Rivers prepping for Portsmouth

Jeremiah Rivers said he’s taking the same approach to the Portsmouth Invitational that he took to his senior season at Indiana — don’t try to do too much.

Rivers believes his best shot at a professional career either in the NBA or elsewhere is to prove that he’s willing to be a role player and that he will be willing to do the less glamorous things to help his team win.

“Competing and winning,” Rivers said when asked what his focus was at the camp. “I don’t think at a camp like this, showing that I’m the best scorer or showing that I can jump the highest or showing that I can do all these different things, I don’t think that’s what the NBA scouts and the overseas scouts are looking for. They’re looking for winners. They’re for someone that can help the team in any situation. They’re not looking for Carmelo Anthony or LeBron James. There are very seldom few of them if any at all.  … The best way for me is to go in and compete and do what I’m best at.”

Rivers said he is focusing on some of the points of his game where he has had trouble in the past. He has spent the last two weeks in Boston working with father Doc, the Celtics coach. He said he’s working on free throws and on the finer points of being a point guard.

“(My dad) just told me to do what I know and play my game,” Rivers said. “‘You don’t need to show anybody what you can’t do or try to prove to them what you can do something. Just play your game. Don’t get caught up in thinking, ‘Everybody’s watching me, I gotta plays this way, or I gotta show them I’m a great player.’ He said, ‘Don’t even worry about that. Go out there and enjoy basketball compete and win, and everything else will take care of itself.’ My dad’s been there, he’s done it all. I trust him more than anything. That’s what I plan on doing. Taking his advice and I’m going with it.”


  1. 2 weeks in Boston training while the 2nd semester in Bloomington has not ended…..has he effectively graduated and doesn’t need this semester’s credits?

  2. Showed some flashes last year early… MAybe a couple years overseas and then give it another try?

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