IU draws Penn State in Big Ten Tournament

With the win over Minnesota on Sunday, Penn State clinched the No. 6 seed and will play No. 11 Indiana in the first round of the Big Ten Tournament at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis.The game will be broadcast on the Big Ten Network.

No. 8 Northwestern and No. 9 Minnesota play at 2:30 p.m. Thursday followed by No. 7 Michigan State against No. 10 Iowa. No. 1 seed Ohio State gets the winner of Northwestern-Minnesota on Friday. No. 2 Purdue gets the winner of Michigan State-Iowa and No. 3 Wisconsin gets the winner of Penn State-Indiana. No. 4 seed Michigan and No. 5 seed Illinois play each other.

The Big Ten’s release on the bracket follows.

Ohio State earns No. 1 seed for fifth time in tournament history

The Big Ten announced on Sunday the bracket for the 2011 Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament, which will be played Thursday through Sunday, March 10-13, at Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis. Ohio State is the No. 1 seed for the fifth time in history after winning the outright conference title with a 16-2 Big Ten record. Purdue earns the No. 2 seed with a 14-4 record, while Wisconsin is the No. 3 seed at 13-5. No. 4 Michigan (9-9) and No. 5 Illinois (9-9) also earned first-round byes.

The tournament will tip off at 2:30 p.m. ET on Thursday, March 10, as No. 8 Northwestern (7-11) takes on No. 9 Minnesota (6-12) on ESPN2. The second game will feature No. 7 Michigan State (9-9) vs. No. 10 Iowa (4-14) on ESPN2. The final game of the day will be between No. 6 Penn State (9-9) and No. 11 Indiana (3-15), broadcast on the Big Ten Network.

Illinois, Michigan, Michigan State and Penn State all tied for fourth in the conference standings, but the Wolverines earned the top spot in the tiebreaker with a 4-1 record against the other three teams tied for fourth. Illinois had the second-best winning percentage in the group, going 3-2, while Michigan State and Penn State each had 2-4 records among the other tied teams. Penn State earned the No. 6 seed by virtue of its 1-0 record against Iowa.

The second day of the tournament begins with Ohio State taking on the winner of the Northwestern-Minnesota matchup at Noon ET on ESPN. The second game of the day features No. 4 Michigan vs. No. 5 Illinois, also on ESPN. The second session of the day matches No. 2 Purdue with the winner of the Michigan State-Iowa game at 6:30 p.m. ET on the Big Ten Network. Friday’s games conclude with No. 3 Wisconsin facing the winner of the Penn State-Indiana game, also on the Big Ten Network.

Big Ten Tournament semifinal games will be played on Saturday, beginning at 1:40 p.m. ET on CBS Sports. The championship game tips off at 3:30 p.m. ET on Sunday and will also be broadcast by CBS Sports.

Ohio State’s Big Ten title is the program’s second consecutive, fourth in the last six years and 19th overall. The Buckeyes were the No. 1 seed in the 2010 tournament, eventually winning the program’s second event championship. Purdue is making its second consecutive and third overall appearance as the No. 2 seed. The Boilermakers are looking for their second tournament title and received a first-round bye for the fifth straight season. Wisconsin earns the No. 3 seed for the second time and earns a first-round bye for the 11th straight year. The Badgers are seeking their third tournament title, most recently having won the event in 2008. Michigan earns its highest spot in the bracket since 2003 when the Wolverines were seeded third, and its first first-round bye since 2004, when the team held the No. 5 spot. Illinois earns a first-round bye for the third straight season and is the No. 5 seed in the bracket for the second year in a row.

Since the first Big Ten Tournament in 1998, six teams have captured the event’s title with Illinois, Iowa, Michigan State, Ohio State and Wisconsin each owning two tournament trophies. Purdue also has one tournament title. Tournament championship games have featured teams seeded as high as first, second and third and as low as eighth, ninth, 10th and 11th. Eight different schools have advanced to the tournament’s championship game.


  1. This one is winnable, although I am not sure how low the team morale is at the moment and whether we should even get our hopes up.

  2. I can think of a lot of other teams I’d rather not play. At least this one has the potential to be interesting.

  3. hoosierdaddy77 we have only played penn state once this year how are we gonna lose to them three times

  4. On a neutral floor, IU would lose to all the other Big 10 teams. Penn State will win by at least 15. This team would not be Ball State,Valpo or IUPUI. Get real they have not won a game away from Assembly Hall this year. Lousy coaching and a couple poisonous players to team basketball who will be back next year, The ship has sunk. Tan man is not eveb respected by his peers. Turn out the lights, the party’s over for IU as long as he coaches.

