Illinois 72, Indiana 48

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. — Indiana make it a perfect 0-fer on the road on Saturday, completing the regular season with a 72-48 loss to Illinois.

Indiana has not won a game on the road since Jan. 21, 2010 against Penn State.

The game was not bad — it was worse. The Illini, who lost to the Hoosiers in Bloomington earlier this season, scored 46 points in the first half (it scored 49 in the first meeting) and led by 19.

The Illini led by as much as 29 during the game, and forced Indiana into its worst offensive showing of the season. The Hoosiers shot 31.6 percent for the field — including 1-of-15 from Christian Watford and Jordan Hulls.

Demetri McCamey had 22 points to lead all scorers, and Mike Davis had 13 points and nine rebounds.

The Illini, who may have secured an NCAA Tournament bid with the win (they are now 19-12 overall and 9-9 in the Big Ten), shot 54.3 percent from the field in the first half, including 5-of-11 from 3-point range. They did not play the second half with the same level of energy, but it hardly mattered.

With the loss, Indiana finishes in last place in the Big Ten and will be the No. 11 seed in next week’s Big Ten Tournament. The opponent is still to be determined, but the game will be at 7:30 p.m. Thursday.

AUDIO: Tom Crean

AUDIO: Jordan Hulls

AUDIO: Verdell Jones

AUDIO: Illinois seniors Demetri McCamey, Mike Davis, Mike Tisdale, Bill Cole

AUDIO: Bruce Weber


  1. Until our team becomes a team of players that hate to lose, we will continue being mediocre. Hulls hates to lose and it is obvious he gets irrated when someone from the media suggests IU doesn’t compete in a game. He competes. He hates to lose. We need more of that attitude on our team. I think Creek hates to lose as well. It appears Rivers, Watford, Jones don’t care one way or another. And why should they? They never are held accountable for any of their bonehead plays they make during the game. Rarely after a turnover that leads to points, or a defensive laspe or a bad pass etc. does the coaching staff point it out to them or bring them over to tell them about it. It’s about accountability and no one is holding anyone accountable for our mistakes.

    Reasonable expectations would be that by the 31st game of the season, the same mistakes would not happen. Reasonable expectations would be some improvement would be seen by both the players and coaches. We as fans are continually being asked to keep the faith, show up and cheer loud and we’ll be rewarded by a team that appreciates us. The fans have more than held up their end of the deal, when should we expect the team and coaches do the same? I and many others have been patient, but we are 31 games into the 3rd season and we see the same game over and over. One could have just popped in a tape of any other game this season and we would have seen the same we saw today. Insanity, doing something over and over and expecting a different result. Watching IU basketball falls under that category.

    This isn’t just a player/talent thing, because I recognize we still don’t have the talent, but it is a “what can we do with what we have” problem. We are doing nothing. Again, we see no improvement. Either the kids aren’t learning or the staff isn’t teaching; or it’s a combination of both. If this stays the same, adding CZ next season won’t matter. 1 guy can’t change the culture of a whole team or coaching staff. I just hope CZ hates to lose as much as Hulls. NIT is calling us next season, hopefully. We are 1 season behind in reaching that goal. Anything less that a post season tourney appearance in 11-12 will be a major failure. This season has been a failure.

  2. I agree with “I hate to lose”, on most points. They needs some kids who not only want to win, hate losing, but also know how to win.

    Crean has it tough. What do you do with Rivers? The guy won’t help on offense, Hulls has Daniel Moore coming of the bench for him. Verdell is lame and weak. Oladipo and Sheehey are our best defenders, Watford is trying, but needs bulk. Is Hulls the leader on this team? We haven’t had a floor general in a long time. Probably since Coverdale.

    I just don’t see the toughness of a A.J. Moye or a Dane Fife.

    Oh well, we’ll see what happens in the office season. Yet another lifeless tournament for IU fans.

  3. Just curious, can anyone name a successful college coach that never played college basketball himself? Seems to be somewhat of a prerequisite…

  4. I think we have seen some improvement…just not as much as we would of liked. Did we have an NIT this year? Maybe. The big ten was tough from top to bottom and in our current state we were doomed for the basement. Northwestern and penn state playing tough along with michigan exceeding expectations did not help our cause at all. We do not have a point gaurd and we do not have a center. Jordan Hulls did all he could to play point gaurd at times and Verdell, well, he gave it a shot again. These two will benefit from and actual point gaurd being on the floor. Our front court is bad. Pritchard has no offense and Elston has no defense. Bobby has a huge build but seems to lack aggressiveness. Watford should be playing like Alan Henderson….we have enough gaurds and people that jack up 3’s…play inside.
    Nonetheless, we beat 2 ranked teams this year. That wouldn’t of happened the past 2 seasons. We played tough against the likes of Purdue, Wisconson, and Michigan State. If Zeller can put in 8 points,grab 6 boards, block 1 shot, and draw 3 fouls….maybe we win some of those games next year.

