Source: Traylor on unofficial visit to Indiana

A source confirmed a report from’s Mike Pegram that IMG Academy senior forward Jamari Traylor was on campus at Indiana Monday. The source said that was an unofficial visit.

The 6-foot-7, 215-pounder is also considering offers from Kansas, Minnesota, St. John’s and Virginia Tech according to Oklahoma State, Mississippi State and Virginia Commonwealth are also involved.


  1. Hopefully, once he gets a look at Cook Hall and the opportunity of playing time next year, he’ll sign with IU. Love the guy’s athleticism and drive to play defense…something that lacks on the current team.

  2. If he commits, two gotta go once 2012 comes around. I assume I already know the outcome of who it will be, just very curious to see how all that turns out.

  3. Of the two that have to go I don’t know the outcome. Can we assume that Matt Roth not applying for a red shirt doesn’t even count amongst the two that have to go? I don’t know the scholarship numbers exactly but if he is not amongst the two then who are the two (can we speculate here or is that unacceptable on this site — I received some flack on another site when considering this subject.)

    Then if Traylor signs what does that mean for Gary Harris? That would require three to leave if both of them come. Now you are dipping into a pool or players that seem to me have made decent contributions. Of the current roster there is only one I can say has done very little and shows no real promise of doing much in his career.

  4. While I understand the concerns about scholarships, they are renewed every year. If Traylor and Gary Harris want to attend, then there will be scholarships available. While its worth internet discussion, you just have to know, it will work out. The “merits” or “fairness” can be discussed once decisions are made, but that’s for a future debate

  5. The most important thing is improving the program. As long as the “transfers” finish their free education at another school, you can not worry about hurting someone’s feelings.

  6. Here’s a question. In Men’s Hoops, you’re allowed to oversign by one. If Traylor commits, then we’ll be oversigned by 2. Is this going to be an issue?

  7. JeremyK-

    The 2012 class are just verbals so they aren’t ‘signed’ yet. IU has an available scholarship for next year, it gets dicey the following season.

  8. Beard,
    At least when we’ve discussed the idea of a scholarship crunch, we’ve done so presuming that Roth will not apply for a medical redshirt, or at least, he won’t be on scholarship for a fifth year. There’s been nothing definitive on that yet, but considering how many players have been added, we’re sort of presuming that if Roth does play a fifth year it would have to be as a walk-on.
    And Jeremy K, Brad is correct. IU has one scholarship open for 2011, but with the five commitments, it is overcommitted for 2012. By Big Ten rules, I believe, you can’t oversign by two. so that’s an issue that has to be at least partially taken care of in some way by signing day in November.

  9. Dustin,
    That’s not quite correct, is it? If one of the committed players were to delay his signing until the April 2012 signing period, the issue would not have to be “taken care of” until then, I believe.

  10. RealityCalling,
    That’s why I was qualifying the statement. I didn’t say there had to be a transfer by then. I think asking somebody to delay signing a letter of intent would fall under the category of “at least partially taking care of” the situation. “Temporarily” would obviously be more apt phrasing than “partially” in that scenario. But one way or another, there would have to be some kind of alteration to the course of events by then. At this point, you would presume that all five commitments expect to sign their letters of intent in November, so asking one to wait would be an alteration. To clarify, I’m not at all saying that will cause some kind of problem, or that someone might be upset enough by being asked to wait to pull their commitment. I’m just saying that if Traylor or someone else were to commit, either for 2011 or 2012, there would have to be some kind of action taken by November.
    If IU opts to not add a player for 2011, however, and they don’t add another commitment for 2012 by November, it won’t have to do anything before, I believe, the school year. You can oversign by one, but you have to get down to 13 scholarship players by the start of the season if not earlier. I’m not sure if the deadline is the beginning of practice, the beginning of games or the beginning of the semester.

  11. Good grief, this scholarship analysis is starting to resemble my high school calculus class from long, long ago ….. go Hoosiers! Hopefully Traylor will like the campus and town (how can you not) and become a Hoosier. The more muscle we can add inside, the better.

  12. Dustin,
    If we were to send Jurkin to a prep school would that take care of the issue? and only have one over sign?

