Ohio State at Indiana, Game 3

UPDATE, End of Game: My apologies. Had some internet issues with my laptop and I’m just publishing this after writing my game story. But basically, madness ensued in the ninth. With two outs and the bases loaded, center fielder T.C. Knipp ripped a pitch into the right center field gap for a triple to tie the game. On the next pitch, shortstop Michael Basil hit a low liner up the middle to score Knipp and give Indiana the victory 10-9 and their second straight series victory to open the Big Ten season. More in tomorrow’s paper.

UPDATE: End of the Eighth Inning: Shortstop Michael Basil reached on a one-out single, but the Hoosiers went quietly otherwise and trail 9-6 going to the ninth.


UPDATE, Middle of the Eighth Inning: Joey DeNato cruised through a 1-2-3 inning, his most uneventful since the fifth. Ohio State’s lead holds at 9-6.


UPDATE, End of the Seventh Inning: Indiana got two runs on a single by designated hitter Alex Dickerson but lost the opportunity at a third on a controversial call. With Dickerson on third and second baseman Micah Johnson on first, Josh Lyon hit a grounder to first. The Buckeyes tried to turn a double play and threw to second to get Johnson. Johnson slid into the shortstop to break up the play and there was no one covering first base so it appeared that Lyon had reached and Dickerson had scored. However, Johnson was called for interference, making it an inning-ending double play and taking Dickerson’s run off the board.


UPDATE, Middle of the Seventh Inning: Ohio State matched Indiana’s wind-aided home run with one of its own. Brad Hutton’s fly to right field carried beyond the wall to make it 9-4 Buckeyes.


UPDATE, End of the Sixth Inning: In the live bat era, the wind blowing out at Sembower Field usually meant a 20-run game. That might not be the case, but the wind definitely helped Josh Lyon in the sixth. He hit one up in the wind to left and it carried all the way out of the yard to cut Ohio State’s lead to 8-4.


UPDATE, Middle of the Sixth Inning: Walks have killed Indiana all day, and it happened again in the sixth. Joey DeNato walked leadoff man Brian DeLucia, allowed a single by Tim Wetzel, a sacrfice fly by Josh Desze that sent DeLucia to third and then an RBI single of DeNato’s foot to score DeLucia. Ohio State is now up 8-2.


UPDATE, End of the Fifth Inning: Ohio State reliever Theron Minium gave up a leadoff single to Dustin DeMuth, but retired the next three batters, getting Micah Johnson looking on a fastball to end the inning.


UPDATE, Middle of the Fifth Inning: Joey DeNato cruised through the fifth 1-2-3 on eight pitches. Dearden apparently started because OSU is heavy on right-handers and DeNato is a lefty, but Tracy Smith may regret playing the percentages. OSU leads 7-2.


UPDATE, End of the Fourth Inning: Indiana tried to do too much with its legs in the fourth and it cost them. After a one-out double, shortstop Michael Basil was thrown out trying to go to third on a pitch in the dirt. Justin Cureton followed with a single to left, but was thrown out trying to stretch it to a double. OSU leads 7-2.


UPDATE, Middle of the Fourth Inning: If Joey DeNato had come in with a clean slate, he might have been out of the fourth quickly. But he inherited the bases loaded and things didn’t end well. The first pitch he threw was lined to center field for a two-run single by Ohio State’s Tim Wetzel. He got Ryan Cypret to ground to third base, but IU third baseman Dustin DeMuth tried to throw home and threw wide to allow a run to score and runners to go to second and third base. Josh Desze drove in another run for Ohio State with a sacrifice fly, and the Buckeyes take a 7-2 lead.


UPDATE, Top of the Fourth Inning: Drew Leininger walked a batter and threw ball one to Tim Wetzel and then got pulled by Joey DeNato.

UPDATE, Top of the Fourth Inning: Matt Dearden’s day is over. He comes out for Drew Leininger after allowing a double to Matt Streng and a walk to Tyler Engle to start the inning.

