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The coaching staff is trying to figure out the players’ abilities, and the players are trying to figure out what the coaching staff wants, but they are sprinting towards that unknown, Dustin wrote. Not knowing what is next is fine for now, Andy wrote.

Indiana has not punished Darius Willis after a protective order was filed against him — choosing to let the legal process play out first, Dustin wrote.

The major change in Kevin Wilson’s first practice as head coach was that he was the one yelling to go to the next drill, the Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette’s LaMond Pope wrote.

Lawrence Barnett is happy to be back at cornerback, the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel’s Pete DiPrimio wrote.


Tom Crean was in Louisville last night to watch the Eastern win the seventh region title, the Louisville Courier-Journal’s Jody Demling wrote. It is possible he was there to watch 2011 guard Remy Abell, who signed with Bradley (but the school has since fired the coach).

If you’re in the St. Louis area, Austin Etherington is playing in the Midwest All-Star Classic on March 26. He and Bloomington South star Dee Davis seem to be the standouts.


Iowa does not expect to see players transfer after this season, ending a four-year run of losing scholarship guys, the Iowa City Press-Citizen’s Pat Harty wrote.

Illinois’ Jereme Richmond has not shot the ball well but his defense has improved, the Chicago Tribune’s Chris Hine wrote.

Beating Minnesota matters for Northwesten — in terms of NIT seeding, the Chicago Tribune’s Teddy Greenstein wrote.

Michigan State’s Durrell Summers has one last chance at leaving a legacy at the school, the Detroit Free-Press’ Drew Sharp wrote.

Michigan coach John Beilein had faith in his team that has paid off, AnnArbor.com’s Jeff Arnold wrote.


Ohio State coach Jim Tressel was suspended two games for not coming forward with evidence that his players were involved in selling memorabilia, the Columbus Dispatch’s Tim May wrote. Yesterday’s press conference was a preposterous show because Tressel was never getting fired — he makes too much money for the school, CBS Sportsline’s Ray Ratto wrote.


Kanye West’s “The New Workout Plan.”


  1. Cheese Town: Tell me more about Remy and how he could make us stronger. I don’t know anything about him. I was hoping he would be a big guy, but it looks like he’s another guard.

  2. I would love to know the HT staff’s opinion on OSU’s “self-reporting” for Tressel. IMO, it’s an absolute joke that OSU thinks this is enough punishment. Tress needs to sit at least 4 games, there’s a failure to report and failure to promote compliance which should result in a loss of scholarships, the players were ineligible which means OSU should forfiet their wins from 2010, and Ohio State needs to be put on post-season probation for 2 seasons.

    At minimum! How is this much of a difference from Sampson ignoring NCAA rules and lying?

  3. A big difference may be is KS committed the original violation at Norman before a repeat performance at IU. Is this not Tressel’s first dust-up?

  4. It may be Tressel’s, but it certainly isn’t his programs first. There is a culture there of not exactly following the rules, from Maurice Clarett to Troy Smith and others. Plus, former players have come out and said that the exact violation these players committed has been going on for years. You have to wonder if he’s just oblivious or he just doesn’t care.

  5. OSU football is big $$$ for the university and the NCAA.
    I will be surprised if any sanctions are handed down.
    Tenneesee basketball will probably get hammered with sanctions. Double standards

  6. Hugh and Dustin-

    Hasn’t Abell been referred to as one of the top five guards in Kentucky’s 2011 class? Should we be ready, willing, and Abell to find a scholarship for this combo guard that offers a little more size and quickness than anyone in our current backcourt? He looks pretty flashy going into traffic and crafty with distributing the ball. Am I wrong in thinking this type of multi-skilled guard, a kid that looks very comfortable running the floor and dipping into the paint, is potentially just what the doctor ordered to make our bigs(especially our new 7-footer) more dangerous? And don’t we have more size coming in 2012? I guess I’m old school..I don’t think this stuff happens in a vacuum. Can’t each guard on a roster bring a different facet to the position? Doesn’t the efficiency on the inside game often rely heavily on a multitude of weapons from the guards? I think this kid looks like he brings a new sets of talents that could help our inside game flourish.

  7. RoadWoes – OSU football IS big $$$ for the university and the NCAA – but when everything comes out, I think the NCAA will lower the hammer and OSU will have to vacate their wins in 2010 for knowingly playing with ineligible players. Since the university has several documented instances of Tressel lying when asked about this, the NCAA might also rule that OSU had a lack of institutional control. That charge would probably get Tressel fired.

