1. Bobby still can capture a headline, and hold a gruge. I still dont like UK. Glad we dropped Bobby when we did…. he needs to go on is “Violent Torpedo of Truth” tour with Charlie.

  2. I will take Bob Knight trashing UK anyday over Crean quoting Joyce Meyer on twitter. The bottom line is Knight was coming down on one and done rule and used his hatred for all things UK to illustrate it while Crean spends his time kissing Calipari’s ass. Even Mike Davis got it– if you coach at IU ,you must hate UK.

  3. I don’t do Twitter and I’m glad. Joyce Meyer?? The TV preacher woman? Who has all the inspirational books?? Huh??? If that’s who Coach is quoting I’m at some level of disturbed that I can’t quite quantify at the moment. Come on coach, you need your team to get tougher, physically and mentally. Quote Vince Lombardi or Woody Hayes or someone of their ilk.Of course I haven’t read the post, er, Tweet, so I can’t make any more specific comment.

  4. Check Inside the Hall– either Crean on twitter or IU on twitter. CTC is infatuated with Joyce Meyer and quotes her often.

  5. get real: He quoted her twice in about 50 plus tweets. Not a big deal. The guy is religious, there are worse attributes to have.

  6. Add two more one-and-dones to the list: Knight and Jones are gone.

    I can only hope that one of these days, the freshmen entering at UK will not meet expectations and underachieve. Maybe it will be next year’s group.

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