  13. please excuse my name on here on a diffrent laptop and that is what my name used to be, im a Crean fan now

  14. How disappointing!

    I have written before about speculation and rumors that have absolutely nothing to do with facts. That is not the job of sports journalism. If there’s a story (about someone on the staff or the university’s leadership) there, pursuit it…otherwise, do not invent a story!

    Here is what we know for sure. We have over-committed (yes, ‘committed’- the word goes both ways); and, we are the big losers if we do not honor our commitments to current and incoming player/students)of scholarships available over the next couple of years. Now, we are considering the possibility of adding one more over-commitment and exceeding the number allowed.

    And, generally led by your discussion, many in this blog are orgasmic over the idea of sc***ing current student-athlete players out of their scholarships. Not only disappointing, it is stunning!

    It is not only immoral, it is insane. Which self-respecting set of parents would even consider IU if the security of their son’s/daughter’s education was not guaranteed by ethical people whose honor guarantees the student’s welfare? Would any of us continue to be Hoosiers (yes, the word has a meaning) if this were the IU way?. It would be a perversion of the Hoosier Way. Cook Hall would collapse if we came close to any of these idiot schemes to cut, push or harass current players off the team. (That’s what it is).
    And Dustin…I can’t even say what I think of passing this off as legitimate journalism. First, you suggest the manipulation of tenders, and then become specific suggesting ‘how’ to manipulate them by pressuring someone to transfer, asking signing players to ‘time’ his signing of a scholarship to allow for the “alteration” of events (forcing the transfers and vacating scholarships)to coincide with those for whom we had no open scholarships.
    If Tom Crean even considers manipulating available scholarships like this, what makes him different than the sludge that passed for IU players that he ran off when he originally got here? In that case I’d want him gone whether he can coach or not.
    Finally, Dustin…how disappointing, really disappointing…this sounds like a nightmare from a journalism classes taught by Prof. Kelvin Sampson, Ph.D.?

  15. Dustin, please don’t listen to that idiot. You do a great job.

    I sure never heard anyone rip Bobby when he ran off players that weren’t living up to his standards.

    In fact, they slobbered all over Knight saying he did the kid a favor.

  16. The self-annointed (or appointed – you choose) TTG opines on jounalistic integrity once again. It’s getting old bud. This is a blog where one can express ideas and opinions. I think a lot of of us do not care for your opinions and would probably be shocked if you conjured up an idea that wasn’t full of your over-blown opinion of yourself. Sorry to be harsh but give it a rest dude.

  17. Tsao,
    I’m just doing the math, man. There are 13 scholarships. There are 14 guys committed for 2012. Indiana still wants to add more, including Jamari Traylor and Gary Harris. That’s not my opinion or presumption. That’s a fact. If they don’t add anyone else, they have until 2012 to get back to 13. If they add another player to the fold before signing day, then they have to figure something out by signing day. I’m not suggesting what should happen, I’m just pointing out that by NCAA rule, something has to. And there are a lot of possibilities for how this could work itself out. But something has to happen that would alter the current course of events.
    As far as what this says for Crean in the long run, whatever happens will be explained and open for your interpretation.

  18. TTG; get a grip!! I for one believe the gentleman that sign on the dotted line to “play a game” of basketball have it terribly easy!! There are a lot of young men and women in this country that instead decide to play a game – they protect you in order for you to write your complaints about how loyal the coach and program should be. If in any job in todays society – you do not live up to a standard – you are usually not there long. So – if the players are not living up to the standard set forth of them – they should be gone; and we all know some of the players did not live up the standard!!

  19. TTG

    Seriously. I mean how many times do you have to implicitly state that you disagree with HT writers. Guess what, that’s nice, we don’t care. I want to hop on this blog, read a nice free story and think about my Hoosiers. Occupationally, I even like to see what other people think about my fine University too. I hate, I absolutely hate when you write 10 paragraph comments about why you think the HT staff is stupid. Please do us a favor and if you have any serious comments, send a private email and stop forcing me to scroll past your annoyingly long comments.

  20. For many of the kids that left during the Knight era it was not a surprise. Lack of playing time was the obvious indicator. I still remember my disappointment when Delray Brooks – by all accounts a genuinely nice kid and good student who got playing time- left. That hurt. But the program goes on.

