Offseason To-Do List: Maurice Creek

Maurice Creek sits next to Guy-Marc Michel during the exhibition game against Franklin. After injuring his knee in January, Creek would spend the rest of the year sitting next to Michel.

Chris Howell, Bloomington Herald-Times

With the season complete and the offseason officially started for the 2010-11 Indiana Hoosiers, The Hoosier Scoop will have a breakdown of each individual player’s season and what he needs to focus on during the offseason. The fourth player in the series is sophomore guard Maurice Creek. PREVIOUSLY: Christian Watford, Verdell Jones and Jordan Hulls.

2010-11 STATS: 8.3 points per game (38.9 percent FG, 31.0 3pt), 2.4 rebounds, 21 assists, 26 turnovers, 4 steals in 18 games.

WHAT WENT RIGHT: Creek at least got back on the floor, even if it wasn’t for long and even if he wasn’t as effective when he was there. Tom Crean said repeatedly that Creek’s shattered left knee had been healed, and it was just leg strength that was holding him back. He said after Creek suffered a stress fracture in the right knee that the Oxon Hill, Md. native was very, very close to being his old self. As it was, he was a serviceable role player who could score from the outside, even if he didn’t do it with nearly the efficiency that he did as a freshman.


  • Get healthy. Of course, this is everything. Creek never looked like himself this year. He never had the explosion that he showed as a freshman. Never seemed comfortable making cuts or changing direction. That hurt him on defense. It hurt him attacking off the dribble, and it messed with his jumper. He didn’t have the lift he was used to, so he never seemed able to correctly calibrate it. Nature seems determined to prevent him from ever having huge quadriceps muscles, but he needs to get the leg strength back in his left leg and for his right knee to heal. Once he is healthy, the to-do list will get much longer, but right now it’s tough to tell where he improved from last year because his health has held him back.
  • Get his confidence back. Even throughout the offseason, whenever Creek made any sort of public appearance, statement on Twitter or anything else the public could see, he appeared to be beginning to take ownership of the team. He was crucial in the recruitment of Victor Oladipo and has served as a mentor to the fellow D.C. area native. He participated heavily in what turned out to be the fruitless recruitment of Moses Abraham, and told anyone who would listen that IU was on its way back. But once he got back on the court and recognized he wouldn’t be as empowered to make that happen as he hoped, he retracted to some degree and appeared to defer leadership responsibilities to Verdell Jones and others. Creek appears to be viewed by consensus as the most talented Hoosier, and if he comes back healthy he could also solve Indiana’s leadership issues.


  1. what about the most obvious thing? raising the release point on his perimeter jumper. he has the same release point he had in the 6th grade. he spots the basket above the ball instead of between the forearms. this forces him to rush his release and ruins his tempo. have you ever seen him shoot over anyone on the perimeter? can’t do it. coach should have fixed that when he first got here.

  2. I hope he keeps his studies up because I doubt that he is going to get a serious look from the NBA. I don’t see them offering a lot of money to a guy who has had two broken knees and who has no confidence in his recovery.

  3. 39% FG on bad legs was not bad. As a Freshman before the injury he hot over the defense w/o much problem.

  4. he never shot over anyone. he can hit the open shot. why do nerds always go to stats to try to prove their point? can’t you trust what you see?

  5. This nerd trusts what he saw. MC shot over defenders as a Freshman, because on a bad team he had to. I hope my eyes see him do it again as a Junior.

  6. Creek was playing on one leg last year and now he must contend with getting both knees healthy. He needs to take the appropriate rehab time before any attempt at playing.
    You can debate his release point on his shot but with all of his injuries he just needs confidence to shoot. His leg strength will be an issue but changing his shot could be too much for the young man.

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