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We’re not going to do a CoverItLive session for the Spring Game this year for two reasons. One, we didn’t get a great response for it last year and two, we have to keep our own stats this year, so that will make it a little difficult to answer questions during the game. Instead, I’ll be posting on Twitter, and you can follow my feed here.


  1. Wow, really impressed with the QB’s today at the scrimmage. It is a toss up between Kiel and Wright Baker. Kiel can thread the needle and throw nice all around passes but Wright Baker can do almost the same things but can run really well. Perez looked good at RB, finds his hole and is patient. The DB’s and safeties look better than I ever remember. I was surprised they did not hit harder, it was 3 quarter speed for the most part it seemed. I wanted smash mouth but it was better than 2 hand touch last year so I am pleased. On a sidenote, my entire family was able to chat with Wilson and I watched him interact with many people for about 15 minutes in the pancake section and he comes off arrogant like he really does not have the time for you and blew many other people off…seems like a jerk. With that said, I don’t care at all, I need results on the field. Also, I spent time chatting with many other coaches, Kevin Jons WR coach(sp?) is a super nice guy…one I will always root for just after chatting for a minute or two, class act! Ekler(sp?) is a nut, very electric and funny guy..we need that! Take care all.

  2. Just how much faster does the no huddle look in Coach Wilson’s offense? Sounds like Follet has a positive presence at QB. That is ideal for increasing competition. Perez sounds like a real deal. I liked reading about the increased aggressiveness of the DB’s against our quality WR’s. How did the kick returners look?

  3. Hoosier, they weren’t doing any returns everything was fair catch. Wilson does seem like a jerk and Perez looks like the real deal.

  4. Clarion, they did not let the kick returners run but #82 caught every punt. The punting game was awful! Follet was ok but if you watched EWB and Kiel…they will play. I have never liked the 2 QB system at all because I have rarely seen it work and it is hard to get in a rhythm but I can see it working with these guys…maybe. The no huddle was great but kids are still learning it, Wilson a handful of times had to run in and say let’s move, let’s go, hurry it up. All I can say is they better be in shape come season as it is really fast pace. I liked the mix of running and throwing…definitely throw first but more running than I have seen in a while. #87 a TE was playing RB/HB a lot today most likely because of all the RB injuries but he will be great at goal line. Yes, the DB’s made more plays on the ball swatting it away in this scrimmage than I saw all of last year combined. Kiles looked decent and so did Kates, #17 looked great as well at DB. Jarrel Drane was laying the wood to people, I enjoyed watching him. Funniest thing I saw was #45 got a stinger I think and was kind of wussing around way back on the bench and Wilson finally went back and told him to get to the sideline or get in the game, the point got across I can tell you. We must find a way to get Kevin Bush on the field, he tends to stand up from the end position, is he too slow to play ILB?

  5. JPat,
    I saw the whole 45 incident too. Couldn’t hear obviously, but a point was clearly made.

    Love the multi-formations on offense, and the dbs seemed to be in position much better today.

    I like to listen to Wilson talk. He knows his stuff. He knows what he wants and how to get it done. There’s a new sheriff in town. Let’s give him a little room to clean up this mess and get us a winner. These young qbs, Kiel and WB, are just gonna get better and better.

    Final question/comment–what’s up with Willis?

    Sorry couldn’t resist.

    Go Hoosiers!

    Did anybody see the AD today???

  6. JPat,
    I thought the QB play was pretty good. Keil and EWB are going to be in a real dog fight, and I don’t think a starter will be named until the week of the first game. Follet did surprise me though, he looked sharp out there.

  7. To KevinK,

    Yes, Fred Glass was around, not sure too many people noticed because he is just starting to grow some of his hair back after his St. Baldrick contribution. He and I agree that little to no hair is the only way to go, he said that he doesn’t think he will go back to a full head of hair again.

  8. J Pat, would love to know more about the behavior Wilson displayed that motivated you to write “seems like a jerk.” I’m not challenging you, I’m just curious. Did he fail to display the warm and fuzzy interpersonal skills or was he rude and/or nasty to people?

    Your comment allowed me to recall the first time I met Bob Knight. It was during a large private social function. I met him and spoke to him for a few minutes, during which he made me feel like I was the only person in the room. He was funny, energetic and sincere. I came away thinking he was a great guy. Fifteen minutes later, apparently in response to something someone said to him, he actually lost his temper a bit and let go with a loud outburst that was, by any standard, inappropriate for that social occasion. I came away from my interaction with Knight thinking he was great. A friend of mine that was in the immediate vicinity when Knight “disagreed” with another man’s comment came away from his interaction thinking Knight was a “real jerk.” Over the years, I think most Hoosier fans discovered that Knight could be both a great guy and/or a jerk, depending on the circumstances and his mood at the time.

    In your opinion, is Wilson simply another intense coach that does not put much energy into fan relations, or is he a jerk?

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