    We need to let Coach Crean manage the numbers as he sees fit. Kids will leave, kids will no doubt be asked to leave. It happens in every program. If someone no longer fits into your plans it is best for them and the program that they move on. Coach Crean’s neck is on the line and he is still trying to assemble an ENTIRE roster of his own. I think everyone will agree that IU needs major improvement in athleticism/quickness.

    Go Hoosiers!!!

  21. DD…may be my turn to apologize. Rereading your post to RealityCalling, your presumption did suggest an “if…” that I missed. My very bad. Speed reading is not a good skill. I read Crime and Punishment in twenty minutes once and all I got out of it is that it is about “Russia”. You’re point well taken, it will tell us a lot about Tom Crean and that’s where the onus of the message about recruiting ethics should be, not on the messenger. Sorry.

    Don, I know…family has been deployed in war zones eight of the last twelve years (five tours of duty). That’s why I think standing for Hoosier values and how we do things is important. It’s who we are. But, I do appreciate your intervention.

  22. Dustin (and Hugh),

    You’re doing a great job. Out of all the IU blogs I read (and I read quite a few daily), yours is by far my favorite. Thanks for all of the great reporting. Don’t worry about the negative comments. There are lots of folks who love your work. Focus on those voices.

  23. What if a player would cover his own ticket for a year, as a red shirt, then get a four year scholarship? I don’t even know if that is legal or not. Can Coach Crean red shirt, say a JR. or SR.? I do know that a walk-on can get a scholarship.

  24. Don’t know if anyone is interested or not, but Peter Jurkin and his team will be playing Oak Hill Academy at 8 eastern on ESPNU Thursday night. Just read this on his twitter. Enjoy.

  25. Knuckle,
    It’s legal. The question would be if a kid would actually be able to do it. There’s taking one for the team, then there’s asking your parents — who thought you were getting a free education and may have altered their life financial plan in kind — for $10,000 or more. Some families could pull that off, some couldn’t. There’s obviously student loans and grants and such that could help, as they have helped the rest of us. But it’s still a significant financial commitment a coach would be asking for.

  26. A good way to look at the scholarship situation; Would we rather have too many or not enough? I don’t think Coach Crean wants to be left standing as with Abraham and Irving, and Guy for that matter. I know I don’t. What one needs to consider is what Crean is telling current players and recruits about how he is going to decide on who stays and who plays. It is up to Crean to be honest with each player. I am sure he was probably up front with kids when he first arrived. Do you think Crean is as nice as Lynch? Do you think he is as harsh as Coach Knight? Biggest question. Is he cheating? Do we have underachievers or players that are not that good on the current roster? Do we want to win, or do we want to keep repeating the last three years.
    Somwhere loyalty and doing what is best for the team, University and fans(taxpayers) will need to be balanced. Sit back and watch folks. We can’t do a thing about it, plus we might learn somting. And as Coach Crean says, “these things tend to work themselves out”.

  27. Holloway’s coach said, “The coach’s job is to recruit players better than you” so players and fans need to quit crying about “being recruited over.”

    Want your schollie? Then go out there and kick some butt.


  28. Crean is not a very good coach..but if he can land these great high school kid’s..then more power to him and give him another contract extension.Davis wasn’t a very good coach either..but a great recruiter..if Crean can get enough talent in here it will over ride his coaching blunder’s.By Crean signing these kid’s doesn’t overnight make him a great coach..he get’s outcoached every game in the B10…but with what we have coming..if they all come..remember verbal…then all he has to do is just look like he know’s what he is doing and we should win plenty of games.I hope Indiana get’s back on top were we belong..and if that’s with Crean being our coach..then so be it.I f Indiana can get one NCAA tournament run…like a Elite 8 or Final Four..then I think kid’s will keep coming.If a run like that don’t happen in the next 4-5 year’s…then no one can say Crean didn’t have his chance.Final Four by 2014-15…or good-bye Crean.

  29. Laffy, one of my kids had to win the conference make it to the third round of the NCAA Division 1 Championships before the his school finally graced him with a half scholarship. Nobody ‘deserves’ to have their scholarship renewed every year.

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