Young To Post-Dispatch: “Coach Anderson is cool.”

A few readers, Twitter followers, etc., have asked about the status of B.J. Young, a former Indiana target who signed with Arkansas. The Razorbacks recently fired John Pelphrey, raising questions about whether Young might soon be back on the market.

The Razorbacks hired Mike Anderson away from Missouri on Wednesday, however, and Young seemed pleased with that according to this report from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. Young did maintain that he will continue to consider his options, but he is still under his letter of intent at Arkansas.


  1. I feel bad for Mizzou and their fans. They can’t seem to keep basketball coaches around. Their has been a lot of praise in Saint Louis media about how Mike Anderson cleaned up the mess Quinn Snyder left behind and was putting up consistently competitive teams. Mizzou has a great basketball arena and a pretty good recruiting base between KC and STL. The alums are more focused on football so I couldn’t imagine Anderson left because of expectations being too high. I guarantee expectations are much more unrealistic in Arkansas. He’ll also have to try and beat Kentucky twice a year…..good luck with that Mike.

  2. Bradley most likely is in his sights but with his pedigree Mo. would be a good match for Fife.

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