    I like Coach Crean. I like every player on the team. I’m sure there will be some new additions to next years roster other than Zeller and Etherington. Wisconson, Purdue, Michigan State, Northwestern, Penn State, and Ohio State will all be taking major hits to their rosters after the season next year.

    I would say anything short of an NIT appearance next year would be a failure, but as much as I hoped we would make it this year, it was just not a realistic expectation.

  5. Hugh,

    With wikipedia as the source…take it for what it’s worth.

    All these guys were competitive athletes.

    Williams was a high school stud and played JV ball at UNC. Few was also a highly successful high school player that was prevented from playing at a higher level due to an injury. Weber was a Div. I athlete at least. Pearl? I meant to say successful with integrity.

    I just think it’s incredibly difficult for a guy to teach the game and make effective game time reactions and decisions if he wasn’t an athlete himself.

    Lyrically Bob Dylan’s a genius, but he’s not going to make a living teaching voice lessons.

  6. In one more game, our annual winter nightmare will once again be over and we can go to sleep dreaming of next year…again.

  7. Scott W – your comment is unfair and patently untrue. The miserable results of the last three years, especially this one, are all Sampson’s fault. Korman is just an enabler. As a matter of fact, I have right here in my briefcase evidence that global warming, the mortgage crisis, swine flu, the failure of our players understand the most basic of defensive principles, and Maurice Creek’s kneecaps can also be laid at Kelvin’s feet. I’m not sure, but I suspect he was in the vicinity of the grassy knoll as well.


  9. We’re last in Big Ten. Last. Top ten recruiting class, third year of Crean and dead last in conference play. Is this progress? Third year of 20+ losses. Iowa swept us and has 4 wins after beating Purdue tonight. Something is very, very wrong with Indiana.

  10. I think Indiana and Tommy are doing great and I am happy with 3 “real” wins this year at Indiana. But, I am obligated to say this for fear that I am under investigation by the moderators here at the Bloomy-Herald. Wouldn’t ya think they would be more interested in the “state of Indiana hoops” than what a 40 year Hoosier fan has to say about the great things that have happened under the $ 2 million dollar man …Tom Crean ?? The joke continues …see Season 5 under Crean next year …LOL

  11. This is the worst year since Mr Crean arrived. After we lose in the 1st round of the Big 10 tournament Mr Crean should resign. If he thinks his salvation rides on an 18 year old from Washington In. he is a fool and a snake oil salesman. Mr Glass, please back up the money wheelbarrow and make the deal. Just a few names…. Franks, Smart, Woodson, Thomas, Fife, Alford, Whitman, ect.

  12. Furthermore….. The trustees need to be held accountable.

    They looked at our athletic program and decided we needed a high profile attorney to run the show. Hey it’s INDIANA
    the president needs to stop this maddness.

  13. I am fightinmg for my Bloomy-Herald life here …I love Tom Crean …he runs a great offense …he is worth every penney of his $ 2 million dollar a year contract …ok I can’t even stomach that lie of mine …he will do a great ” clappin’ clown from b’town” around job next year !! Ok, here’s the deal…just make one of our major programs relative and not a joke …I really don’t care …Felecia’s 9 win program …Lynchs last place disaster ….tommys smoke and mirrors 12 …come on 3 win …season …are u serious ladies …if this were not so Fun-nee …ok …FIRE them all …NOW …quit paying millions to Loooooooosers

  14. this game reminded me of another illinois game, the final game of a season in which the hoosiers woefully underachieved — 1970-71, when IU had george mcginnis, jobey wright and steve downing on a front line that averaged 59 rebounds a game and still came away from that game and a few others by the end of the season stinking up the joint. by then, the coach had lost the team and people were fed up with the whole bunch. the only difference is IU only lost that one by about ten and the coach, lou watson, had the honorable good sense to get fired or resign and make way for the hiring of bob knight. i guess another difference is that that was indeed tghe last game of the season and IU fans did not have to endure the torture of watching their team play a meaningless Big Ten tournament game.

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