Report: Kelvin Sampson’s manager violated NCAA rules for Indiana, Kentucky

Bilal Batley contacted one former recruit for Indiana, according to a report.

Batley was at Indiana for one season – 2007-08. He worked with former coach Kelvin Sampson at Oklahoma and eventually followed him to Indiana. However, the report alleges Batley was working for the Hoosiers during the 2006-07 season (when he was still at Oklahoma) and visited Nolan Dennis during that time.

From the report:

While working for the Hoosiers, Batley attended several high school games of then-highly touted recruit Nolan Dennis, a shooting guard out of Richland Hills, Texas, according to Richard Bacon, Dennis’ high school coach.

“Somehow or another they got real close,” Bacon said. “They spent a lot of time together. Bilal was at a lot of our games his sophomore year. I didn’t even know who he was until I saw him at our games.”

But Dennis had attended a Dynasty Elite Camp that Batley ran for top recruits just outside of Memphis in the summer of 2006 while Batley was in between jobs at Oklahoma and Indiana. It was also attended by Cousins, current North Carolina sophomores Dexter Strickland and Leslie McDonald, current Memphis freshman point guard Joe Jackson and current Portland Trailblazers rookie guard Elliot Williams.

Indiana eventually rose to the top of Dennis’ list, but Sampson resigned in February 2008 after an NCAA report charged him with five major rules violations, which included violating the telephone recruiting restrictions imposed on him for his actions at Oklahoma.

Dennis ended up committing to Memphis in July 2008 – about a month before Batley joined Calipari and the Tigers as assistant director of basketball operations/manager. While Batley was at Indiana and Memphis, Dennis said he received calls from him.

The story is largely about John Calipari, who Batley did work for and develop connections with DeMarcus Cousins that led the big man (now with the Sacramento Kings) to Memphis and then Kentucky. So Indiana is a small part of this and the timeline does not match up, but it is out there.

Batley did not have any connections to Tom Crean. Indiana was unavailable for comment.

Batley now coaches at Navarro Junior College.


  1. So the tenure of AD Rick Greenspan and the misdeeds of Kelvin Sampson, et al, return to bite Indiana! Does Indiana Basketball face further NCAA sanctions/loss of scholarships because of this?

  2. As a long time insider of IU athletics, people need to quit attacking Rick Greenspan because you people are talking out your anus. Rick did a phenomenal job getting all of the sports heading in the right direction (Endzone project, Cook Hall, hiring Tracy Smith, women’s volleyball, etc.) Rick is unfortuntely lumped in with Adam Herbert’s obsession with Kelvin Sampson and got over-ruled. The issues IU had during Sampson’s short tenure was not do to Rick Greenspan, plain and simple. Too many IU fans get away with saying all sorts of BS on the internet that they have no way of proving…such is life!

  3. That is the darkest days of Indiana University we are still playing for that. We are coming back and so dark days are over and Coach Crean will get us back to where we belong and that fighting for Championships. He has done it the right way. I believe he will do it. Like he has said the story is “When Indiana is back from what happened then. I think it is coming…..

  4. Hmm? A “report” the result of a “investigation”? Sounds nothing more than Fox being Fox.

  5. “Nearly a two-year investigation”?…It sounds like Fox could have come forth with this story months ago. It’s rather pathetic what some egomaniac two-bit journalists will do to get their names in front of the public at the most opportune moment. Let the NCAA do its job. And why not let kids playing in contests they dream a lifetime be free of your agendas and allowed to have their moment in the sun? If Butler ends up winning it all I guess we can assume the negative news presented by Fox got into the heads of the Kentucky kids. It’s funny how these people with selfish and narrow motives fail to see how they steal deserved happiness from so many uninvolved their targets. Or, maybe they aren’t so stupid. Maybe that was the intent all along.

  6. Looks like we got a rise out of someone who got caught with his fingers in the cookie jar. Now he wants to shoot the messenger. Nice try, Jam.

  7. TuShay…Greenspan was a walking embarrassment and IU administrators did not have the sense to see it before hand. IU was not the first athletic program Greenspan destroyed; before IU he brought West Point football, basketball and other athletic programs at the United States Military Academy to their knees. When he asked the military brass for a recommendation, they all stood at the gates and waved goodbye, holding their noses while giggling with excitement.

    AT IU, Greenspan did not build Cook Hall; that had been long in planning. The drama we still live with Sembower Field was left on a shelf by Greenspan. The football program and the basketball program are both in holes he helped dig. The only sport that gained national respect while he was the athletic director was soccer and that was because Jerry Yeagley had his own independent base and Greenspan didn’t understand it.

