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Tom Crean watches the Illinois game at Champaign. Chris Howell | Herald-Times



Tom Crean will work in-studio for CBS/Turner’s coverage of the NCAA Tournament. He said the opportunity is helping him to see how other teams win, Dustin wrote.

Jaquan Lyle has handled the pressure and expectations placed on him well, and may become one of the best to come out of Evansville, the Evansville Courier & Press’ Gordon Engelhardt wrote. Inside the Hall’s Alex Bozich asked Lyle five questions.

Mike Davis understands what Tom Crean is going through, but has found a home for himself at UAB, the Star’s Terry Hutchens wrote.


Indiana high jumper Derek Drouin won his third NCAA Indoor Championship and, with the way he is going, has become a potential member of Canada’s 2012 Olympic team, Dustin wrote.


This Ohio State team could very well win the school’s first national title in the sport since 1960, the Columbus Dispatch’s Bob Baptist wrote.

Wisconsin is trying to figure out how to replace the injured Mike Bruesewitz, the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel’s Jeff Potrykus wrote. Penn State may be tired, but have to push through to get ready for the NCAA Tournament.

If Illinois can beat Lon Kruger and Bill Self, all would be forgiven, the Champaign News-Gazette’s Loren Tate wrote. Michigan State’s Derrick Nix is excited for the chance to go head-to-head against UCLA’s Josh Smith, one of the few post guys bigger than him, the Lansing State Journal’s Joe Rexrode wrote.

Michigan exceeded AD Dave Brandon’s expectations for this season, AnnArbor.com’s Michael Rothstein wrote. D.J. Byrd and Ryne Smith playing to their potential will be critical to Purdue’s success, the Lafayette Journal & Courier’s Jeff Washburn wrote.

Rumors had Tubby Smith headed to Arkansas, but the coach said on his radio show that he’s staying at Minnesota, the Minneapolis Star-Tribune’s Myron P. Medcalf wrote.

Iowa picked up its first 2012 commit – a 6-10 center from Georgia, the Iowa City Press-Citizen’s Pat Harty wrote.


In his first public appearance, Ohio State coach Jim Tressel apologized to the fans.


Charlie Daniels’ “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.” (Please don’t take this as some sort of comment on Tom Crean; it’s just a great song)


  1. Michigan exceeded their AD’s expectations. I hope Glass doesn’t say the same thing about CTC and IU. If so, therein lies the problem. Face the facts, McCaffrey and Beilein did outstanding jobs without B.S.,excuses, and rhetoric whereas CTC was just the opposite. Also Dakich and Fischer don’t buy the “we are brothers stuff”.The product on the floor sure doesn’t support it.

    How much longer do we endure this pathetic coaching performance. The guy talks gobblygook and spells like a 3rd grader on twitter. $2.3 milliom a year to make IU a laughingstock in college basketball. The answer is obvious. but it won’t be done.marrying into a coaching family doesn’t make him one.

  2. You can wait at least 5 more years minimum. Sorry the team hasn’t lived up to your expectations but it is what it is. Expect to see people depart to make room for others in the next 6 weeks. If you can’t deal with the disappointment, go follow another team. UK would probably work for you.

  3. get real/ 4 guards
    You are a pathetic so called fan,that has nothing better to do then keep bashing Coach Crean. I agree with Geo..

  4. Georgr– Are you seriously willing to give $11.5 million to him for his lousy coaching and unintelligble comments.

    If so, IU basketball will be dead for a long time. What’s an acceptable measuring stick for the future since he has had a free ride so far? I say a winning season next year and 20 plus wins a year after that should be the standard especially if he fills the front end with automatic wins like this year? Also some neutral court and road wins next year. IT won’t happen but that is what Glass should demand.

  5. Get real, I actually think your future performance expectations are pretty reasonable. It’s judging Crean at this juncture where you go wrong.

  6. If a guy makes $2.3 million– then he should be judged. HHis team showed no discernible improvement as a team and more individuals had worse seasons then better this year.

