1. Were you filming from inside the stadium bathrooms? And why was Andy sitting so low with barely his chin in the shot? Yikes.

    Otherwise, I was very impressed with your summation of the day’s scrimmages and the amount of details you absorbed in your first chance to look at the team. And here follows the 10-foot pole questions: What do you think of JPat’s assessment in calling Wilson a “jerk”? Do you get the same vibe from his sideline demeanor? Do you think he’s all business on the field and friendly/personable off the gridiron stage?

  2. Who cares if Wilson is too arrogant to speak with all the fans who go to a pancake breakfast? Only an egomaniac could think that he could turn this program into a winner. If he is succesful he can crap on my head for all I care! Really! It washes off! Not all people can be “all-schmooze all the time” (those so gifted become politicians). It must be galling enough for a grown man to have to schmooze 19 year-old prospects during recruiting season so if Coach doesn’t have the patience/personality to schmooze 24/7 I think that he gets the benefit of the doubt.

  3. It is interesting how, in general, basketball coaches are more personable than football coaches. TV announcers always liked to point out that Gene Keady was originally a football guy. That was easy to see. He was a jerk. But look at the top basketball guys. Calhoun, Pitino, Criminalipari, Donovan, Izzo, Williams, etc. Most of them are charmers. Nobody will ever call Saban, or Meyer, or Belechek, or most of the top football guys charming. I realize there are exceptions.

  4. I was there on Saturday and I like his demeanor! A lot! On the extra point that hit the upright Coach just turned away toward the North Endzone in disgust. LOVED IT! Lynch would have kissed the kicker’s @$$! Why?! Bust his balls for a missing an extra point for God’s sake!

    I also saw Coach grab Duwyce Wilson off the sidelines after he gimped off and put him right back in the game! LOVED that, too! IU players have been way too accustomed for too long to running off the field over a “hang nail” type of injury. If you can jog off the field with only a tiny limp, then you can still play. Obviously, Coach noticed it to and grabbed him right off the sideline the moment he touched it! LMAO!

    These players better start to understand that they are now a part of the old Big 12 and SEC with Oklahoma and Nebraska coaches along with Mallory’s stint at LSU. They will not tolerate soft MAC players that aren’t even Big 10 caliber. I’m not talking about D. Wilson, although it fits in this case, I’m referring to others that Coach has ripped, etc…

    Who cares if Coach personally talked to half of the freeloaders at that pancake breakfast. I guarantee you a lot of those people showed up to eat free food and left. You could barely find a space in the parking lot by the West Concourse. But, the crowd in the stadium was about the same as if the parking lot was only about a third full at best. I’ve seen both scenarios personally. When I first got there I thought it was going to be a huge crowd by looking at the parking lot. It was about the same as always.

    Anyway, I agree with Davis above. Coach can schmooze as much as he wants to or doesn’t want to with the fans. He is not trying to win for one individual with hurt feelings, he’s trying to win for himself, the players, the university and the fans, more than likely in that order. Regardless of what people think of him if he wins people will be in the stands even if they don’t like him. Guaranteed (see Bob Knight to verify that statement)!

    I can’t wait for the season to start! GO HOOSIERS!

  5. blah…blah…blah. Talk is cheap and coaches salaries are too high. Give me a bowl game and then give me a dose your arrogance.

  6. Mike W, it is interesting how you took my comments about Wilson. I was being objective and I called it like I saw it. Maybe I should have given him more props for the way he acted on the field, I liked what I saw. He does need to become a little more of a people person…just my opinion. Please don’t think I freeloaded though…I went for my kids to play in the kidzone and I did not even eat, did get some OJ though. I also have to say that most people at the breakfast were couples with kids and older people that were most likely alumni and season ticket holders like myself.

  7. JPat, I wasn’t referring to your comments specifically. I don’t even know what you said since it wasn’t on this article. LOL Anyway, I was referring metaphorically to numerous opinions about Coach being a jerk since hired. My point on that was Bob Knight had the same exact persona and was adored because he won. The same will go for Coach Wilson, too. Sorry if it seemed I was attacking you specifically.

