1. Hugh… your math! Shame on you Duton for agreeing. None of the 2012 recruits were even alive in March 1993. 2011-16=1995.

  2. I’d love to know how many of the 2012 recruits are currently 16 years old. Can you find out the actual ages of all of them?

  3. Hey Dustin and Hugh thanks for addressing the obvious numbers crunch that will be taking place with the #2 and #3 spots in the lineup. Of course it is a great problem to have but still one that needs to be resolved at some point and I don’t have any issues speculating about it.

    What does everyone think the chances are now for getting Harris? Did this improve them or hurt them or have no affect?

    Also projecting a depth chart for 2012-13 season we see some amazing depth. Here is my guess as to what it might look like (assuming Harris goes elsewhere):

    PG — Ferrell, Hulls, Patterson
    SG — Patterson, Hulls, VO, Etherington, Sheehey, Creek
    SF — Watford, Halloway, VO, Etherington, Sheehey, Creek
    PF — Zeller, Perea, Elston
    C — Zeller, Jurkin

    I suppose your likely starting 5 is Ferrell (or Hulls with both getting almost all the PG minutes), Patterson (with defense being the main reason why) at SG, Watford at SF (with Hollowell geting the backup minutes here), Perea at PF, and Zeller at C.

    What I really would be excited to see would be a pressing unit with Patterson at PG, VO as SG, Hollowell at SF, Perea at PF, and Jurkin at C. Try scoring on that defense extended full court with Jurkin back to defend the basket.

    I guess the rotation goes 12 deep that season with CTC having a difficult time getting minutes for everyone. I’m just not sure that there will be 8 or 9 guys clearly better than others that make the rotation shrink that that smaller number. I would assume that Ferrell, Zeller, Perea along with Watford see the most minutes of anyone as they are the most talented (or in Watford’s case will be the most experienced).

    So your down 1 at West Layfette with the ball and 15 seconds left. Which 5 guys do you want on the court?

  4. Beard, What scares me with this much “talent” is that we don’t have a coach that can coach it. I see him still continue to shuffle players in and out in his Dr. Tom Davis style. I just don’t see him getting anymore out of this group than he he got out of the current group.

  5. This “He can’t coach” garbage is REALLY old.

    If Creek had been healthy and Guy eligible, this team would have easily won at least 5 more games.

    Elston played out of position the entire year.

  6. I’ll just say he won 62% of his CONFERENCE games in Conf-USA and when they switched to the Big East he also won 62% of his CONFERENCE games, going against the likes of Calapari, Dixon, Calhoun, Pitino, & Huggins. He also in all those years in those 2 conferences had one CONFERENCE losing season, going 7-9. Not bad. GOIU.

  7. Just wanted to say nice job fellas. I haven’t visited the scoop before, but I’ll be back! A very worthwhile 10 minute diversion on a slow Friday at work.

  8. RE: Laffy “If Creek had been healthy and Guy eligible, this team would have easily won at least 5 more games.”

    So freakin true!

  9. Not trying to join the Crean can’t coach side of the argument, but the whole if Creek would have been healthy and Guy could’ve played argument is old and not a good.

    If Jordy Hulls were only a 5″ taller 30 lbs bigger and twice as fast he’d be the best point guard in the nation!!!

    Every team has injuries. Even to really good players. You have to deal with them. Creek was not worth 10 more wins.

    Guy was never going to be eligible. Thats the coaches job is to recruit eligible players. He was also not the most amazing player. People act like we were adding Arizona’s center. The kid didn’t even average double figures in Juco. He could’ve helped, sure. But didn’t make this team amazing. And, again, HE WAS NEVER ELIGIBLE. You can disagree with the NCAA, but the rules were there before we recruited him, and are still there now. He won’t play for us or anyone else. Get over it.

  10. I didn’t say Creek was worth 10 more wins, moron.

    I said 5.

    And Guy didn’t need to be an “amazing” player and I never said he’d make the team amazing.

    Got any more strawmen to knock down?

  11. Well I’ve never seen such needless squabbling among fans of a team whose fans should be celebrating an extraordinary string of recruiting victories. Come one, whether Maurice Creek is the next Jordan or a scrub; and whether Guy would have been the next Uwe Blab or the next Todd Lindeman (had to break out some names there), let’s enjoy the fact that in the next year or two, we’ll at least have quite a talent upgrade to put on the floor. Then we’ll be able to truly judge Crean’s coaching ability.

  12. I agree with Laffy, if just a couple things fell the other way, the season would not have been great but would not have been so bitter.

    ” but the rules were there before we recruited him, and are still there now.”

    Actually, no, the rules were very vague, confusing, and unfair and they did away with the obscure rule that prevented Guy from playing. If we brought him in this year, he would play. I don’t fault the coaches for giving it a shot, what did we have to lose?

    ” I just don’t see him getting anymore out of this group than he he got out of the current group.”

    That’s ridiculous. We had zero all-Big 10 players this season, zero. A coach can make a player better, but a coach can’t turn a bad player into a good player. This season we simply didn’t have the talent. In 2012 and beyond, I could coach those guys to the final four. Even if Crean is a mediocre game coach (not saying he is) but a great recruiter, who cares? I’ll take the wins either way.

  13. Kentucky had half the first round of the NBA draft on their team last year and they won…nothing.

  14. “get real”, we all know your only solution and comment of one which says volumes about your basketball IQ. So to keep it real my only comment is ban “get real” from this site. Now that is not going to happen just like Crean is not going to be fired. Get real, he is bringing the talent back to our school like no one has done since Bob Knight and until he uses that talent to run his system it is a fruitless exercise to make comments like Fire Crean. Why do you think these top kids are coming to play here? It is in large because they believe in Coach and want to play in his dribble drive system. It’s not my favorite system but right now it is the most popular system in the Country and it is what these kids want. So why not get behind the players and coaches and give them the fan support to win another NCAA Banner or in your case NOT. You would rather get in front of the players and coaches and push the coach out that got them hear. I bet that would work… NOT!!!

  15. I don’t know why I’m bothering to argue with a troll but I will anyway… Chet, you said Kentucky “won nothing” with all their talent. How many games did they have to win to make it to the final eight? If your only criteria of a successful program is to win the NCAA championship outright, then I guess every coach but one should be fired every year, right? They should fire Coach K because he only made it to the final 16 this year.

    We can all judge how good Crean is when he has some talent to work with. Something tells me he is going to silence all the naysayers in a year or two…

  16. Coach Crean will do fine. If you think Kentucky did well with what they had to work with I’d say you’re the only one.

  17. John from Beyond – I got ten dollars that says these guys don’t see the final four except on TV.

  18. I have a hundred that says KY will be on probation within 2 years. Also, the sun will come up in the east and taxes will be due in April.

  19. I agree with Russ and Laffy, a healthy MC, an eligible Guy and DE not having to play the post would have coaxed 4 or 5 more W’s.

  20. Considering all the talent Kaintuck had, I’d say making the Elite 8 is a let-down.

    You think their fans would be happy every year if that is as far as they ever got?

    If Calipari doesn’t make the Final Four by ’13, maybe ’12, he’ll be fired.

  21. Will this be the first decade in the history of the NCAA that Kentucky does not get sanctioned? I don’t think so.

  22. This will also not be the first time that Kentucky fans don’t give a s*** about how cheap they are, as long as they win something. This is coming from a Hoosier fan living in Kentucky country.

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