ Ryan Winn. Stats do not tell Rivers’ story, the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette’s LaMond Pope wrote.

The big heads are an increasing trend at Assembly Hall, where more are being added each week, the Indy Star’s Terry Hutchens wrote.

Ron Patterson scored 16 points, but Broad Ripple lost to defending 4A state champs North Central in the first round of the sectional, the Indy Star’s Kyle Neddenriep wrote.

Eric Gordon returned to the Clippers’ lineup and scored 24 points, the Los Angeles Times’ Baxter Holmes wrote.


New running backs coach Deland McCullough knows what to expect from Kevin Wilson, having played for him at Miami (Ohio), Dustin wrote.


Jori Davis was a traveler as a youth, but found a second home in Bloomington. She’ll play potentially her last game today in the opener of the Big Ten Tournament, Jeremy wrote.


Michigan State took care of business by routing Iowa and seems to be enjoying trying to play their way into the NCAA Tournament, the Lansing State Journal’s Joe Rexrode wrote. Iowa really struggled on the defensive end, the Des Moines Register’s Rick Brown wrote.

Minnesota coach Tubby Smith yelled at senior Blake Hoffarber and Hoffarber yelled back, the latest sign of frustration coming during Minnesota’s latest loss, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Myron P. Medcalf wrote. Juice Thompson struggled initially with the pressure of playing on senior night, the Chicago Tribune’s Jack McCarthy wrote.

Wisconsin is concerned about the amount of shots it is making, or the lack thereof, Madison.com’s Rob Schultz wrote.

Here are the updated Big Ten standings.


Drive-By Truckers’ “Where’s Eddie.”


  1. BYU has it wrong. The rule should be if you don’t have sex with your girlfriend, you should be kicked off the team.Also I am wondering whether the girlfriend was caucasian. I venture to guess that Jim McMahan broke the honor code everyday. For anyone who wants some really good insight on the Mormon relgion read “Under the Banner of Heaven”. It will open your eyes. It is the fastest growing religion in the USA and also a scary one when you realize how it was formed and what it stands for. Smith and Young were tyrants,murderers, and child molesters.

  2. Strong words, but I kind of agree. What a joke; this is the 21st century, and we have a school with institutionalized celibacy.

    The race question is legit as well. Although Salt Lake City’s minority population has grown exponentially in recent years, Utah is still the most conservative state in the nation, and I doubt you see many interracial relationships.

    Don’t look now – we could have a Mormon president in the near future. There’s a reason much of the world still considers us to be religious extremists.

  3. I doubt that he could be elected since Mormons are not Christians by definition. AS much hell that has been raised about the current presidents religion, it would be ironic for Republicans to nominate a non Christian

  4. real-

    It’s a little more complicated. From Wiki: “A prominent scholarly view is that Mormonism is a form of Christianity, but that is distinct enough from traditional Christianity so as to form a new religious tradition, much as Christianity is more than just a sect of Judaism.[3]”

    Personally, I lot of Christians I know consider Mormons to be very close, culturally, to (especially evangelical)Christians. At least close enough to consider them as a safe alternative when a Christian isn’t availabel. Sort of like how IU fans rooted for Butler last year in the tournament. Butler wasn’t IU, but it was still “Indiana basketball” on some level, so people got behind them.

    I don’t know; maybe there are some educated Christians who can chip in their two cents.

  5. A religion started in the USA in 1800’s with a guy (Smith)
    allegedly getting messages from some pieces of metal isn’t anymore Christian than Islam. The Mountain meadows Massacre was real and engineered by Young. As I said before, read “Under the Banner of Heaven”-great book.

    Politically, of course, Mormons and evangelicals are close , but their religions come from differnt books and Mormons certainly do not believe Jesus was the son of God.

  6. I always found the history of Mormonism to be…uh..a bit of a reach as far as credulity goes and I abhor their politics. That being said I’ve liked every Mormon I have personally met and I’ve met quite a few as I used to live out west.

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