    The breakfast reference was from my observations while standing in the West Concourse from about 9:50am to 10:50am with a couple guys I meet at the games and tailgate next to. I noticed a lot of people that were badly under-dressed leave the stadium and never return. Hell, this was going on when I first got there! At first, I thought people would just put posters, etc… in their car and comeback. But, during our observations it didn’t look to me like most did. Anyway, the freeloader reference was to people who I believe to have came to eat and then left, period. The shockingly crowded parking lot didn’t even come close to justifying the turnout in the stands. An observation from scrimmages past. Where did everyone go? That was my was my point.

    Like you, I didn’t eat at the breakfast. I didn’t even partake in it. McDonald’s called me much more on my way down from the Northwest side of Indy. Good thing I had a tall coffee!

    Anyway, in retrospect, who knows, maybe the parking lot was also affected by The Little 500. It didn’t seem like that to me, though. I think the game needs to be moved back to 2 or 3pm, as well. I want to tailgate like a real game beforehand. 11am was a style cramper! LOL

  8. Mike W, I hear ya. Thanks for the message back. I agree it was rather early and not planned well…I think I saw maybe 10 students all day. Weather might have scared people off but I agree the lot was full of cars for sure. anyway, take care!

  9. If people were showing up just for free pancakes, they must really be hurting. I think they came and wanted to watch the scrimmage, but decided it was colder than they would have liked. I know, they sound like panty-waists, but they are Hoosier football fans afterall.

  10. J. Pat, you do have a tendency to take comments questioning or challenging of your views personally. No one is challenging you, just the thought you voiced and that’s always ok (at least, it is always ok when someone disagrees with me for whatever reason though I clearly remember my last bad decision was in March…1973).

    Look at your sentence to Mike W: “…it is interesting how you took my comments about Wilson. I was being objective and I called it like I saw it.”

    In other words, you were not being objective at all about Coach Wilson’s behavior; you were saying ‘in your opinion’ (which can not be objective since it is influenced by all the baggae each of us carries)he was a ‘jerk’. That’s your opinion, not a statement of fact.

    Wilson, like it or not, is very professional in demeanor and understands his role as coach and teacher. He teaches, set expectations, demands and corrects.

    Some coaches, like Coach Crean, are about socializing, selling, p.r. and glad-handing. Then, when it comes to game time, we question their demeanor (they appear confused and ridden with anxiety). When the game gets down to coaching, adjusting plans or changing tactics to fit the moment, they are either puking in anxiety or frozen in tactical paralysis. You’d never go to war with these guys.

    Others (and I believe Wilson to be one of these which we will see) are analytical, show little emotion, is demanding and has an idea- his idea- of perfection. He attempts to create personal security within their players through their action and by communicating clear orders. More than anything, this type leads their men by demanding performance at the human limit of their capacity. And, most important, gets it and unity of purpose from all the others in the unit. In war, these are the ones you want…because they will get you home. The others write wonderful letters of condolence to your bereaved family.

    Let’s be good fans (and I believe–my opinion- you J Pat are one)and give Wilson a chance to carry out his job; making Indiana a consistent winner, without over-analyzing every move or by searching for totally external issues such as “does he blow in you ear and make you laugh when you eat pancakes.”

    Please rem,ember one things about us as fans. We’ve been around forever opining on football tactics, strategy and sharing our views on what a good leader is. We’ve been no more successful than the coaches who did or did not listen to us (if they only knew how much smarter we wannabes are…they’d hire assistants right out of the blog list! Right J. Pat…I do hope your kid(s) enjoyed the game). And, our record is darn near dismally perfect.

  11. Tsao, with all do respect to you…I don’t need you trying to be a teacher on here and correct me. I was more or less upset that he called people at the pancake breakfast freeloaders and maybe I did not make that point. As far as taking something personally…if I say something and someone comes at me in a way I don’t agree with…I have every right to write back about it. Yes, I was being objective about Wilson as I watched him for almost 15 minutes and trust me…I heard many people saying the same thing and making the same observations. Ask around Bloomington about how he is perceived in the athletic dept and see what people say. This was my first taste of Wilson and as I wrote…I am fine with that as long as he wins. You don’t need to correct me anymore, I am a grown ass man!

