Tom Crean will work NCAA Tournament for CBS

Tom Crean will be a part of the NCAA Tournament, just as a guest in the CBS studio.

SI/CBS personality Seth Davis Tweeted this moments ago:

Indiana coach Tom Crean will join me and the gang in the Atlanta studio this week during the NCAA tournament. I know he’ll be great.

Agree with Davis – Crean should be energetic on-camera and add something in the way of analysis.


  1. I’ve been waiting all year to hear him talk about either offensive or defensive basketball strategy and techniques so will certainly look forward to his analysis comments. Have already heard a lot from CTC about “playing hard”, “playing with heart”, “finding players who want to win”, etc. Have yet to hear him break down a game like most of the coaches I know like to do.

  2. Looking forward to listening to him. Other than playing in the tournament this is really good for exposure and can do nothing but help recruiting. Agree with previous posts that I would prefer he is not available at this time next year.

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