1. Good comments. I just don’t see how CTC and his staff can simply add 2 players to this current crew and expect different results.

    They are what they are, it will be different to improve defensively without some subtraction and addition of people to improve this team’s glaring weaknesses. Discouraging and I really have stopped listening to CTC’s comments probably in the same way that the team seems to be tuning him out.

  2. The problem is the coaching not the players– open your eyes. There is a post by a college coach that says it all– in his peers eyes Crean is a losy coach. Nothing will change even with better players except winning a few more games and losing closer. Give him a 20 year contract– he still will suck as a coach.

  3. AS you guys said, the recruits coming in may not have something to latch onto in terms of a winning mentality amongst the upperclassmen in the program. However, if you are recruiting guys that are accustomed to winning and hate to lose, you can quickly change that. I don’t think the guys coming in like to lose, most all of them come from good, winning HS programs. That being said, we won’t know how this goes until the next classes show up. Crean had to put his first class together very quickly and just threw out scholly’s to whoever was left. THe majority of those guys aren’t with the program anymore. Not using it as an excuse, but it’s fact that we are seeing every game just how down the program is after the Sampson debacle. Things are getting better, maybe not by leaps and bounds like the majority of us want, but it is heading towards better days. Time will tell. Still need a 5 in this class. Jurkin is rail thin for the 2012 class. Don’t really see how he can be a major banger down low, just MO

  4. We need a COACH– the guy is a laughing stock in his own profession—that should tell you something. What things are getting better? Hell, the players by the coach’s own admission did not follow his game plan against Illinois. In what facet of the game has the team improved? WE make All-Americans out of opponents.Teams laugh at us. Wake up fans– CTC doesn’t have it.

  5. I don’t think a coaching “revolving door” is good for IU. Next year (noticable improvement) and the next year (significant improvement) should tell the story. Support the team and evaluate the coach.

  6. Really, IU Fan? Are you REALLY dumb enough to think that post on ITH was from a college coach?

    ANYBODY could have made that post. Don’t you think it’s a bit strange that a college coach, during the season, has time to prowl fan boards and post opinions?

  7. I won numerous national championships while coaching a well known college team in California. Unfortunately, I died not too long ago, but that doesn’t stop me from posting on numerous blogs about the coaching abilities of others and I think Steve Alford is the only answer for the Hoosiers.

    TERRY, this is a joke.

  8. Some of the comments remind me of the movie Hoosiers. Good thing they didn’t get rid of the coach! IU will be better next year. Please have some patience.

  9. Let’s see Coach made these players hit 18 of 57. He coached Jones into an incredible 82
    turnovers. In his 4 years he will set a record of most turnovers made by any IU player EVER! He has taught Jones and watford to play horrible defense. He also coached Hulls to the all time leader in foul shooting. He coached Hulls enough that all the Big Ten Coach’s say he is the move improved player in the Big Ten. He coached two Freshman who are going to be stars at IU. But don’t forget he coached Creek into another injury and he coached our only big man into being unable to play. Then he turn Rivers around this year but Elston and Capo did not improve. Don’t tell me “unreal IU fan” that players don’t count! He had to play Jones and Watford because he had no one better. Every good coach has good players or good kids who understand the game like Hulls. Name one coach, right now, who has his team in the top 20 who has no good players and good kids? Think about Coach Wooden, Knight, Coach K they all had great players and great kids. When this Coach gets good players and great kids he will win like we want and if not I will be the 1st to say fire him but right now he only has 3 players that fit the mold of both good players and great kids. Players do Matter and this season’s players just couldn’t get it done. Are there things that coach needs to improve on yes! But it is not time to start over as some would like. NO! The fans have been super giving coach and all these kids great support. Right now they are who we have so get real.

  10. I’m not going to argue with morons that run our program down all the time/it gets old! And of course these are Purdue fans doing all this slamming of our team and coach. We had injuries again this year, makes a difference to, and we lost our big man. No,we wouldn’t have won the big ten, but we would’ve been allot better. If all the good players come to IU in the next few years, and don’t back out/we will be ok.I’m talking about the ones that said they would come to IU, and change our program around. Coach Crean will be around for awhile yet, and we should support him and our team. And all this bashing of our team and coach should stop, your not helping IU at all. Go IU Hoosiers!

  11. Did IU have a disappointing season this year; yes. Should they blow up the program and start over; that kind of talk is just plain ignorant.

    This is really only Crean’s 2nd year on the job. You can’t count the first year because he didn’t have any players because he had to clean up the Sampson mess. A lot of high school teams could have beaten that team.

    The second point is the current sophomore class, while talented, was put into a situation where they had to play right away, and they just aren’t prepared to do that. Most established teams are talented enough where most freshman don’t get significant playing time unless they are truly special. Not only that, they have to fight for playing time by practicing against more talented upper classmen. This class didn’t have any to talent to practice against. You tend to play to the level of your opponent.

    I don’t know if this class will ever be any good. I think a couple of them will end up being solid players but that may be it.

    While it is painful, IU fans need to have patience.

  12. These guys are right on. Some people just do not want to face the reality of the situation. Wait until the 2009 got her or wait for zeller or wait for 2012. Crean recruited these guys and it is his job to develop them or show them the door.

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