  8. Cupcake,
    I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t thought about Remy Abell for a while because he was committed and I don’t remember too much about him from last spring and summer. I don’t know that he’s EXACTLY what this team needs because it does have a lot of guards who aren’t point guards. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t help. Remember, on the roster next year, you have Hulls, Jones, Creek, Oladipo, Sheehey, Etherington and Roth on the backcourt already. The next year, you lose Jones and likely Roth, but add Yogi and Patterson. The question for Crean is whether Abell gives him something those guys don’t and if whatever that is is worth a scholarship. I don’t claim to know the answer.

  9. Dustin-

    Probably a longshot anyway..Don’t you think Creek’s readiness is in question?..And from the small amount of highlight footage I watched, it looks like Abell brings an electricity and quickness that you won’t get in the last four names on your current list of Hoosier guards/small forwards. I read a bloggers comment that said if Kentucky’s Mr. Basketball wasn’t based on scoring stats alone(e.g. “popularity contest”), that Remy Abell could easily be a viable candidate based on his importance to his team. Of course, that’s just one potato-gin-guzzling Kentuckian’s opinion, but it does appear a lot of strong programs were interested in Abell previous to his Bradley decision. I never knew anything about the kid until you guys made mention above. It teased me hearing Crean was interested so I decide to dig for footage. I was pretty impressed with what limited amount of look at his game I could get from the Kentucky regionals highlights provided on YouTube. I just think we need some spark next year and it looks like Remy is very fundamentally sound and lightning fast…Thanks for your input and consideration for discussion.

  10. Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee on firing Tressel:
    “No, are you kidding me?” Gee said… “I’m just hoping the coach doesn’t dismiss me.”

    A.D. Smith: “Wherever we end up at the end of the day, Jim Tressel is our football coach.”

    The above quotes go down in history books so that no one ever is confused with who it deals with…the (teeny weeny 7 pica font) ohio state university. This side of the ‘3 stooges’ only Gee, Smith and Tressel can manage to bring their state’s leading university to that level of comedy.

    And to think that the salaries and benefits of public employees are a matter of debate in the Ohio legislature. They even look a bit like Qaddafy (though better dressed).

    As a Hoosier with a lot of self respect, I, at least, had the courage to fire Kelvin Sampson, force the clueless Rick Greenspan into retirement and successfully isolated the moral breakdowns wearing Hoosier uniforms from students and fans.

    The athletic director at the (teeney-weeney) ohio state university still held that Tressel: “is our coach”.

    Moral waste matter like Gee, Smith and Tressel (and Sampson and Greenspan…and Pearl…ad infinitum)should never, ever be associated to the athletic programs of an honorable institution. The NCAA should consider having them register when they move to new addresses, as in the case of sex offenders in many states.

    But, hey…at least, we’re not Ohio State.

  11. Corrrection. (Sorry, missed stroke)

    ‘As a Hoosier with a lot of self respect, I, at least,’ should have read- ‘As a Hoosier with a lot of self respect, IU, at least,…’

  12. Cupcake,
    Creek’s readiness is in question, so that obviously has to be taken into consideration as well. I’ll check into some footage on him and hopefully we have another chance to see him that will give me a better idea.

  13. Dustin-

    Correction to what I said above. The YouTube footage I watched was of a Louisville Invitational Tournament(Eastern vs. Ballard)..Though not a state “regional” game, it was from 2011. Following is a list of a few plays I highlighted from the clip(he’s wearing no. 10).

    2:30 mark: drive to the hoop from top the circle.
    7:40 mark: steal and subsequent basket.
    8:25 mark: another move to the basket

    Final Note: Abell recently scored 20 points in the third straight victory this season their state rival, Balllard, last Friday at the semifinals of the Class Act Seventh Region Tournament at Knights Hall(Bellarmine University in Louisville, KY.). That’s probably the game Crean was attending.

    Take care.

  14. TTG, I really, really like the idea of having the Pearl’s, Calipari’s, etc., of the world having to register, as do sex offenders. That could certainly impact their employment.
    I could just see the press release. “Following his registering as an habitual NCAA violator, Coach Calipari will assume the reins of the Wildcats.”
    Of course, in Lexington, that would be assumed of any new coach.

  15. Chet, good point…it would be assumed and, I fear, in Lexington they would hold a parade for him. And, after they are fired, Pearls would get the job in Lexington, Calipari at Tennessee, Tressel at Southern Cal, Rich Rodriguez at Ohio State…

    We could also extend the register to cover ‘known street agents’, high school coaches on-the-make…

  16. The NCAA may hand down stronger punishment to both Tressel and the Bucks but Gee and Smith are correct, the Senator will be there till he decides to leave.

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