Jeremy Hollowell says decision coming by start of AAU season

Jeremy Hollowell, a Lawrence Central junior, wrote on Twitter moments ago that he’ll make a college decision before the start of the AAU season.

Talkin it over with my mom: I will be making my college decision before the start of AAU season

I Want to go in Aau settled knowing where im going not having to worry about it just focused on winning games having fun!

Hollowell will play for the Eric Gordon All-Stars this season, like he did a year ago. The 17U schedule is not up on the program’s site, but the 16U program will be at the IndyBall Shootout in Indianapolis starting on April 8.

That gives Hollowell about three weeks to make a decision. Of those currently involved with Hollowell, Indiana has been around the longest (at one point, he said it was between Indiana and Ohio State; he then backed off on OSU). The No. 39 prospect in the country, a 6-6 small forward who could easily slide down to guard, has also been pursued by Illinois and Purdue.


  1. Sounds like he is ours to lose! Lets get him and gary locked up and then we can drool over the Spectacular/Sensational/Super 6!!!

  2. Would love to get Jeremy. I think he could help bring Gary Harris as well. What a 6 man class this would be. Amazing! Pair these guys with seniors Watford, Creek, and Hulls and the athletic junior freaks Oladipo and Sheehey plus Cody and Austin. This group will get up and down the court. We may have to bring the “Hurryin Hoosiers” back out as their nickname. Crean has proved that he is a relentless and tireless recruiter. The wins will start coming before long. Not holding my breath for next year. Still will probably be a little bumpy, but progress will be made. NIT is a definite.

  3. With tan man as our coach the only way IU will be in the NIT next year is if LeBron and D-Wade transfer to IU. How far we have fallen when someone hopes that we make the NIT next year. Crean(I don’t make half time adjustments) did not win a game when IU trailed in the last 5 minutes.I am Glass supports him–but Glass also supported Lynch at the start of the season. IU- currently the worst BCS school in basketball and football.

  4. Get Real… you must be a band wagon fan. So when we (IU) start winning, you are not allowed to be happy about it or root for the team at all. And yes it will happen, we will start winning more and more.

  5. In response to Get Real… what would the buyout be for TCT’s contract? I’m not saying that is the way to go, just asking. Does IU have the money to do so, and if they go that way does Zeller stay at IU? Let’s say the hammer falls on CTC next season, does IU lose that recruiting class? I really want to support CTC but I also want to see significant improvement in the program and on-court results. Go IU!

  6. GetReal:
    Please go troll somewhere else. You gig has gotten very stale, and your time is up.

  7. Some of you people are just down right crazy. I’m guessing that each of you could go out and do a better job the he can. Then my questions to you is, Why didn’t you apply for the job? As we can all tell on here that you can do a much better job with what he had to start with. Pleae, our high school is looking for a new coach, would you please send me your resume and I will pass it on to them. Because we all know you can out coach anybody, so my school will be going to the state every year from now on. You can send it to!!!!!!!

  8. Is it possible ‘Get Real’ is Dustin or Hugh, just making the most ridiculous comments in an effort to upset those who have a REAL understanding of how low our beloved Hoosier program had fallen? Or is ‘Get Real’ the old guy at the Bloomington public library who is sitting at the computer with his red sweater on pulled up just above his belly in the front?

  9. At least the anti-spam on here has gotten easier. I was beginning to wear my calculator out. I have said before, we need to sit back and give the guy 5 years to show some real progress. Next year will be tough, but that will only be year 4. After that we should start winning some big ten road games and be going to the tournament. We will have a true recruited class as seniors and tons of talent on the roster. Everyone needs to relax and quit getting baited by Purdue fans.

  10. Get Real or who ever you are, your a Purdue fan aren’t you. You know nothing about basketball, and your not an IU fan. If you have nothing good to say about IU, than keep your comments to yourself. You don’t help IU at all, but you don’t care do you stupid. Go Hoosier!!!

  11. If Hollowell commits to Indiana, IU will certainly have the top recruiting class in the nation for 2012!

    I hate to say this, but I really think that Bobby C. should look at transferring – it would be best for him and IU.