  12. Lastly, before I head home. Tsao, I am asking you to please lay off of me. I am a good guy who used to enjoy posting on this site and now it seems that every 3rd or 4th post I write I get the “Tsao Police” slapping my hand. It is just silly really. I don’t do this crap to you but you keep on with me. You remind me of a 65 year old teacher that nobody can seem to please. I sat back and read many posts recently and many people feel the same way I do. I am a sincere person and you seem like a jerk yourself! I would rather read 4guards!!!

  13. “Some coaches, like Coach Crean, are about socializing, selling, p.r. and glad-handing.”

    That also sounds like Pitino, Williams, Self, Calipari, Lavin, Pearl, Donovan, Boeheim, Crum, Motta and on and on. Most college basketball coaches are like that.

  14. I think you’re right, Chet. A fine example of what scares the hell out of us today…could we do a poorer job of allowing them to lead our children (and/or grandchildren)? Could we provide our generations with a worse vision of what we want society to be?: Pitino moaning away under a banquet table? Calipari weaseling around and quickly moving on ahead of the sherriff, Pearl….? What a load of scum.

    BK may not have had much control over his court-side demeanor and, unfortunately, that will forever be a blemish on his record but his values were honest, deeply believed and defended. Since we attempt to teach lessons and values of life in intercollegiate athletics, we have a choice for our kids and grandchildren: BK or any of these three slurs to the word “coach”/teacher.

    NCAA basketball, unfortunately, concentrates these moral voids because the NCAA has bought into the ESPN Mag hype. But basketball, to be fair, has also produced Brad Stevens, Mike Krzyzewski and, of course, Knight who are-in their careers- evidence that we do not need to wallow around in the sewers with our nose barely over the muck, praying ‘please don’t make waves’.

    I sense coach Wilson may be from the school of coaching that teaches the player the lesson that the greatest asset a team has is teammates.

    I think you are right. Football reflects the values of team; basketball, on the other hand, has changed to self-obsessed 1 v 1 and “give me!”.

  15. HEY HEY HEY J PAT and TSAO! Reading your comments is like watching an episode of General Hospital. Can’t you two girls get along?

  16. JPat…your words:

    “Yes, I was being objective about Wilson as I watched him for almost 15 minutes and trust me…I heard many people saying the same thing and making the same observations. Ask around Bloomington about how he is perceived in the athletic dept and see what people say. This was my first taste of Wilson and as I wrote…”

    My response: Ok.
    My question: So why is he a ‘jerk’? Why would you call him a ‘jerk”? Is it based on your 15 minutes of observation? O, is it based on what others around town said?

    Then, you added: “I am fine with that as long as he wins.”


  17. I would be ashamed if my kids behaved like Pitino, Pearl, or Calipari but I wouldn’t feel very good if they behaved like RMK, either.

  18. Chet, I guess I’m more willing to take it. I appreciated his honesty, his willingness to stand by his players, his gestures of generosity, his frank defense of everything that is good in sports….and yes, I was (and continue to be) willing to ignore and look over his mercurial personality. A trade, I admit, I made willingly as the price for an honest program that sought well earned success and made me proud to be a Hoosier.

    Very selfish reasons, I admit.

  19. Please Please We are not discussing Life and Death situations here. It’s sports, a game. Winners and Losers are defined as a result of the rules man has applied to the contest. (and officiating those rules) All who enter the arena are winners!! Win or loose!!! Just for their desire to compete!! The outcome is not on the scoreboard, but in the sole of the man who has achieved to the best of his ability!!! Give these kids a break! Shame on all of you “adults” who think it is more than that!!

  20. TTG, sure, we all made that trade. Most of us, anyway. But, the lines tend to shift in the breeze. From everything I’ve read, Jerry Tarkanian was/is an absolute prince of a human being. Loyal, generous, ‘stood by his players’. RMK reportedly loved the guy. But we will all piled on him in a heartbeat, though, by current standards he doesn’t look so bad.
    As far as RMK, he was what he was. I admired much of his legacy but I had to turn my head away from time to time.

  21. Tsao, I will say it one last time for you so listen and hear the words coming out on this screen. I sat back and observed the man interact with all ages for over 15 minutes. It does not take a genius to see he has some issues dealing with people and his character. There were hundreds of people who left that breakfast feeling the same way as I did. Lastly, you lost all credibility with me with these last few posts as it is obvious you know nothing of Wilson. I now know that you are more interested in policing this site and preaching than talking IU sports. In the words of Tom Petty…please “don’t come around here NO more”…it was better without you!

