Report: Pat Knight out at Texas Tech

Pat Knight has been fired as the head coach at Texas Tech, according to’s Chris Leval.

Knight was 50-60 overall in just more than three years on the job, which he inherited from his father, Bob, after he stepped down.

Texas Tech was 13-18 this season, though, and 5-11 in the Big 12. He had not taken the team to the NCAA Tournament — the best finish was a 19-16 season last year, ending in the NIT quarterfinals.

It should be noted that since Bob Knight left Texas Tech, it has replaced its president and athletics director. The predecessors were “Knight guys,” while the new guys in those positions hold no such allegiances.


  1. That’s funny. I thought that having Indiana connections made you a great coach by birthright! What happened?

    Not sure what the “Knight Guys” has to do with anything. Fred Glass was a “Lynch Guy” before he wasn’t one. Pat inherited a healthy program with a team of experiences upper-classman, and took it down the drain. I think that explains the firing.

  2. Can anyone tell me how Cody Z compares to his brothers on a high school level?
    How much will his addition with AE, help this IU team???

  3. Here is your opportunity IU. You have been wanting to make up with Bob Knight. Hire Pat for something, anything. Make him Associate Athletic Director, Director of Basketball, etc. Pat might accept it. Then once he is back Bob will probably come around and let IU patch things up with him. It might be just crazy enough to work.

  4. How many years will tan man get? His stupid twitters, ignorant comments, failure to be accountable,etc. Everyone is concerned about our players weaknesses– how about CTC’s obvious weaknesses as a coach? Just look at Iowa and Michigan from early to late season then look at IU. The guy is a lousy coach pure and simple who builds in excuses for his players. Its obvious the players have become fed up with him for the second straight year and dissension is transferred to the court. Glass needs to make the decision now– not 3 years from now. For those of you that continue to support his coaching— you are living in a fantasy world. The man was,is and will be “all hat and no cattle” and is sacrificing current players to sell his perceived style of play. IU is DOA>

  5. ^Lousy coaches simply don’t win 200 games in the Big East. Don’t even think about bringing in the “Dwayne Wade” argument- that argument has as many holes as a wiffle ball.

    The Tan Man is still here because he is a juggernaut recruiter. You may not like the Diet Coke and the Twittering, but apparently the recruits love it. Nor Mike Davis, nor Alford nor Sampson could dream of locking the borders for Indiana players like Crean has done.

    Crean probably has an unstated 1 year contract right now. If he shows significant improvement and keeps his recruiting class, he’s here for the long haul. However, if he underachieves and loses any of the 2012 guys, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Bang-Bang Fred Glass’ Silver Hammer come down upon Crean’s head.

  6. Dustin- I’ve thrown out lots of those before, but this is the first time you’ve noticed, apparently.

  7. For all of the knight to the gave supporters who think everything would of been so much better if he stayed. Pat Knight would of been our coach once he left He would of made sure that was in place before he retired.

  8. Pat Knight was never the sharpest knife in the drawer.

    He’ll probably make a good Division II or High School coach, but he was way in over his head after Papa Knight left.

  9. You can whine all you want about the Tan Man. But he is here till at least 2013. Madda and Painter would have cleaned house with all the good players in the next 3 years. They are coming to B Town a/c Coach Crean. Wanna Bitch send hate mail to K Sampson.

  10. Pat Knight has been fired from almost from every job he’s had with the exception of the jobs he’s had where his dad is in charge.Tubby Smith has the same program at Minn.It’s the good old boys network at its best!Tom Crean is here for the long haul no matter what!Anybody who use’s Calipieri,Pearl and Sampson as a example of winning/good coaching really doesn’t get it !These guys are sports criminals and known cheaters!Between them the last five schools they have coached at are now on probation or are being investigated.It’s just a matter of time until they will be headed to the NBA where no one cares!I have suffered through this season like everyone else,it’s been ugly.In reality I can’t stand to watch it!But when you breakdown this team,it’s amazing that we won as many big ten games as we did.The Big Ten is rated in the top two conference’s in the nation.If everyone in the conference started from scratch three years ago we would be competitive.Of course they would have every recruiter in the country make fun of them and bad mouthing their program and using their program as a way of stealing players away.Crean has managed to get a top ten recruiting class,the number four big man in the country,plus a top 100 4 star forward,and with the grace of God another top 10 or better recruiting class for 2012,and 2013 and 2014 classes of top 5 players and as shocking as this seem their all INDIANA kids,Since Thad Matta has had a fence around Indiana thanks to Davis and Sampson!I know the recruits are only verbal ,but I can’t believe Crean didn’t lay it on the line during the process and let them know his plan.Every recruit that has came to I.U. in the last three years has only had walkons ,or transfers to look to for leadership.It makes no difference that Crean coached D.WADE ,that was then this now!Crean,walked into the worst of the worst,no players,previous coaches who,recruited no one or anyone.We may have three guys who would be starters in D-1 the rest would come off the bench.And we all have to admit when we had that little winning spurt during the conference with VJ3 on the bench we were loving it!Do I think we can beat Penn State maybe it depends which team shows up!Nobody feels worse about this season than Crean and it shows ,we just cannot seem to get a break!Some how through all this Crean has put a fence around INDIANA and you can believe Matta and Painter know it!In the past when we were a force to be dealt with seventy five percent of our players were from Indiana!GET IT ?

  11. Hey TJ, there are these things called paragraphs. You should try using them to make what you write easier to read.

  12. TJ, AUBURN. It’s actually a reasonable, albeit long, paragraph. More importantly, it’s coherent and accurate.

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