Indiana dominates Junior All-Stars, plus Peter Jurkin on national TV

All four in-state commits in the class of 2012 will play for the Indiana Junior All-Stars this June, along with one they would like to be the fifth member of their group.

Ron Patterson, Yogi Ferrell and Gary Harris were all named to the core six team, and will play in both games against the senior All-Stars (which should, no doubt, include Cody Zeller and Austin Etherington). Hanner Perea will suit up for the North team, while Jeremy Hollowell will play on the South.

The games are scheduled for June 6 and 8 at sites TBD (generally, they’re connected to the All-Star coaches and/or Mr. and Miss Basketball).

D’Vauntes Smith-Rivera, D.J. Balentine and Glenn Robinson II were also core-six selections. Purdue’s one in-state commit, Raphael Davis, was named to the North team.

The one verbal commit playing out-of-state, Peter Jurkin, will be on ESPN/ tomorrow night at 8 p.m. when his United Faith Christian Academy team plays Oak Hill (and A.J. Hammons) in the ESPN Rise High School Invitational.

Jurkin has been in and out of the team’s lineup all season as he dealt with shin problems.


  1. J Pat, according to the PUke Rivals site it looks like he’s staying put. I’d of liked him to go, not so much because he is a coach to fear, but because of the damage it would have done to their program. Oh well, at least some damage has already been done through the airing of dirty laundry. And of course we still have locked down the recruits and they haven’t, so all is well.

  2. GFDave, great to hear from you. It is strange, 950 on the way home is saying he is going and 1070 says a GOOD source says he is staying put. WISH TV out of Indy says it is done but Fox 59 says he is staying. All Mizzou stations say he is coming. Bottom line is like you said…the damage is done. I listened to several pissed off PU fans call in to vent. Painter was much more serious about leaving than most people ever thought and it will be interesting how this plays out…

  3. J Pat, I’ve been off-line for a while. Partly due to disgust with how things went the last part of the season and partly due to personal issues. Anyway, now that I don’t have to vent my spleen about the season I can post in a more rosy sort of way. So maybe I’ll post more often. We’ll see.

  4. WISH TV says he is staying not leaving. The Kansas City Star says he is staying. I have not seen anything anywhere that says he is leaving.

  5. Pork-chop has really made a media circus out of trying to get a raise hasn’t he? I know others have used this flirting tactic in the past to solicit raises at their current schools but he put himself up for some major ridicule by his own people and the media with how he let this go down. All morning Saint Louis media has been saying he’s the next Mizzou coach based on 1 source. Shame on journalists for trying to create reality instead of actually reporting on it. At least we won’t have to hear the PUkies fantasizing over Brad Stevens.

  6. I was watching tv last night and the president of the NCAA was being interviewed. He was ask if he thought college athletes should be paid beyond scholarships when coaches, college presidents, and he maid in the millions of dollars. His answer was no. I agree with him. However, it amazes me how these discussions are always presented. I do not think college players should be paid beyond scholarships….it is bad enough now under the table….where would it stop at. The part that amazes me is that multi million dollar contracts that coaches, college presidents, and the president of the NCAA receive like most things when people get to the top is legalized crime. How about a discussion on redistributing the wealth (dramatically lower their salaries and benefits) to lower tuition and housing costs for the student college fan in this case.

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