  5. I thought Indiana was going to lose big to Minnesota and Illinios but we beat them….of course, that was at home and ….er….well, the refs called it pretty good in our favor……I’m guessing turning out the lights would save some money, and I’m a real iu fan

  6. IU will keep it close for a half…down 5-6 at half…then Crean will step in and try to coach and IU will lose by 12-15.I just hope we are not down 1 with 4-5 seconds left…I can’t stand to go thru one more game where Crean calls time out down 1 and we throw up a 25 foot shot.Every coach in the B10 hopes Crean keeps his job…that’s just one less team to worry about.When your own coaching peer’s say Crean is not a very good coach and has not done a very good job…which that very quote has beeen said several times in the last 2 week’s….do you think Glass care’s???As long as 17,000 fans pack Assembly Hall…Crean is here to stay.When the fans get tierd of losing and 10-11,000 fans start showing up…the bill’s won’t get paid and a change will have to be made.But after Thursday…another awful season is in the book’s..another 20 loss year..another “wait till next year” quote…fan’s waiting all summer for Zeller to come save the IU program…only next year to have another 18-20 loss season.Penn State 67 Indiana 55…..Indiana is a pretty bright Corvett…with a 6 cylinder engine in it.

  7. OK, that’s four times. I hoped it was just a typo. It’s spelled ‘tired’, not tierd. As long as we’re at it, ‘Corvette’ has another ‘e’ at the end and the fastest Porsche made is powered by a 450 hp six-cylinder engine. Also, college coaches are not posting on blogs in real life. That’s just somebody trolling to see if anyone is gullible enough to believe a coach would really do such a thing. They wouldn’t.

  8. Just curious but do Terry and “real IU Fan sound just like 4guards. Next they will be telling
    us how we need Pat Knight and Steve Alford to come coach. I am guessing that both these
    guys never played at the college level or coached at the college level. Just who are these
    peer coaches that think our coach is bad? Someone he out recruited and made mad? You boys need to go to a site where folks go that know nothing about basketball. Say maybe a Purdue blog line or a Kentucky cheater site. I am sick of you arm chair experts acting like
    you could do a better job than coach. Maybe after March madness is over you could try out for one of the open jobs that will be available lord knows you think you are qualified.

  9. Kyle Taber, Tijan Jobe, Brett Finklemeier and J. Rivers as our graduating Seniors of the last 3 years makes an unbelievable statement about our uphill climb.

  10. Next year starts with this game. Penn State is a game they can win. Next year will result in (better result in) more than an 11 seed. Progress is the key both for the team and for Crean. I think they will. The determination as to whether they have is simple. Wins and Losses. We’ll know in two years.

  11. Not Pat…but would take Alford over Crean in a second.Heck Indiana State won 20 games this year and i’m sure they couldn’t have played an easier pre-conference than IU did.There is not a bigger IU fan in the country than me…I want IU to win more than anybody…it’s not Crean bashing…but look at his record over the years at Marq. he had one or two good years there with one great player..that’s it..nothing more.He is not the coach that will get IU back…he is not a bad coach..just not a B10 coach.Davis would have done just as good of job as Crean…with half the salary.If you expert’s out there think Crean is right for IU…you know nothing about IU or college basketball.Marq. did nothing to try and keep him there..did not offer more money…fans were glad to see him go.Runs a clean program..that’s great…but will never win big at IU…a great season will be NIT and 17-19 wins.Get use to it.

  12. Terry: We all love IU as much as you do. The easy route to take right now is to get wound up, emotional, to curse, and to demand change. It takes a more courageous fan, however, to do the right thing, which is to accept this year’s incremental progress, however small, and hold tight until more serious talent arrives.

    Who knows whether Crean is the right person in the end? We should withhold our judgment, however, until when he is coaching a team led by upper-classmen and blue chip talent which he has recruited and therefore earned the right to coach.

    Cross our fingers for a win against PSU. If it doesn’t happen, then let the countdown to football season begin. From the looks of things, we could be in for a real fun time this fall.

  13. Mike Davis has grown into his job. He is doing fine at the level he is coaching. He was handed a job he was totally unprepared for. That wasn’t his fault, but he was not the guy to be coaching in the Big Ten at the time. Maybe some day he will return and be successful but it was ridiculous to think the guy’s very first head coaching job should be Indiana. Best of luck to him.

  14. You decide….Steve Alford or Tom Crean

    Steve Alford…3 year’s at New Mexico 76-26
    3 year MWV Conference 37-11
    2 time MWV Coach Of The Year
    New Mexico finished 2009 8th in nation
    2009 finalist for National Coach Of The Year
    2009 6-0 vs. ranked teams BYU and SDST both top 10 teams in there conference MWC
    Leading scorer Dairese Gary from Elkhart Indiana
    New Mexico had not made NCAA tournament in 5 year’s before Coach Alford got there
    2010 record 20-11 possible NCAA apperance or NIT for sure
    Another 20 win season for Alford
    30-5 record in 2009-10 New Mexico hadn’t won 30 games in a year since 1967
    Player graduation rate up in the 3 year’s he has been there

    OK..so Alford can’t coach??Would you still take Crean over Alford??Board of Trustee’s…you screwed up after Davis…and now we are paying for it…Crean shouldn’t have to be in this situation either..Trustee’s are all to blame for the Sampson era…and for letting it even get to that…Alford should have been hired the day Davis was let go.Great job guy’s..you did what no other person could do..destroyed INDIANA BASKETBALL.

  15. New Mexico has been averaging 20 wins a season for a long time. Good for Steve they haven’t dropped off. He’ll never be hired by a Big Ten school again, whether that’s fair or not. He might not even want to be under the bright lights again. Mark Few might not want to, either. Brad Stevens may be the same. Not everybody thrives on center stage. He says he’s happy where he is. Let it go.

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