1. Lets not take for granted the current level of excitement that comes with EVERY game. If this program gets back to where we all hope it will, the games will lose a bit of that excitement and energy that they currently have. I’m talking Northwestern, Iowa, Penn St, and games of that nature. When things change from celebrating every victory like it was a championship to “we better win this game or it will be embarassing” there is less of an upside with each game. These past 3 seasons have been about having more to win than you have to lose, and that can create a pretty rowdy environment if taken in the right way, which obviously those in Assembly Hall have.

    Yes, it will be nice when blowouts are going in our favor and the heart can take a bit of a break during some games, but it has been fun getting pumped for EVERY big ten game these past few seasons. Big ten tourney should be a fun one, I think on a given day we can beat anyone in the big ten except Ohio State. Not saying we will win it all or even win our thursday game, but it sure will be fun and anything past thursday would just be a bonus.

  2. Alternative-

    I like your thinking. You definitely have a point. Just yesterday, I was reading some of the older archives from when the Eric Gordon and DJ White-led team lost to Wisconsin in 2008 at home on a Brian Butch bank shot. It was really depressing – A team that talented somehow finding a way to lose the important games, as they always did.

    You would be shocked at the comments. Here are a few excerpts:

    From Chris E.:

    Defense still stinks. Still soft. EJ can’t get a shot off. Where is the improvement this year?


    From GoHoosiers:

    All the cupcakes make for a nice record, but I’m not impressed now. It’s like we tried to play the last ten minutes and win.
    Somebody block out and get a rebound.

    (Eerie how similar these comments sound to the armchair blogger coaches that bash Crean these days!)

    The enthusiasm for the team, especially amongst students and the younger generation, is MUCH higher right now than it was 3 years ago. This is related to your point: it can be much more fun to be the underdog, fighting your way up the mountain, than it is to be at the top of the mountain, with the weight of other-worldy expectations on your back.

  3. And hire who??????? With Crean were getting some players and he’s a decent coach. You forget, he started as an assistant to Izzo. Izzo doesn’t hire people who can’t coach.

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