Negedu’s career ends at New Mexico

Emmanuel Negedu, a former Indiana target who played with the Indiana Elite AAU team, is ending his basketball career because of a heart condition.

Negedu, who initially committed to Tennessee, collapsed during a workout in the school’s indoor football facility in September, 2009. Tennessee’s athletic administration was willing to keep him on scholarship but unwilling to clear him to play basketball, so he decided to transfer last offseason. Indiana evaluated him and doctors close to the athletic department cleared him to play, but the administration wouldn’t OK it. He eventually signed with New Mexico, but he played in only 10 games and at halftime of a pre-Christmas game against The Citadel, he had a problematic internal defibrillator reading and never played again.


  1. Too bad for him. Playing the game is most athletes important thing in life. Hopefully, he can get his education and live a healthy life

  2. I think coming to America supersedes any letdown a hoops career lost. Height and some athleticism brought him an opportunity given to few from similar circumstances. He has much to still be thankful for. Hope he finds the best medical care and lives everyday knowing he can achieve many dreams outside of Sports.

    Good luck Emmanuel.

    Anyone know where I can find a good Bison burger in Bloomington?

  3. Sorry kid no way Alford made a bad choice in taking you! Btw farm is a rip off and not as good as the price commands.

  4. I believe Nick’s has a bison burger as well as an elk burger. You can buy ground bison by the pound at Kroger in Bton.

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