  12. GetReal in my opinion is an old time Indiana fan, probably a huuuge fan of Bob Knight. He probably gave up on the team when they fired Knight and then jumped back on the bandwagon in 2002 for the title run! As of late he is a huuuge Butler fan and doesnt pay any attention to the recruiting classes we have coming in the future! Heck he might not even know what we went through when Sampson was here. They are a dime a dozen around the state, not true fans, never were never will be!

  13. Davis25–You are wrong. I have been an avid IU fan since the days of the Van Arsdales. I also forgot more about the future recruiting classes than you know– including the little brothers of Eric Gordon and James Blackmon, Jr who both hopefully commit to IU. I was a fan of Knight’s coaching but supported Davis and Sampson. Unfortunately, I can’t support CTC because he is what he is– a por coach. I also like the way Butler and Purdue play basketball- that just means I appreciate good coaching. The bottom line is CTC is a mistake that will haunt IU for a long time.

  14. The mistake that IU made is haunting them now. Hence the reason Sampson is not around anymore. Nobody cares how big a fan you are or who was playing for IU when you became a fan. IU’s issue now is their lack of talent, not coaching. They have been nowhere close to being talented enough to compete with the talent in the Big Ten the last few years. Obviously things will change as the better and more talented recruits hit campus. As far as looking forward to IU making the NIT next year, that is called optimism. Hopefully they make the tourney, but I am keeping my expectations reasonable. Get Real- you are an absolute joke as an IU fan and the only person other than other “IU fans” that think Crean is a bad coach. Not once has anyone on ESPN or any other televised or broadcasted college basketball programs has called Crean a bad coach. People understand the process at hand. Obviously if we were missing postseason tournaments or losing ball games with the 2012 thats coming in, then I would not have a problem with calling for Crean’s head.

  15. A few comments on the various posts about Crean. Clearly the jury is still out on Crean, regardless of what either his fans or his critics say. He has proven he can recruit. Now he must prove that he can win with competitive talent. In the 2011/12 season, he must at least produce a winning record or his seat will get very hot. If he does not take IU to the Big Dance in March, 2013, I believe he will be fired. Five years at a tradition-rich program, no matter how difficult the reclamation project was, should be enough time to get back into the NCAA. He simply won’t have any excuses after 12/13.

    Until then, unless he really screws up (i.e., Sampson)you can criticize or defend him all you want, but Crean isn’t going anywhere. IU can’t afford to fire him for at least two more years, not just because of the money, but because it would further devastate recruiting. And Crean is not marketable right now, so unless he was willing to take a major pay cut, he won’t/can’t resign to pursue better opportunities. For Crean, it’s win at IU, or go into broadcasting.

  16. @ podunker, I agree with Dan Martin. One of the best comments on Coach Crean I have read. Well thought out and spot on. Wish I could have penned it myself. 🙂

  17. In the mean time he is doing a nice job on the game coverage. I am always disappointed when I tune in to hear RMK and he spouts of some drivel while finding himself terribly amusing.

  18. Academicians were always jealous of RMK. They wanted IU to be known for something other than basketball.Looks like they got their wish.

  19. RMK is not a color commentator, he is a teacher. He uses the game he’s “calling” as a means of teaching basketball to the masses. He can’t really help it, that’s who he is. You either like that or you don’t. It’s educational and Knight is better than some of the bozos that call college basketball games, but for those of us that watched him coach IU basketball for all those years, his commentary seems a bit redundant.

  20. And when we get to be his age we’ll be redundant too.Respect for our elders would be in order here and maybe a little humility.

  21. I find RMK’s broadcasting comments and analysis most insightful. He, Bilas, Lavin before going to SJU and now Dakich are the best at breaking down what goes on during a sequence of play. They do not attempt to entertain but instead educate through sound communication.

  22. Whoda, I have total respect for Knight, I’m a huge fan, and I am on record (on this board) expressing my opinion that he was one of the best coaches in the history of all college sports. You misinterpret my comments above. They were not a criticism of Knight’s work or style calling college games. I was just pointing out to some of his critics that his style is to teach the public during the game. I actually enjoy listening to him, but for those of us that devoted several decades watching his IU teams play, listening to everything he said and reading his books, we pretty much have it down. There’s not a lot of new information there for us long-time RMN fans. He’s obviously popular or ESPN would not keep him on. He’s not doing the work for free!

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