Ben Chappell signs with Washington Redskins

Ben Chappell will go to training camp with the Washington Redskins, according to this.

Should be a good opportunity for the former Indiana QB. The Redskins have Rex Grossman (another Bloomington native) and John Beck under contract, but are expected to lose Donovan McNabb through trade or release. That would open up a spot (assuming the Redskins do not replace McNabb with another QB, which is altogether possible and perhaps even likely).

Still, there is a bit of curiosity factor in the only two QBs Bloomington has produced, of note, ending up in the same training camp.

It does not appear that any of the others looking for a training camp invite (including Mitchell Evans, Richard Council and Trea Burgess) have received one as of yet.

UPDATE, 10:16 a.m.: Dustin Dopirak here, Just spoke to Ben Chappell as he was sitting in the airport waiting for his flight to Washington.

Chappell said he found out about the Redskins late last night. He said his agents put out feelers with a number of teams, but they decided the Redskins were the best fit.

“He said this was the best situation for me,” Chappell said. “So we’re going to go for it. This is not a time to wait around. Hopefully it’s a good fit for me.”

Chappell said he bumped into Terrance Turner at Indianapolis International Airport with Turner headed for Philadelphia. Neither one of them knew what today would bring them, but it was exciting to know that they were going somewhere.

“Man, it’s kind of,  we waited around for so long,” Chappell said. “Iit’s just such a good feeling you get to continue chasing your dream. It’s just the next step. It’s definitely exciting. I’m really pumped about the situation.”


  1. Wish he could have landed with a different teamm. The Skins are a mess, and remain so as long as Snyder is the owner.

  2. This is neat. I certainly won’t be drafting Ben for my fantasy league though.

    I sure wish the Skins could pull it together. Classic fan base, long suffering but passionate fans. Everything Snyder touches turns to stone.

  3. W.A., How could such a hands on entrepreneur of high level success be such a poor NFL owner? Is it simply to much money available to play with?

  4. HC,
    I always got the impression — and I haven’t followed it THAT closely, but just what I’ve seen from a distance — that Daniel Snyder wanted to be George Steinbrenner in a league that didn’t allow it. He wanted to make the really big splashes to show he could, signing guys like Deion Sanders, etc. The problem was that those signings took up cap space and the Skins could never build around the big stars. I just don’t think he had the right business model for the era. Perhaps he’s adapted as the years have gone on, but I think that was at least the initial issue. Again, I could be wrong in all of that.

  5. DD, Your thoughts are aimed in the right direction. Money, ego and envy are powerful stimulants. The cap is suppose to help control those influences and in this case it did the job well. I think Gibbs educated and slowed him down a tad during his IIRC 4 seasons. Maybe Shanahan can finish the rest of the job. As W.A. said they certainly are passionate classic fans.

  6. Living here in DC since 1981, I have witnessed first hand Dan Snyder’s epic failure as Redskins owner. It stands in stark contrast to the late Jack Kent Cooke, who let Joe Gibbs and Bobby Betheard run the ship.

    In my opinion Snyder is too hands on. He was also ill-guided by the brown nosing Vinnie Cerrato. The two combined to buy football talent at alarming prices and watch as these players cashed their newly aquired retirement checks. They looked at only the talent of the player, not the character of the man. Just today in the Post Albert Haynesworth was discussed, perhaps the greatest bust of them all.

    Snyder is also impatient with coaches and has created too much turnover. Lack of stability in the head coaches’ position kills in the NFL. You need a consistent brand of football and the Redskins haven’t had one due to Dan’s many coaching changes (some of which were failures in their own right).

    Maybe the Bruce Allen and dual Shanahan hirings will solve these problems. But as long as Snyder is at the top I wouldn’t bet on it.

  7. Good for Ben, hope this pans out well for him. Rex has had an up and way down career, but he still has had big game experience he can pass on the knowledge of.

    I don’t see any of the other three getting an invite, though Evans is athletic and versatile, he would be a good scout/practice squad player.

    Burgess might make a practice squad somewhere.

    If Council wants to continue to play football, he might want to contact the Indiana Cutters, he might be able to make the 3 deep next season…….

  8. Dustin, I think you hit it pretty squarely. The top teams invest in depth, not star power. The Packers would not have even made the playoffs but for their depth. Put all your eggs in the likes of an Albert Haynesworth and when he inevitably tanks you have no place to go.

  9. That’s being kind. I don’t think Rex will ever be ‘The Man’ again. A backup, sure. But nobody’s gonna give him the keys to the palace.

  10. The funny thing is that Ben could be second string right out of the gate with the QB mess that is Washington. I believe Rex is a restricted free agent or something, while john beck is a career backup and McNabb spent the better part of 2010 at odds with the coach. His agents are right to think that, if he has chance anywhere, Washington is the place.

  11. Even with some of the problems Rex has had, he is still a better QB than Chappell.

  12. Putting on my general manager hat, I don’t think the starting QB is in camp yet. They will pick someone up this week. McNabb is history. That long term contract was written in a way they can cut him. I agree that Grossman is physically more talented but he is a Jeff George without the bad attitude. QB is about decision making on the field and, unless Rex has gotten way more savvy, he just doesn’t have it.
    I could easily see Chappell making the team as #3, maybe even a #2. Shannahan likes to groom young QBs and he’ll have little patience for Grossman.

  13. Chet, for some reason unbeknownest to the world at-large, Shanahan appears to favor Beck as the number one. Grossman and McNabb certainly played themselves out of contention, so maybe Ben has a chance at the number 3. His lack of mobility is going to get him killed behind our stinky O line I’m afraid.

  14. grossman is awful and it looks like mcnabb is gone. maybe chappell can possibly get the number two spot behind beck. i don’t know much about beck so maybe chappell could be the starter. it may be wishful thinking but you never know. good luck to you ben. hope everything works out for you and if it doesn’t work out with the skins come to indy and replace painter as the number two behind manning because i don’t see painter as the future for the colts

  15. GFDave, Another career backup in Clemens. Honestly, I don’t see a starter in the bunch, at least not at this point. They seem to be stockpiling backups.
    Big Bob (I’m guessing 5’4″ and lives with Mommy), have you ever been right about anything?

  16. Chet, you’re right. Not a bonafide starter in the batch. Hope that Beck has what Shanahan sees in him.

  17. Well, as I often say about CTC, he probably has a little bit better feel for those things than us guys out here sharing our limitless expertise with each other.

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