  22. I’ll say it again: I met Wilson at a local restaurant recently and said hi to him by name. He was very nice, with a firm handshake.

    I am always skeptical of people who form judgments of others by looking at them walk around for 15 minutes.

  23. Chet…we share the experience and now look I also look back sometimes shaking my head. Why? Was it necessary? What was the point?

    Yes, I also remember Tarkanian (and how much Knight enjoyed beating him because it was a confrontation of cultures…and friends. But, in balance, the seeds of ‘good basketball’ stayed with me,I think with you and with the entire state. What I enjoyed about Butler, what I still love about Keady- yes, Purdue’s Keady, an outstanding and loyal opponent- is how true they were to a philosophy brought to us by RMK.

    It is not ‘recruiting’…it is about seeking perfection even while knowing we may never achieve it. That’s one hell of a philosophy- even if I have to shake my head at other aspects of the legacy.

    Thank you for thoughtful comments.

  24. HT, I tend to take things personally on here so I will respond. In an earlier post on another topic I explained that my entire family was able to chat with Wilson as well as watching him interact with others. Glad you had a good experience and maybe my next will be better. Maybe Tsao read over my positive comments on Johns and Ekeler and just forgot about them.

  25. JPat…Wow…15 minutes watching Wilson!…that must have taken some concentration! And, from that study of (the way he walked, the way he snorted and wiped his nose with the sleeve of his jacket??) I got it! Your wisdom!! …you concluded that he (Wilson) is a jerk and has personal problems dealing with people…wow!…what is it? an itch? your stomach turning over?..the pancakes were bad?

    Son…you just don’t get it and, sadly, I doubt that you ever will…. No, I take that back!..I don’t want to reach a conclusion about you based on such little experience. Have a nice day.

  26. Tsao, get a life. You are the meanest poster I have seen on here in almost three years. I don’t know why you choose to ride me like this. Pick a time and place and I will meet you tonight for friendly discussion. I prefer Nicks and Yogi’s but you are buying the first round! Old man, you just don’t seem to get it!

  27. Tsao, I don’t want to box, I want to talk IU sports. I will bring my family if it makes you feel better. Gotta go on the long trek home now, I can meet tomorrow afternoon or night if you would like.

  28. J PAT Guys like Tsao will never meet you in public.His computer screen is his little world.In that world he thinks he is Editor-in-Chief of the Hoosier Scoop.Let it go and move on. SERIOUSLY you two need to find somewhere else to play.

  29. Whoda, sorry to put you through it all, very sincerely sorry. Take care. BTW, you are right on…

  30. JPat…sorry for the delay…I do have responsibilities and had not looked at the site for several hours (must have gotten off just after my last blog).

    That said, I do not live in Bloomington so meeting tonight or even in the coming weeks would be difficult but at some point, I would enjoy a beer and enjoy meeting your family (as you said; first one on me). I will post to you suggesting we get together the next time I come to Bloomington. (No other peace offering necessary).

    Just so that you know…my general (in other words, not just with you) concern is that labeling individuals as “jerks” or trashing them in any way…even if it is the right of the blogger to do so…particularly bothers me. It also bothers me because, in this case, Coach Wilson (with whom we have no personal relationship at all) comes with an impressive history of accomplishment, a good reputation as a straight-up guy, and well earned respect from individuals whose own accomplishments are earned and deserved.

    I do think that at IU we have been (notice I use the word ‘we’) responsible for a history of failed coaches in major sports partly because we see it as ‘win or nothing’ and hours after they accept the coaching position we are busy digging the foundation out from under them or looking for the smallest of details to blow them up.

    This is true not only with Wilson, but look at the negative feelings some voice (though some criticism may be valid) about Knight. Whatever Lynch did or did not accomplish he took over and did his best to project us back into the Big 10. He certainly did not deserve to be ridiculed and insulted the way he was towards the end of his tenure. Whatever Mike Davis did, he was a decent, good man who did the best he could under incomprehensible pressure. Why were some bloggers so eager to be negative about Todd Yeagley being his father’s son? Todd Yeagley had previously and legitimately built a solid and admirable coaching reputation. When Knight first arrived many IU fans were screaming ‘he’s too young!”, ‘his style is b-o-o-o-ring!’ ‘Army plays too disciplined, it will never go over here’.

