Doss, Brewer still on board after Day 2 of Draft

Jared Fox, the agent for both Tandon Doss and James Brewer, said they’d gathered from scouts and other NFL personnel that they both would go in the window between the third and fourth round.

Problem is, there’s about 14 hours separating the two.

The second and third rounds of the NFL Draft passed on Friday night and both former Indiana players remained on the board and now have to wait for the draft’s third day to hear their names called.

“Both of those guys were in a similar situation in terms of information we got back from the teams,” Fox said. “There was a possibility they could go tonight, but there was a possibility they wouldn’t go. The latter scenario obviously played out. We anticipate for both of them similarly that their number is not far from being called. As far as why this happened, there’s a lot of good players out there, some guys get picked that people don’t expect. It’s a fluid process.”

Doss appears very close to coming off the board. At the end of Friday’s third round, ESPN analyst Mel Kiper, Jr. had Doss listed as the No. 6 overall player still available on the board and the No. 2 wide receiver behind Hawaii’s Greg Salas. So far, 11 receivers have come off the board ahead of Doss, who led the Big Ten in all-purpose yards last year and was considered by some to have the best set of hands in the draft.

Fox said that will only give him more motivation.

“I think there were a couple of receivers that some teams had higher grades on,” Fox said. “But I think Tandon blows them away. That’s why you play games. He’s had his challenges with the injury. He’s got a couple of teams that had him low, but he’ll rise up to that, it will come out a wash and he’ll be better than all of those guys. Same goes for James.”


  1. Made the jump to early Doss. Should have stayed for your senior season and been one of the top receivers in the NCAA.

  2. Precisely stated. But still a damn shame that so called experts give advise contrary to knowledge a loyal, everyday fan acquires from simple observation. Many are just parasites pushing talented young players to early toward their ultimate dream. Damn shame.

  3. They told the kids between the 3rd and 4th round. The 4th round is far from over, who’s lying?

    Tandon’s decision is at least defensible. You can never guarantee similar or better performance in the future and he would be dealing with a new and inexperienced quarterback in addition to a new coach. That’s a lot of uncertainty.

  4. You may have heard 3rd and 4th round as you have stated. I read many analysts projecting him in the 2nd or 3rd rounds. They are now history. QB performance is certainly a question mark for the 2011 season but indoctrination to the schooling of Coach Johns for his position would have been priceless. I am quite confident the choice he has made is the path to the least success.

  5. Even if you’re expecting 2nd – 3rd, falling to the fourth isn’t that far off especially considering the difficulty in projecting what NFL teams will do in the draft. I am sure Johns is a great coach, but he is not an NFL receivers coach. Doss will get better coaching in the NFL than he would have at Indiana University.

  6. Cogent to the issue is being well schooled in college so as not to be an NFL mid round project at a skill position. Staying for his Senior year would make the reality of the $ offered by rounds 1 through 3 the better of the odds. But he has made his own bed and will now have to sleep in it.

  7. I asked Tandon specifically before the draft if he felt like he needed to go in a certain round to feel justified for leaving early. He said he didn’t think he did, and that with a system change and new quarterback, he wasn’t sure if he would be able to improve his stock much anyway. The Kevin Johns argument is valid, but it’s not like he wasn’t being coached well by Billy Lynch. It’s a rare case in which you can have too many teachers, so I don’t dispute that Johns could have made him better. But I don’t know that there’s THAT much Johns could do that Lynch couldn’t.
    As far as the difference between a third-round and fourth-round receiver, I’m not sure if the initial contract will be that much different, No. 1, and No. 2, the specific fit he got with the Ravens seems to be good. They needed some more offensive weapons, and I would expect them to try to spread the field out more especially after seeing what the Packers were able to do to the Steelers with that philosophy in the Super Bowl. John Harbaugh just said that Joe Flacco personally tabbed Doss as one of the players he wanted to add to the offense. He’s going to get a real shot at making the roster, so it’s not like he’s joining the team as an afterthought.
    Also, as far as outside factors involved in this decision, I can tell you there were no parasites. A big reason Doss is doing this is in order to make life easier for his mother, who has had to support him and his troubled brother, on her own. It’s easy to say from a distance that he should’ve dealt with it for one more year and gotten a degree, but Doss doesn’t want to wait any longer to make her life better. You can’t discount those sort of family things in these decisions.

  8. Let’s put all that into one sentence really, at this point, you can not yet classify Doss coming out early as a good decision or a bad decision. If he were a first-round pick you could close the case and if he were a seventh-round pick you could close the case. He’s in the middle. Time will tell.

  9. The new CBA is going to have a rookie cap that is projected to be much lower than what they can sign for this year. That’s why I didn’t get Andrew Luck not coming out. As the sure #1 pick, staying in school will unquestionably cost him millions and he stands the possibility of getting hurt. He will be playing for a new coach, so who knows what could happen to his draft status. He must really like Stanford.

  10. You are talking through your hat if you think there were not parasites whispering optimism in his ear. They knew the family situation was the reason for his lean. Hell that made him a more attractive target to encourage. Slaughter houses draw flies, pro sports prospects draw parasites.

    I like the coaches Lynch, period. Obviously Bill Sr. was not successful enough for the BCS. At this point in time it is safe to say Bill Jr. is a strong recruiter but as a coach still has more to learn before again coaching WR’s on the big stage again. After all Hardy was drafted by the NFL because of his physical talent and obvious size, not for his professional skills. The knocks on Hardy’s negatives were due to coaching deficiencies at IU. Doss’s negatives generate from the very same source. Doss may very well have better hands but he does not have Hardy’s size. Before he made his decision he either did not read the book on Hardy or he choose to ignore it.

    New CBA rookie cap in place or not the idea is to be drafted in the earliest round you can attain. I am not sure many of this think Doss achieved that goal most needed to secure his future goals. He has settled for less success. Maybe his past coaching even had an affect on that.

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