Brewer taken by New York Giants, Doss goes to Baltimore Ravens in the fourth round

Indiana offensive lineman James Brewer and wide receiver Tandon Doss both went off the board within six picks of each other in the fourth round. Brewer went No. 117 overall to the New York Giants and Doss to the Baltimore Ravens at 123. Hopefully will have more on this shortly.

UPDATE: 1:37 p.m.: Just got off the phone with Jared Fox, the agent for both Brewer and Doss a moment ago. He said they had heard both would go in the third or fourth round. It was slightly disappointing that they didn’t go in the higher half of that, he said, but they were happy to go in that window.

“We got the other side of the coin,” Fox said. “But then, it becomes a question of, are they in a good spot? I think both of them are. Both teams (that took them) can use a payer like that. The Giants need tackles and the Ravens need wide receivers. These are two teams I believe are the right place for them.”

Fox said Baltimore is a good fit for Doss simply because the Ravens need more weapons for quarterback Joe Flacco. The Giants, he said, are a good fit for Brewer because they have two offensive line coaches and that can mean more individual attention for Brewer, who is admittedly raw after beginning his football career in earnest as a high school senior.

UPDATE, 2:35 p.m. James Brewer said he didn’t know when he got the call if it was the real one. The former Indiana right tackle was driving from Bloomington to Indianapolis to watch the draft at his parents’ home with his younger brother and girlfriend Saturday morning when he got a call from an undisclosed team that was just calling to confirm his phone number for later. When the Giants called midway through the fourth round, he thought the purpose could be similar.

But it eventually became clear that, yes, Brewer had been taken No. 117 overall.

“It’s more just shock setting in that you’re about to get picked,” Brewer said. “It was crazy.”

Brewer said the Giants didn’t get into much with him over the phone, but stressed that he needed to keep himself in shape while the NFL works through its lockout situation. A stay was granted Friday after a brief window in which the lockout was lifted and teams were able to conduct some business, but Brewer will not be able to come to the team facility to pick up a playbook or even a workout plan.

“I don’t know when I’ll actually be able to go there get a game plan about what I want to do,” Brewer said. “I just have to stay in shape, stay ready. The main thing for me is make sure I stay healthy.”

Brewer said he’s only been to New York once, and that was to meet his agent, Jared Fox.

“It is crazy going there just with the traffic and everything,” Brewer said.”Me I’m from Indy, which isn’t a sleeper city, but I’m used to being in Bloomington where it’s a lot more laid back, more chill. It’s going to be different to be in New York, which is a Mecca for everything. It’s awesome.”

UPDATE, 4 p.m.: Tandon Doss admits he was starting to get nervous, and to be honest, a little angry. The list of wide receivers taken before him kept getting longer, and he saw a number of guys go that he believed he was better than.

“It’s very stressful,” he said. “You kind of get angry because you feel inside that you’re better than a lot of players that are taken before you. But when you hear your name called, it’s all worth it.”

Doss said the Ravens coaching staff passed the phone around when he was selected so he could speak to as many of them as possible. They told him that the stomach/groin injury that limited him in the NFL Draft Combine was what turned a few teams off and dropped his status, but they felt like they had a steal.

“They knew they had a playmaker when they still had me on the board,” Doss said. “They were excited to get me.”

On ESPN shortly after Doss was selected, Ravens coach John Harbaugh (IU basketball coach Tom Crean’s brother-in-law) said that quarterback Joe Flacco hand-picked Doss as one of the players he wanted to be selected.

“That’s crazy and I feel very blessed to be in that position,” Doss said. “As soon as I heard that, I had a smile on my face.”


  1. ravens got a steal here. he is gonna be good and also could be fun to watch him and hardy out there together

  2. St. Louis blew it…he should have been picked before both Pettis and Salas! Would have been great to watch Doss and Saffold play together.

  3. I was disappointed that the Bears passed on Doss. Would have been a nice pickup.

    I’m also surprised no one took a flyer on Terrance Turner…especially when he had good measurables at the combine. (41″ vertical, 4.55 speed, in a 6’2″ receiver is a good combination.)

    It wouldn’t surprise me if he made a team as a free agent.

  4. Tandon Doss, get as close as possible to Derrick Mason the Ravens wide receiver. He is a very crafty veteran, without great speed, who knows how to play in the NFL. He will only be playing 1-2 more years and that is your spot! You can play at a high level for 10 years plus! Go for it! James Brewer, learn to love Eli Manning and protect his a**! You will be well compensated for it!

  5. A few thoughts about the draft:
    1) Baltimore getting Doss in 4th round was a steal. Huge upside if they mentor him properly.
    2) Expect to see more IU players taken in future drafts. I think Wilson and staff will have more respect from the pros and that will translate to more confidence in IU players.
    3) Chappell should be a quality back-up in the NFL. Can’t believe he was not taken in 6th or 7th round. Let’s hope he gets on right team through free-agency. He has a quality arm, great brain, effective in the pocket, and ideal character. And now, a great value for some team. What’s not to like about Chappell?

  6. Word is that the Colts will offer Chappell a free agent contract when the lock out ends. If true, this would be the best possible scenario to sit back and learn from Peyton Manning.

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