IU players say they haven’t punted

Indiana’s season is one loss away from being over. The effort the Hoosiers put forth in the regular season finale at Illinois on Saturday might suggest that they think that’s a good thing.

But despite that lifeless performance, the Hoosiers say they’ve stepped up the energy in practice this week and proven to each other that they aren’t looking to go quietly.

“It’s just the intensity of practice,” sophomore forward Christian Watford said. “I feel like nobody wants to be one and done, nobody wants to go home right now. It’s basically all or nothing for us. We’re gonna go out there and give it our all. … We have a sense of urgency. It’s basically all or nothing. We’re basically surviving every time we go out there and we’re gonna lay it all on the line.”

Indiana coach Tom Crean said earlier in the week that he didn’t believe the team has packed it in and said his players have proven it to him so far this week.

“Our team this week has had a fresh outlook and mindset and energy that I would’ve expected that they would,” Crean said. “Especially with it being, really a new season for everyone in college basketball when they get ready for their tournaments. Our guys have been no different, and also, they’re trying to put Saturday behind them. They know they didn’t play well. They didn’t play with the energy and toughness that they needed to. I think this week has been very good for them. Leading up to tomorrow night, I couldn’t ask for anything more from them.”

Thursday, though, he needs a better defensive effort in today’s 7:30 p.m. game against Penn State in the Big Ten Tournament at Conseco Fieldhouse than they did eariler this season against the Nittany Lions in Assembly Hall. The Lions shot 53.8 percent from the field in a 69-60 win with top scorers Talor Battle, Jeff Brooks and David Jackson combining for 57 of the 69 points.

Battle, obviously, has been especially dominant. He finished second in the conference in scoring with 20.4 points per game and was named to the media’s All-Big Ten first team.

“Nothing’s changed with Talor Battle,” Crean said. “He’s still a prolific scorer/shooter. He does a lot of things really well. If you’re not tuned into where he’s at at all times, he makes you pay.”

AUDIO: Verdell Jones

AUDIO: Christian Watford

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  1. CW – if you’re “all in” (for IU that is) then please pick up your feet, raise your knees and run up the court on defense, act like you’re really 6′ 9″ and grab a rebound, and take the ball to the freaking rim rather than settling for a 3.

  2. Exactly. And fight thru a screen for once. Defend an entry pass. Ya know, pretend you’re trying to play winning basketball.

  3. Is anyone else sick to puking death of hearing how good we are in practice…like for the 30th time this season??? For cryin’ out loud-just bring it to the game for once.

  4. Not only am I sick of hearing how good we are in practices, but sick of hearing commentators say during our games how tough of a walk through we had before the game. How it resembled a practice. At what point are we wearing out the players? Are they tired from the practices and then essentially have another practice before the game? What point does burn out kick in?

  5. Been hearing that all year. Too bad only about ten people get to see the practice! Like all of the other excuses used it has gotten really old!

  6. Wow, if there were an award for how many cliches one can pack into one statement, I think these comments from CW would win, hands down. Since he said “It’s basically all or nothing” twice, maybe that means they really plan to play well. Either that or it is just the favorite cliche and it had to be worked in twice. A win sure would be fun. Go Hoosiers!

  7. How about this idea… Instead of having the team show up for the game, we watch video of the great practices instead? Then we could see how good they “really” are and how much improved over last year!

  8. Another thread full of comments from internet coaches who watch the games while others actually do the work….

  9. The internet coaches at least ear their $0 salary. The ‘Others actually doing the work’ seem to get a free pass on the results end of things. Maybe there wouldn’t be any internet coaches if people could see results and/or a glimpse of this so called ‘work’ you speak of. In my experience actual time and hard work gets you somewhere. The right work gets you ahead. The wrong work gets you further behind. I’ll let you decide which direction you think we are heading as the 11 seed in an 11 team tournament in the 3rd year of these coaches with other programs having first year head coaches with no more talent then us (read Iowa who were able to beat our in state rivals.)

  10. Look who they are practicing against! You have to practice against good players to get it right.

  11. Internet coaches look at surface of an issue and claim to know its innermost properties. From the comfort of their couches, they proclaim to know everything that is wrong with the world and the people who lead it. They even give us the occasional solution (which almost always involves firing the people in charge and ushering in an anointed saint)(who they will then want to fire again in two years and replace with the next anointed saint). If we could only listen to these wisemen more, we’d be living in utopia.

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