In third practice, Hoosiers go in full pads

Just a day after returning from spring break, the Indiana football team was reminded of what a full-padded practice was like.

The Hoosiers used full pads just a handful of times last preseason and busted them out very rarely once the games began, usually wearing shoulder pads, helmets and shorts.

And, of course, the Hoosiers haven’t had a game since late November, and since then have seen a regime change, so it took them sometime to get used to hitting each other at full speed again.

“(Safeties coach Doug Mallory) about took me out of practice today for just tagging off when we were supposed to be thudding up,” safety Chris Adkins said. “I’m still stuck in tagging off mode.”

The Hoosiers did wear full pads a lot last spring, though some of the injuries that occurred were the reason the coaching staff opted not to use them very often in the summer and fall. It was something the Hoosiers were ready for.

“During the season, you put on the full pads, but you don’t necessarily use them,” Adkins said. “But as far as right now goes, going in just the helmets and top hats, you’re kind of wasting your time and kind of itching to hit. So wearing full pads is cool.”

Four players β€” running backs Darius Willis, Antonio Banks and Xavier Whitaker and offensive lineman Colin Rodkey β€” were held out of some of the drills with injuries. Willis, Banks and Whitaker are all coming off of season-ending knee injuries.

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  1. Good story, informative. Happy to hear Coach Wilson thinks hitting in spring football practice is important. It may even be important during football games next fall.

    ‘Tag’ explains much about our defense these past years. Thanks for the good coverage.

  2. @ Tsao Tsu Gonzalez

    “β€˜Tag’ explains much about our defense these past years.”

    I about fell out of my chair laughing at this comment! As an annual season ticket holder that gets to see the defensive debacles in person numerous times, this description of the defense couldn’t have been phrased any better! Kudos, as I totally agree with you!

  3. How has Matt Perez recovered from his knee injury? I talked to his dad a while back and he said he was better than ever….228 pounds and quicker. If thats the case, he could make some noise this year.

  4. Jerry,
    The new regime doesn’t allow us to watch nearly as much practice as the old one, but I can tell you Perez appears to be participating in all drills, unlike his fellow injured running backs. Darius Willis, Antonio Banks and Xavier Whitaker, who all suffered knee injuries last year, have split up to work with the strength trainers at the beginning of practice when others are working on position drills. Perez has been with the rest of the running backs. I imagine he’ll get to see a lot of time in spring while the rest of the position unit recovers.

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