    It makes no sense whatsoever to be so negative and so quickly judge on irrelevant or gossipy detail. Words like ‘jerk’, ‘stupid’, ‘idiot’ do not belong in a sports blog, period. (By the way, “H.T.” in blog #24 had a completely different take on Wilson. He found him open, friendly and sincere…and, it does not surprise me!)

    That my friend, is my only problem. So….give him a chance. The truth in football exists only on the grass.

    I’ll look forward to that beer.

  31. Tsao, fair enough. I read over my post that upset you and I think it was the very first one. I just don’t see where it was that bad. I actually explained what I saw with my own eyes and then said…”seems like a jerk”. Maybe I should have left that out, maybe not…I don’t know. I wish next time instead of giving me a lesson and talking down to me you would just simply say…”hey J Pat, maybe a little early to call him a jerk”. You do tend to preach as if your way is the best way, only way. I will take you up on the offer to meet, mainly because I rub you the wrong way and I think it would help you. I was being goofy with the back to back posts earlier. I am going to now copy and paste my very first post and please reread it. take care.

    Wow, really impressed with the QB’s today at the scrimmage. It is a toss up between Kiel and Wright Baker. Kiel can thread the needle and throw nice all around passes but Wright Baker can do almost the same things but can run really well. Perez looked good at RB, finds his hole and is patient. The DB’s and safeties look better than I ever remember. I was surprised they did not hit harder, it was 3 quarter speed for the most part it seemed. I wanted smash mouth but it was better than 2 hand touch last year so I am pleased. On a sidenote, my entire family was able to chat with Wilson and I watched him interact with many people for about 15 minutes in the pancake section and he comes off arrogant like he really does not have the time for you and blew many other people off…seems like a jerk. With that said, I don’t care at all, I need results on the field. Also, I spent time chatting with many other coaches, Kevin Jons WR coach(sp?) is a super nice guy…one I will always root for just after chatting for a minute or two, class act! Ekler(sp?) is a nut, very electric and funny guy..we need that! Take care all.

    I am done with this, need a good Wednesday. Thanks!

  32. If you have read me over the years…I try to be positive when need be and negative when need be. I hope I come off that way. I am starting to wonder!


  34. Whoda, I would not go that far! I do hope that if Tsao or anyone for that fact would pick a place to meet that many would show up. It would be fun and I think after meeting face to face and talking that there would be a higher level of respect for one another.

  35. Be sure to let management at Nick’s know ahead of time so they can advertise the much-heralded ‘peace summit’ between the rival Scoop philosophers. Maybe CNN and Fox News would both attend and have a throwdown and makeup similar to what we’ve just witnessed on here. Heck, I live out of state and I might come to town for it. Little excuse–okay, no excuse–is needed to go to Nick’s. Or Yogi’s.

  36. I am coming in waaay late on this one, but how is it that anyone complains about a grumpy coach in a town that produced Bob Knight?

  37. HT, I simply gave my first impressions on him. I stand by what I said. If I meet him again (and I will) and he is different, I will be the first to post that. I look for the good in people really. I don’t know what more to say…

  38. JPat- A lot of people in the public eye come across as jerks, but are nevertheless good people or at least great at what they do.

    John Fogerty, for example, is known to be an arrogant, controlling jerk. One of the best male rock vocalists of all time. Same can be said about an infinite number of coaches.

    My suggestion would be to not invest emotional energy in public figures. They will almost always let you down.

    By the way, I said yesterday that I met coach WIlson at a restaurant, and he was gracious and friendly. The staff at the same restaurant says Crean comes in all the time, and everyone hates him – rude and poor tipper. SO far they give Wilson a high rating.

  39. HT, good info and I will keep that in mind about not being let down in the future. I have spent many times with Crean, many and NO matter what situation or where it is…he is always just as genuinely nice every time.

  40. Interesting that people who are identified generally seem to like Crean and those that are anonymous dislike him. I read all sorts of articles where people who are identified recount their positive experiences but the negative stories always seem to be “some people down at the XX say he comes in all the time and he’s a jerk”. It’s not because people don’t want to be associated with negative comments, either. I can find a boatload of negative comments, on the record, about our last three basketball coaches.

