1. What is this a video to show to’s,missed shots, and lousy defense? I can see that by watching replays of IU games the last 3 years.

  2. What are we supposed to get out of this? Cant tell who is who and i’ve seen about 5 air balls

  3. I shot it using a Flip cam. Converted it to a different file, and obviously that didn’t work. I am fixing it right now.
    As far as the actual video, we rarely do true “highlight” videos. We’re journalists and not in the business of just showing the best plays. Also there are times when the play ends badly, but there’s something during the course of it that I think viewers may take an interest in.

  4. In response to Recruit Girl and Get Real if you cant tell who is who then you aren’t following these kids as much as you should. I am a true IU BBALL fan and I can name every one of the 2012 recruits just by watching the video with out jersey nmuber. I agree some lazy defense and bad shots. However nobody makes all of there shots and Perea is a dunker/rebounder and shotblocker. He doesn’t have the best offensive game yet but has the ability to learn if coached well. Patterson was the only airball I saw an IU recruit shoot. With that being said he is also known more for defense and taking the ball to the hole. Also I love it when people get on websites and dog these kids knowing damn well they probably couldn’t make 2 out of 10 shots from the same spot that kid just airballed. This same team beat a team by 40 this weekend I’m sorry but if I’m up by 20 plus its kind of hard to take the other team serious enough to play 100 percent defense especially in High School. Thats what coaching is for and these kids will get that at IU and will bring IU back to what they once were watch and see.

  5. Jason, as Hugh stated he has replaced the original video. The quality of that video was so poor that as a “true IU BBALL fan” as far as I could tell that could have been the looney toons vs the aliens. The replacement video posted hours before your comment is HD quality compared to the first video. Your critizim of the other commenters invalid and unfair.

  6. Jason Kantz i could tell who was who sometimes but the video was so damn blurry it was hard to tell, sorry im not as perfect as you…dont be such a dick

  7. Sorry wasn’t trying to be a dick. Just didn’t understand the comments I mean you stated you have seen 5 airballs if you can see that then I figured you could see well enough to tell who was who. I saw both versions of the video blurry and watched again in HD. I think the get real guy comment made me agrivated the most sorry to take it out on you Recruit guy. Im not perfect either just am really excited about this group of recruits and can’t stand all the hate they recieve over jealousy of IU trying to become what they use to be. Once again my bad recruit guy and GO HOOSIERS

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