  7. Gotta give get real credit when he deserves it. Way to go getting the word “gobblygook” in your response.

  8. Get Real is so sure of his own opinions I don’t see how he could be wrong. I also want to live in a world were objectivity and logic are nonexistent. To be grizzled and ignorant is bliss.

    Get Real = 4guards= Steve Alford= unemployed troll with an AOL account= Losing.

    Your shtick is boorish. We’ve all had enough of you for the last 3 years. You should be fired, terminated, banished, etc., etc. from whatever it is you may do in the real world. I’m sure you’re terrible at whatever you do considering your cynical perspective.

  9. On one hand he does have a point. The meter should start running next season on CTC’s performance at IU. The puzzle that we are should be a little more complete and some marked improvement should be evident by end of the season. I am not the one to say what the goal should look like but think that an NIT berth would be a good measure. Congrats ‘get real’! I guess it’s true that even a blind hog will find the occasional acorn…

  10. No one comes back with any positives about Crean just criticism of me ? Why? because there are no positives for the worst coach in the Big 10. Sampson was a much better college coach than Crean, even Davis with his emotional shortcomings at least created a defensive mindset on the team.

    How ycan you turn a blind eye to the obvious? Two years in a row where the team falls off the cliff in the last part of the season. What is CTC’s stamp on the team: rebounding?(sampson), shot selection and getting to the line(Knight), defense (Davis),tempo (ryan and carmody)toughness(painter and izzo),fundamentals(anyone but crean),etc.,etc.

    There is not one good trait that describes Crean’s coaching over the last 3 years.None.

  11. Using 4guards/get real rationale, Crean should’ve been fired after the first season, when his only returning player was a walk-on. After all, he made $2.5 million that season too, right? After all, we know that Sampson/Davis et al certainly could’ve rode Kyle Taber to a Final Four appearance.

    Hey “get real”….open up the basement door….your mom is calling you, the meat loaf is ready.

  12. What is a travesty is sheep like get real think the coaching of Crean and staff are the reason past departed Seniors Taber, Finklemeier, Gambles, Dumes, Jobe and Rivers could not take us to a post season.

  13. You can’t compare records from one year to another but rather to the quality of competition you face. Even the statisticians can’t agree as to how much progress we made:

    2009-10 Rankings
    Sagarian = 173 (SOS = 46)
    RPI = 222 (SOS = 83)

    2010-11 Rankings
    Sagarian = 101 (SOS = 23)
    RPI = 191 (SOS = 52)

    That’s quite a discrepancy (101 vs 173) maybe

  14. get real-7 more years! No problem there. I, for one, will really start to enjoy it in 2011-12 with Cody, Austin and Mo joining this group. Then the class of 2012 comes in and it will be great! There is no requirement for you to post the same tired comments every day. We know your opinion and no one cares.

  15. get real: “The guy talks gobblygook and spells like a 3rd grader on twitter.”

    You must be behind the times, texting on Twitter or anywhere else for that matter has its own dictionary, no one uses correct spelling of words while texting, thought you knew that already.

  16. Get real- What was your expectations over the last 3 years? Look at the last 3 years recruiting classes that he had to throw together just to field a team. Then look what he is doing with his next four classes and their body of talent. Building relationships, closing the borders. He is probably bringing the state’s Mr Basketball for the next 4 years, top 5 or better class for 2012, best soph in the state coming, easily best class for 2014 already committed. These kids aren’t stupid, they know what they are building at IU. They wouldn’t be springing for IU if the didn’t trust or believe in Crean. Crean knows how to win. Do you think Izzo won the 2000 NCAA title by himself? Crean was his top assistant and his head recruiter. It’s a little too soon to be growing impatient. Its hard enough to rebuild a program, let alone while the conference is the toughest in basketball the last two years. I’ll admit that my expectations for this past season was way too high, but I rationalized it based on what Crean is working with now. IU will be back.

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