Report: Senderoff to be named coach at Kent State

According to’s Jeff Goodman, former Indiana assistant Rob Senderoff has been named the head coach at Kent State.

Senderoff was the assistant coach named most prominently in reports that led to sanctions against Indiana and coach Kelvin Sampson for impermissible phone calls. The majority of the three-way calls that were a point of contention were reportedly initiated by Senderoff.

Senderoff had been an assistant coach at Kent State and has been the interim coach since the job opened.

In addition, former Indiana assistant Roshown McLeod has reportedly resigned from his position at St. Benedict’s Prep in New Jersey.


  1. Two coaches we should all be thankful are gone from IU. They will probably mess up again in their new positions. Good riddance.

  2. I disagree with the idea that this is not worth reporting. We constantly need to be reminded that people with no character and big failures, but with “connections”, can always get another lucurative chance.

  3. Dustin (or whoever): Did Senderoff have a show-cause penalty and if so, did it expire before he signed on with Kent State? Just curious.

  4. The mention of the guy’s name makes me twitch, but he probably deserves another chance. The crap he pulled here almost certainly was initiated by KS – maybe he was just a loyal assistant trying to keep his job. And, he’s surely not so well connected that he has been ‘teflon’ at Kent – if he was still dirty, he probably would have been caught. But maybe not – maybe the whole system is so corrupted that being a miserable creep is a ‘plus’ on your resume.

  5. Played golf with him in a varsity golf outing. Was on the phone the entire time. Would not hit several times as he was busy talking. KS was also at the outing and saw on the phone several times. I believe he knew what he was doing and felt they would not be caught. Good luck Kent State. You will need it

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