My All-Big Ten ballot

All-Big Ten ballots were due last night and the team will be released tonight. I presented some of the justification for my votes in today’s paper, but I thought I should at least post who I voted for here for the sake of argument and discussion. Picking Jared Sullinger over JaJuan Johnson for Player of the Year was a tough decision, and I’m really not sure if it was the right one, so I’ll concede that there are lots of valid arguments that I was wrong there.

Regardless. My ballot follows.

Player of the Year: 1. Jared Sullinger, Ohio State. 2. JaJuan Johnson, Purdue. 3. Jordan Taylor, Wisconsin.

All Big Ten First Team: Jared Sullinger, Ohio State; JaJuan Johnson, Purdue; Jordan Taylor, Wisconsin; E’Twaun Moore, Purdue; Jon Leuer, Wisconsin.

All Big Ten Second Team: Talor Battle, Penn State; Willam Buford, Ohio State; Darius Morris, Michigan; Draymond Green, Michigan State; Trevor Mbakwe, Minnesota.

All Big Ten Third Team: Jon Diebler, Ohio State; David Lighty, Ohio State; Kalin Lucas, Michigan State; John Shurna, Northwestern, Michael Thompson, Northwestern.

Rookie of the Year: 1. Jared Sullinger, Ohio State. 2. Tim Hardaway, Jr., Michigan. 3. Melsahn Basabe, Iowa.

Coach of the Year: 1. Thad Matta, Ohio State. 2. John Beilein, Michigan. 3. Bo Ryan, Wisconsin.


  1. Where dis Coach Crean finish in your coach of the year balloting? Probably one place higher than next year when the Big 10 has 12 teams. Would your fourth team have any IU players? My fourth team is Craft (should be 2nd team),Hardaway(should be 3rd team),Cartwright,Novak, and Morgan and Hoffarber(tie). No IU players.

  2. I guess since IU has no players in the top 20 players and the worst coach– maybe we overachieved with 3 Big 10 wins.

  3. Fifth team:Sampson and any 4 Illinois players with Iverson and Thomas as 6th men. Wow! IU did overachieve.

  4. I change my vote. CTC should be coach of the year since Ohio State’s 7th man is better than any IU player. Extend his contract to 20 years.

  5. 6th team:Roe,Summers,Appling,Brooks, and a 5th Illinois player.

    CTC should be coach of the year in all college basketball.

  6. The only change that I would have made to the All-Big Ten teams would be adding Mike Davis from Illnois to the ballot. I would also make Bo Ryan the COY every year. Wisconsin is suppose to finish in the middle to bottom third of the B1G every year, but they always finish in the top three. He also does it with guys that aren’t usually highly recruited.

  7. Matt Painter is likely going to win Coach of the Year for the entire nation…you don’t even have him in the top 3 for the B1G.

  8. I agree for the most part, but there is no way you can have two Nortwestern players on the 3rd team. They only won 6 Big Ten games I believe. Gotta put Hardaway Jr, McCamey, Davis or someone else on there. Putting two NU players is almost as bad as if you would have put an IU player on there!

  9. The “Whiner of the Year” Award, 1st Team, goes to get real, formerly known as 4guards, formerly known as stevealford.

    Honorable Mention: TERRY.

  10. My big 10 Player of the Year vote would have gone to Jordan Taylor, Wisconsin.

    No doubt that Taylor, Johnson and Sullinger all are outstanding but, IMO, Taylor made the greatest difference to his team. He played well in every game and in games when the team needed to be rescued and carried on a player’s back, it was usually Taylor who stepped up and made the difference.

    Sullinger is outstanding, but he had more than one off game. Ohio State might not be quite as good without him, but even with an average big man, they’d still be darn good and probably right where they are. Purdue wouldn’t be quite as good without Johnson, but with someone almost as good, they’d still be really good and probably right where they are. Wisconsin would not be near the team they are, IMO, without Taylor. He’s had a great season and he is the biggest difference maker of the three. So, I’d vote for him to be Big 10 Player of the Year.

  11. Being Hoosier fan, I’ll probably get struck by lighting for saying the following:

    As much as it pains me to say it, I really think JaJuan Johnson deserves to be the player of the year. He was the most consistent player throughout the year. Sullinger actually had some lackluster performances and his team still dominated. Whereas if Johnson had any issues, Moore couldn’t carry the team like Johnson could.

    I also think Painter should be Coach of the Year. Look, Purdue was going to be good, but everyone wrote them off when Hummel was hurt…dropping far in the national rankings and really losing any legitimate chance to win the Big Ten title. Does Iowa’s loss hurt his chances a little bit? I don’t know.

    I just don’t know if Thad Matta did much other than take advantage of the ridiculous talent he had on the floor – a great accomplishment nonetheless, just not sure he’s the COY.

  12. Not much can be disagreed about with your list. Tells a lot about IU’s level of talent. Fans of the state west of us must be ordering cyanide capsules after enduring the underachievement of the world famous Weber and his band of highly thought of recruits. Makes me put my hankie back in my pocket.

  13. Clarion, here’s to the early risers of the world. Have you been reading your football news of late?

  14. No issue in particular. Just general stuff. Practices have started, and there have been some good articles of late regarding Wilson’s approach, Belcher, and other interesting tidbits. I think “hitting the ground running” is the perfect metaphor at this point to describe how things are going. A complete, 180 degree reversal in practice philosophy which is already instilling belief.

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