UPDATE, End of the Third: Josh Lyon’s struggles continued at a very inopportune time. Lyon, named All-Big Ten as a designated hitter last season, came to the plate with the bases loaded and two outs in the third after walks to Alex Dickerson and Wes Wilson and a single by Micah Johnson. The wind was ripping out to center field, and Lyon had a chance to change the momentum, but he popped up to left to end the inning. The Buckeyes still lead 3-2.


UPDATE, Middle of the Third: Matt Dearden finally found a bit of a groove in the second. After giving up a liner up the middle to John Desze to start the inning. he struck out the next two batters and got the third to ground to short. He has thrown 65 pitches in three innings, though.


UPDATE, End of the Second: IU center fielder T.C. Knipp had a one-out double, but Ohio State’s Greg Greve cruised through the inning otherwise. Ohio State maintains a 3-2 lead.


UPDATE, Middle of the Second: Matt Dearden gave up a run but escaped total disaster in the second. Ohio State shortstop Tyler Engle singled to score third baseman Matt Streng, and the Buckeyes had runners on second and third with one out, but didn’t get another run home. IU third baseman Dustin DeMuth fielded a slow roller from OSU’s Ryan Cypret and made a great throw to get him to end the inning.


UPDATE, End of the First: Just as Ohio State took advantage of IU mistakes, the Hoosiers did the same in the bottom of the first. Third baseman Dustin DeMuth made a gutsy baserunning gamble, going from first to third on a flare single to left by designated hitter Alex Dickerson. DeMuth then scored on a wild pitch. Dickerson came around and scored two batters later, also on a wild pitch to make it 2-2.


UPDATE, Middle of the First: OSU got on the board quickly. With runners on second and third, Buckeye first baseman Josh Dezse hit a hard grounder to second base that Micah Johnson misplayed, allowing center fielder Tim Wetzel to score and second baseman Ryan Cypret to go to third base. Catcher Greg Solomon followed by lining a single to right to score Cypret to make it 2-0 OSU. However, left fielder David Corna grounded to a 5-3 double play to end the inning. OSU, 2-0.


Back at Sembower Field for the rubber game of the Indiana-Ohio State series. Ohio State got the first one on Friday, Indiana claimed a win Saturday with a strong performance by Chad Martin. Today’s lineups.

Ohio State (11-13, 3-2 in the Big Ten)

1. Brian DeLucia, rf (.271, 12 RBI)

2. Tim Wetzel, cf (.246, 6 RBI)

3. Ryan Cypret, 2b (.382, 2 HR, 16 RBI)

4. Josh Dezse, 1b (.316, 1 HR, 17 RBI)

5. Greg Solomon, c (.382, 15 RBI)

6. David Corna, lf (.259, 1 HR, 12 RBI)

7. Brad Hutton, dh (.227, 1 HR, 5 RBI)

8. Matt Streng, 3b (.276, 1 HR, 12 RBI)

9. Tyler Engle, ss (.213, 9 RBI)

P-Greg Greve, rhp (1-1, 6.39 ERA, 22 k’s in 25 1/3 IP

Indiana (19-11, 3-2 in the Big Ten)

1. Dustin DeMuth, 3b  (.383, 13 RBI)

2. Jerrud Sabourin, 1b (.261, 18 RBI)

3. Alex Dickerson, dh (.350, 4 HR, 27 RBI)

4. Micah Johnson, 2b (.328, 13 RBI)

5. Wes Wilson, c (.306, 2 HR, 17 RBI)

6. Josh Lyon, lf (.200, 2 HR, 13 RBI)

7. T.C. Knipp, cf (.265, 12 RBI)

8. Michael Basil, ss (.272, 2 HR, 11 RBI)

9. Justin Cureton, rf (.263, 1 HR, 6 RBI)

P-Matt Dearden, rhp (2-1, 4.35 ERA, 14 K’s in 20 2/3 IP)


  1. Dustin/Hugh,

    Not really huge news, but thought it should be posted here. Former IU target and current Gator Cody Larson arrested and charged with burglary along with Erik Murphy.

  2. Unfortunately for Cody Larson, this is the 2nd run in with the legal system. Larson was suspended from Roosevelt’s basketball team during the 2010 season after he shared prescription pain killers with a teammate. He received a 120-day suspended jail sentence and two years probation in May.

    Lets hope he starts looking long term at his opportunities.

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