A side benefit to having a hometown kid on the roster

One of the more curious (being nice there; more like difficult to reason) NCAA rules about the summer months is that college coaches cannot work with their current players.

That leaves guys going through workouts and open gyms under the guidance of the strength and conditioning coordinator, but there is very little actual basketball instruction.

But a few of Indiana’s players have been looking for a little extra help, and found it in J.C. Hulls, Jordan’s father.

J.C. has a mid-range jumper workout that Jordan has been going through for years (I would also guess older brother Jay and younger sister Kaila also could go through the drill blind-folded). It’s a simple workout, Jordan said, but helps.

“It’s not too complex, it’s just going as hard as you can, game-speed, from half court, making a couple of moves, dribbling and then pulling-up,” Hulls said. “You just got to go at it game speed, because that’s obviously what you’re going to play at.”

Victor Oladipo has taken advantage of the opportunity, as has Will Sheehey.

“Jordan’s dad is great,” Oladipo said. “Even though it is basic, it has helped me a lot. I’ve been working Jordan, working with everybody. It’s just ball-handling drills and keeping your head up, and after you’re made all the moves you have to make the mid-range jumper. And you have to make the jumper for you to go on to the next level.”

Hulls said: “He’s definitely showing improvement.”

They often go to Bloomington South’s gym to work out, but any court (even an outside one, as Jordan noted) will do.

“We’re just trying to get better in the offseason, working out with different people or ourselves,” Hulls said. “It doesn’t matter.”

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  1. Nice to see how motivated our returning players are to get better! Will and Victor will be important this upcoming year. Would love to see Jordy up his points per game up past 15-20 a game.

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