Reports: Matt Painter staying at Purdue

We’ve been holding back on doing anything with this, because it was changing minute-by-minute and I really wasn’t feeling 15 updates to go along with each conflicting report.

But the vast majority of outlets are reporting this, so here it is: Matt Painter is staying at Purdue.

What does it mean: that Purdue found some cash somewhere (shaming alumni works, it seems) and that Painter will be around for a little while longer.

But it does open up the door to his eventual departure. A guy assumed by many to be in the job he would hold until retirement (or Purdue tired of him, which seemed unlikely) came really close to going to Missouri.


  1. This works out very well. Painter gets some money but there is clearly friction in the athletic department. If he and the AD both stay it can grow into a real problem and eventually things will explode.

  2. Matt Painter at PU is good for basketball in Indiana, good for the Big Ten and good for the rivalry with IU. He runs his program the right way and I look forward to the IU/PU games of the near future.

  3. I completely agree with I hate 2 lose. If IU can get the ship righted, we should have an era of meaningful rivalry battles reminiscent of the Knight-Keady era. Those years make for good memories of growing up in Indiana in the era before you could watch 100 games on cable/satellite every week.

    That said, I find it difficult to believe that Painter really ever intended to go to Missouri. I think he was just getting leverage for a raise. Can’t blame him there.

    As an aside, I figure Missouri will go after Gregg Marshall, who has his Wichita St. team in the NIT final tomorrow after just demolishing Washington St last night. He also had Winthrop in the tournament several times and beat Notre Dame one year. Just my opinion.

  4. Nice job Matt, you got your money. Now, don’t cry when the negative recruiting begins….you brought it on yourself.

  5. No one on the IU side or Purdue side should have EVER thought he would take Missouri over Purdue. Frankly, I would have been shocked! It was nothing more than a money grabbing arm twisting and considering his success thus far, I can’t blame him one bit if that’s what it takes. I’m pretty sure I’d do the same if I truly believed it was the right thing to do.

    However, he’s now shown that he’s potentially not committed to Purdue as much as we all thought because had Purdue balked he would have only saved face by going to Missouri. I’ll be interested to see how this hurts recruiting like it did Mike Davis when he mentioned the NBA during the Final Four in 2002. Competitors pounced on and preached to recruits how he was not committed to IU. So, in hindsight, “help was NEVER really on the way!” In my opinion, if Purdue doesn’t fair as good during the next 2 to 4 years as opposed to these last 5 of his 6 years in WL as head coach we’ll know this event could very well have been the root cause.

  6. Now Purdue can go back to almost being really good and almost making a splash in the post-season. If he thought it was tough to recruit against CTC before he’s in for a harsh lesson in unintended consequences now.

  7. Been listening to the radio and reading all night…sounds like it was a done deal for Mizzou and PU ponied up at the last minute…

  8. If someone offers you $2.5 million per year to leave Purdue, how in the hell do you not accept?

  9. I was watching tv last night and the president of the NCAA was being interviewed. He was ask if he thought college athletes should be paid beyond scholarships when major coaches, major college presidents, and he made in the millions of dollars. His answer was no. I agree with him. However, it amazes me the way these discussions are always presented. I do not think college players should be paid beyond scholarships….it is bad enough now under the table….where would it stop at? The part that amazes me is that multi million dollar contracts that coaches, college presidents, and the president of the NCAA receive like most things when people get to the top is legalized crime (I do not want to hear they deserve it because they are so much more intelligent and hard working than almost everyone else). How about a discussion on redistributing the wealth (dramatically lower salaries and benefits) to lower tuition and housing costs for the college student fan in this case.

  10. Based on what Purdue has been paying Painter, they have gotten a hell of a lot more for their money than IU has gotten for their’s in the last six years.

  11. Big Bog: True, and that’s why there’s been major upheaval in the athletic department and a new college president. But IU basketball also makes about twice as much money as Purdue basketball.

  12. With regards to recruiting: there is a lot more talent coming up. Since IU is essentially “full” for the next several years, kids who want to play Indiana basketball will look to Purdue to play close to home. Just because IU has the best right now, it doesn’t mean there aren’t great players who are developing now. I think Painter is in the perfect position to find great Indiana talent.

  13. John Galt,
    This is all of a sudden supposed to cause negative recruiting? Please define negative recruiting. 1st of all, Painter was the 8th highest paid Big10 coach, pretty dismal considering he hasn’t been that close to the cellar in conference play for at least 4 years. 2nd, the issue was about asst’s money & just as Purdue seemed to be stingy with their head coaching salary, it appeared asst’s had far less benefits than all the other big10 teams.

    Back to your negative recruiting. Define what the relationship between this incident & neg. recruiting is according to you?

    (A Lafayette native but an IU BB fan!)

  14. Jack Klompas
    Wednesday, March 30, 2011 – 6:41 PM EDT
    If someone offers you $2.5 million per year to leave Purdue, how in the hell do you not accept?

    Hey Jack, money is not always the best motivator. MO basketball takes a back seat down there. Painter is from Purdue & that weighs alot on a his personal choice. Purdue’s program has consistently been in the top 10 the past few years, why start over? The grass is not always greener on the other side!!! Ummmmm, I wouldn’t take another job somewhere else if they doubled my pay. My son does not live with me here so I want to stay here until he gets of school to see him finish his high school education and athletics. That motivates me to stay. But, again, there are other motivating factors beside money. Each person thrives on their own motivational characteristics. Painter said in the article he is determined to bring Purdue a national title. Whether he will or not is yet to be seen, but it’s a driving force for him.

  15. Chet according to you the only logic that makes any sense is your own.If your ego were any bigger it would rival that of the other legend in his own mind Hoosier Clarion.CTC is perfectly capable of carrying his own water.He doesn’t need you two geeks to carry it for him.

  16. Make no mistake about it, if PUke had not increased the financial resources to the BB program Painter would be scheduling a moving van for a date in May. Somewhere I read some undeniable research by a PUke fan supporting PUke’s stature on the lowest rung of the B10 ladder for athletic department achievements. Starting no less with their participation in the fewest sports of any team in the B10 and listing how very few conference, NCAA and national titles they have garnered in team and individual sports. It was eye-opening. The writer stated bluntly that Puke was an institution without any type of winning tradition in anything. In other words they are content to be competitive without big picture success. MP no doubt recognized that very attitude toward his program from the AD/Administration and has taken the right course of action if it is ever to improve. I doubt it will be successful.

    Whoda f,

    I’ll bet a large sum Chet is LOL. I damn sure did.

  17. Larry,
    As you know rival coaches will use anything to put doubt in a recruits head and Matt has opened that door with this situation. You don’t think a coach is going to sit down with, say Gary Harris, and say “Gary, I know you are considering PU, but look what happened this year. Coach Painter was ready to jump ship and whose to say that is another school comes a calling next year he won’t take a look at that. That seems pretty unstable in the head coach, if he is looking to jump at the next big job with more money thrown at him.” None of that may be true, but those are the conversations that will take place in living rooms across the Big Ten. A little bit of doubt in a recruits head may be enough for them to consider a different school and coaches will use whatever they can to get that next big recruit.

  18. Sounds like the same situation IU has with their football program, no winning tradition, no titles except for sixty six years ago, and no real hopes for any. And that is how other Big Ten schools recruit against IU in football.

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