1. Cody’s game reminds me of Jason Collier. Do any of you remember him?
    I am trying to remember,in JC first game as a hoosier, it was in the pre-season NIT he had a great game against who ?? I think IU won this tournament

  2. This recruiting class is likely one of IU’s best and I wonder if Zeller and co. are the key to IU having a winning season. How can anyone forget the “Perfect” season of ’74-’76? Can it be duplicated? Now or ever? http://amzn.to/i5Npwl

  3. I believe Jason left IU and completed his career at Georgia Tech. Does that mean RMK was an awful coach?

  4. D-5, thanks for the tribute link. I was shocked when he left IU but even more shocked when he passed. A quick trip down memory lane: When I transferred to IU he was still on campus and I came out of the Ed building and watched him climb into a small compact car like a Ford Escort…I remember wondering how uncomfortable it must be but also thinking that Knight and co sure were honest and nothing corrupt was going on at IU as the car looked ancient and to have a 7 footer in a an old compact car…wow!

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