    I still would like to know how, after knowing of Sampson’s history he agreed to rain that plague on the Hoosiers. And, after Sampson was again accused of repeating his cheating and hiding the fact from investigators, he still agreed to pay Sampson nearly a million dollars to leave when Greenspan should have been the complainant in the law suit for treble damages Indiana should have filed against the clearly corrupt coach. You mean there were no clauses in his contract regarding NCAA compliance and giving true testimony to NCAA investigators? Then, Greenspan negotiates himself more than a half-a-million dollar golden parachute to leave. I’d also like to know which of his buddies on the Board of Trustees helped him get it

    So TuShay, long-time insider buddy, if I were you I’d keep that fact to myself and disavow the plague that was the Greenspan administration to our University. Time for us to lose our innocence, don’t you think?

    The best thing we could have done with Greenspan was to lend him out to the Taliban,…it would have saved thousands of valuable American lives and begin to balance the meaning of his miserable career with us.

  8. TuShay you have this one right. For those of you that are blamming this on Greenspan is just flat out silly…you never met him, you have absolutely no inside Indiana information from anyone other than crap posted on the web. The trustees and presidents office with Herbert have much more to do with our problems than Greenspan. Greenspan was a really good guy that was guilty of following Herbert and some of the trustees during his tenure..that is where Greenspan errored if you want to blame him.

  9. Greenspan gave made Bill Lynch the Head Football Coach at IU. You don’t need to be an Insider or Friend to know that Lynch had been unsuccessful at Ball State after initial success and the same proved to be true at IU. Lynch’s “public” record was enough for Greenspan to look elsewhere. He didn’t. That was his fault. AND…If the Sampson hire was so unacceptable to him, he could have resigned. I don’t remember reading about that. If he was such a “stand-up” guy, that’s what he would have done. He didn’t.

  10. Tsao Tsu Gonzalez…you’re incredibly off base! Baseless…IU football has been a hole long before Greenspan got here. Cook Hall was through his efforts. The joke of the athletic department was lack of continuity and bad hires under McNeely. Terry C. had to right the ship with little athletic admin. experience and did a great job considering.

  11. After cleaning up the McNeely mess RG produced a lot of good at IU after inheriting and starting out with a red ink budget. I must admit I still scratch my head about the buyout to Sanctions, although if there had been a legal fight it too could have eaten up a lot of shekels.

  12. TuShay…Greenspan may have been overruled by Herbert originally, but Herbert was gone when the second round of stuff came out about Sampson, when Sampson was at IU already. And Greenspan kept him on. It was only the third round that finally forced him to fire Sampson, and since he ended up losing his job as well, it’s hard to give him a lot of credit for that.

    He could have headed it off, and didn’t, and therefore a lot of the blame for the massive damage done to IU Athletics flagship program falls on him. And that alone means he was a poor AD. Debate whatever else you like.

  13. Tsao Tsu….I can hardly find one thing in your comment that is actually TRUE. But keep on keeping on with the propaganda!

  14. Tsu Tsao:
    I spent the last 4 years at West Point, and if you think they aren’t in love with Greenspan there, you’re an idiot. While I think he was a dunce when it came to dealing with personnel, his fundraising was unbelieveable. Nevermind he got the ball rolling the largest single donation in US service academy history that built Army a full sized indoor practice facility that we used extensively, but he also completely oversaw the donations and construction of the $58 million dollar weight room/ office/ locker room facility attached to Michie Stadium.

    Again, I won’t defend Greenspan over his handling of Kelvin Sampson- overruled by Herbert is irrelevent, because he got bent over with that contract. Having to pay a guy off for major NCAA infractions is an absolute joke, but his fundraising abiilities are damn good, and he did some very good things for the Army Athletic Department.

  15. Oh, and IU should be in the clear since the NCAA has a statute of limitations on infractions, which I believe the 2006-2007 season lies just on the outside of the window. Calipari is going to be in trouble though.

  16. Andy K….congratulations on graduating from WP (your words): ‘I spent the last four years)’. So I assume you are now serving and I thank you for that,…truly!! That should make you a second lieutenant. Have a good career and stay safe.

    I’ve not questioned Greenspan’s ability to raise money. But I do question his values and, in the case of Sampson, Hebert absolutely his failure of leadership and his misplaced values. In the environment of the Grey Lady, there are thousands and thousands who give and give a lot and out of their belief and love in Duty, Honor, Country and respect for The Corps…The Corps… and The Corps. That’s how they feel about the place. You can not possibly place Greenspan in that group. I have heard many still bristling with anger at his impact on their athletic teams.

    Greenspan’s dealing and history as a leader broke the fundamental belief they hold for the Honor Code they live and defend…”I will not lie, cheat or steal nor tolerate anyone who does…” Unfortunately, he then brought his failures to IU.

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