  41. Chet it comes with the territory.When I lived in Austin there were people who hated Fred Akers,a man who won way over 70% of his games and was a blocked punt away from a national championship.

  42. JPat…you are right…I was showering this a.m. thinking the blog has become a corner bar where we get together, say whatever comes into our mind, give free opinion (sometimes free of any logic at all), disagree, curse, throw bread balls and help each other home in varying states of sobriety…it would be fun to get some of these characters into a bar…quite a variety of people and thoughts.
    (Geez…Cubs just blew a 1-0 (9th), had Smardja on the mound, survived and won it in 12 on a HR… scary!! …Life as we know it must be ending like the Mayan calendar predicts. Butler in the NCAA final game two years in a row, the Cubs in the World Series…IU in the BCS bowl???…MOM!!!!)

    Ok I digress. What bothered me?: “…I watched him interact for about 15 minutes…and he comes off arrogant [no] time for you and blew many [others] off…seems like a jerk…” As H.T. pointed out twice, Wilson comes off as a good guy as well. Contrary to the myth, Knight was open, funny and relaxed much of the time…, while publicly wound as tight as a violin string.

    Respect is the one quality of our society we are losing, It bothers me. On the other hand, I’m always touched and respect when I see a father like you caring about his son (or daughter).

    So JPat (without ‘Woda F’s’ suggestion we french kiss) …look forward to the beer and exchanges here at ‘Cheers’.

  43. Chet…interesting comment… “I would be ashamed if my kids behaved like Pitino, Pearl, or Calipari but I wouldn’t feel very good if they behaved like RMK.”

    I thin behavior like RMK’s makes one uncomfortable not shamed. Behavior like Calipari’s, Pitino, Pearl’s, (or…in our case, Sampson’s) shames.

  44. In fairness, during my student days I had a job where I interacted with RMK from time to time. He was always personable and at least pretended to be interested in my life as a student. He had nothing to gain by it.

  45. That was the contradiction in RMK. He could be a man you wanted to point out to your son as a model of integrity. Then, at times and for the most ridiculous of reasons, he could be so absolutely self-destructive that you would cover your son’s eyes and ears.

    I also had the privilege (yes, the privilege) of spending a good bit of personal time with him and he became a very influential personality with great impact in my family. Within the realm of that experience, no regrets, all positives. I only wished he had done more to protect his own legacy of greatness.

    His comments on Kentucky/Calipari, like much of what he said, is classic RMK overstating a point that is fundamentally correct; and dramatized (as RMK tends to do) for impact.

    The column on the statement…I can only get to “…wrong, irresponsibly wrong”, followed by the line about the ‘tweet’ from Cousins before nausea sets in. No surprise here, the column reflects the weakness of much of contemporary neo-journalism. It says nothing profound.

  46. J Pat,

    I find it hard to believe a blind man who is also deaf would not completely understand the points you make in any of your posts. I take them as genuine which also insists there is damn little reason for change.

  47. Clarion, that was really nice of you. I questioned myself after all of the flack this week. As I said, I will be the first to brag on him if I meet him again and he is different. At the same time, I like that he is a hardass and think/hope he will do well. TGIF!

  48. K.W. is a beer-drinking tough guy who doesn’t kiss-and-tell. I have a feeling he is so focused on the football operation and turning around the program that he looks at public functions as a bit of a nuisance – the “lame” part of the job. I don’t blame him.

    6-6 and a bowl game will have everyone talking about his “social awkwardness” as one of his strengths, like they continue to say about RMK.

  49. As we’ve learned with Crean, all we can do is hope.

    Very little point in getting worried or worked up because of clapping, tanned skin, or pancake policing.

    At least that’s my opinion. I’m a huge fan of IU sports, but my involvement with the programs consists of watching them on TV and blogging; going to games or charity events is not my thing. Don’t like crowds. Maybe if I did, I would have higher expectations for people’s personalities.

  50. HT, I just generally don’t like a holes and mean people…on the blog or in person!

  51. JPat…you are the gift that keeps on giving…and giving… More so, you are going through your “Groundhog Day” moment. Every time you speak…you say the same exact thing and then wonder why, when you spit in the wind, it comes flying back.

