Dane Fife headed to Michigan State

Tom Izzo wanted Dane Fife to come to Michigan State as a high school prospect, but Fife chose Indiana.

This time, he did not get away.

Fife has left his job as head coach of IPFW to become an assistant for Izzo at Michigan State.

Here is the Lansing State-Journal report, which includes statements from both Fife and Izzo.

“I’m giving up a lot, but gaining a ton in return,” Fife said in a statement of leaving his head coaching job to join Izzo’s staff. “At this point in my life, the opportunity to be a part of an unbelievable staff and operation is simply one I could not turn down. I’m truly honored to be the latest addition to the Spartan basketball family.”

“I’m happy to finally get him to Michigan State,” Izzo said in a statement of Fife. “His toughness, competitive spirit and enthusiasm will be great additions to our staff. Having played at Indiana and growing up in Michigan, he knows the Big Ten well and has recruited the area. As a player, he understands the commitment and dedication needed to reach a Final Four.”

Fife has had opportunities to leave IPFW before. He interviewed with Michigan last season and one report suggested he was offered the job but turned it down. He was also a candidate for Indiana’s opening, which eventually went to Steve McClain.

There was also some talk of Fife joining Purdue, which had two assistant coaching openings to fill this  spring.


  1. I’ve never seen an ad for UK on here. The only ad I pay attention to is the delicious young lady modeling for T.I.S.

  2. Congrats to Dane but I wish we could have gotten him at IU.

    The only ads I see are for adult diapers, hearing aids and male enhancement. What gives???

  3. We have some ad space that is sold by Google. When we discuss Kentucky, the Google spiders go crazy and throw up some Kentucky ads that the university bought.

  4. I sure wish Crean would have hired Fife instead of Mclain. No big man improvement and only recruit he brought in didn’t even play.

  5. Congrats to Dane – this’ll make the MSU players even more hard-nosed and that’s a scary thought. Now then, Crean has how many years left on his contract……?

  6. So Dane now has the same assistant gig that Crean had only Crean was younger when he got the job.

  7. The way Mr. Fife has handled it is very, very intelligent. At IUFW he got the experience of running a program, recruiting, dealing with the academics of his players, managing staff, budgets, dealing with discipline, etc. He also tested himself and his ideas on the game; and, probably, found out quite a bit about his own strengths and weaknesses.

    Having done that and having the experience of the ‘RMK school’; Fife now puts himself into a situation of digging deeper into major college basketball …particularly one that will test his first ‘school’, strategically and tactically. Very good thinking and planning by Coach Fife. First, he will have the experience of two very successful and influential ‘schools’ of basketball…Knight’s and a second ‘masters’ under Izzo, an excellent strategist, coach and teacher in his own right.

    Fife now joins a number of very capable, very intelligent and very experienced former IU greats. The quality and growth of the individuals from the ‘Indiana/Knight school’ does nothing but augur well for the Hoosier’s future. We should all be proud and happy for Coach Fife. Should the basketball coaching job at IU open up, at some point, we should be able to fill it with more than capable former Hoosiers well schooled and tested. Besides Fife, there is Randy Wittman, Mike Woodson, Quinn Buckner, Butch Carter, Isiah Thomas, Steve Alford…(I’m sure there are others, they just don’t come to mind right now).

    Good move and congratulations, Coach Fife. Nothing but good news for Hoosier fans.

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