    You continually state, “I like ‘hardass’ [men]”; continually point out how ‘objective’ you are and then…, cry about the ‘meanness’ of those who challenge you and feel mocked. Then ignore the impact of vocabulary used to describe the very same, exact people you claim to “really like” as ‘jerks’, ‘idiots’, ‘a holes’… There has to be a point.

    Add that you follow your confusing pejorative with some explanation that states you are ‘usually, really are a nice guy” and can’t understand why some take objection to your manner: [You to Mike W,]… “it is interesting how you took my comments about Wilson. I was being objective and I called it like I saw it. (First, that can’t be objective, it is how YOU ‘called it’ so it is subjective.

    I’m glad about this side of Coach Wilson. I thought it is brilliant that we brought someone who won’t be rubbing up against us while we slow-dance. As the veteran sergeant told the private in the middle of the IED’s flying around in southern Afghanistan: ‘If you need love, write your mom or your congressman’.

    It is physically impossible to walk both sidewalks of the same street…you go down one or the other don’t try to walk both sides simultaneously…you’ll get one hell of a groin injury trying.

    The blog can be great and has bloggers I really enjoy…Chet, H.T.,Mike W., Hoosier Clarion, Davis… and…yes… yours. Even when [more so, even because] we disagree. We can comment on anything….quality of coaching, visions, recruiting, players, tactics…whatever… But ‘jerks’ (though you may even be right in my case), ‘a–holes’, ‘idiots’, ‘retards’ don’t exist. There is no justification for personal venom.

    Everyone has an opinion (heck, I even read ‘whatda f’ saying whatda f over and over). They are all valid.

    Take another look at Davis’, Chet’s and Mike W’s blog (#2,#3,#4). Wilson waited 20 years to become a head coach. He came here to coach, develop a respectable team respected for its football, academic and character performance. AS one of the bloggers already said, he appears to be super-focused on that. No he’s got his life’s goal and A.D. Glass the insight to see it. Think Wilson will blow it over caressing us over a plate of pancakes? I’m just hopeful Coach Wilson returns us to the self-respect we generally had under Bill Mallory; RMK in basketball; the Yeagleys for two decades in soccer; Doc Counsilman and Hobbie Billingsley in swimming; Jim Lavery in Track and Field…

    That’s all I ask. And, if Coach Wilson doesn’t want to give me a big, sloppy french kiss…I’ll live with a respected Hoosier team to fill my weekends.

    Lovingly, Tsao Tsu Gonazalez(in chinese it stands for ‘the way of the jerk’).

  52. You guys seriously need to have a beer together. If I’m in town I’d like to come to. As a general rule, I resolve questionably behavior by a fellow guy by saying, “F*** it.” It’s a rule that’s always served me well.

  53. My agent will demand that you tooo be present Chet. I twu enjoy your comments and once in a while have questionably thoughts tweet. Ahhh, *uc* it!

  54. Whoda F, Plan B…nothing happened…JPat and I are now bestest friends; and we allow ourselves a fist fight when we get bored…So, if we make it to Nicks, and the pancakes start flying, sit away from the glass.

  55. First time i have posted on here.

    For some reason i got knocked off peegs awhile back.

    My wish is that Wilson is the coach who can get some wins for IU football.

    My father, who played football and was a fifty year I Man pointed out to me: ” It is not the wins or losses, but how you play the game that matters.”

    Have always tried to do that with games or with life. IMHO

  56. Tsao… I could point to holes in every blogger that has had numerous posts over the last months or 2 years like myself. Hugh and Dustin found some holes in your take on questioning or not questioning players. I try to convey that I do like a hardass mentality but there can be a hardass coach that is a genuinely good guy, right? Tsao, after reading you go back and forth with Dustin/Hugh and so many others on threads, I now know that you truly like to argue your points. I don’t like confrontation on here, I think that is obvious. Whatever floats your boat I guess. I still stand by everything I said on this topic about my interactions with the coaches. BTW, since I posted I have had numerous people agree with my first impressions, people who work on campus and people that were at the scrimmage. Take that for what it is worth. It is not objective info as you will point out, it is simply hearsay. Wow, so much I could write but I will save all the info for Nick’s…

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