Bobby Capobianco transfers to Valparaiso

Former Indiana forward Bobby Capobianco is transferring to Valparaiso, a move he declared on his Twitter account earlier today and was confirmed in a story by the Northwest Times of Indiana.

Indiana announced that Capobianco was leaving the program in May. He averaged 1.0 points and 1.2 rebounds in limited action last season after averaging 2.3 points and 2.6 rebounds as a freshman.

UPDATE: 10:15 p.m.: Had a chance to speak to Capobianco earlier about the move, and he said most of the things he told the Northwest Times. Capobianco said he took visits to Valparaiso, Evansville, and Appalachian State. Valparaiso was the only one that would take all 76 of the sport communication broadcast major’s credit hours, and he believed the basketball program was a good fit as well.

“It was the best academic fit and the best basketball fit,” Capobianco said. “By the time I took my visit, it was obvious that this was the right place.”

Capobianco also said he thought he would fit well in Valparaiso coach Bryce Drew’s offensive vision. In Indiana’s offense, Capobianco was used almost exclusively as a screener and rarely even got the ball in the post. In high school, he was actually known for being able to shoot from beyond the arc, and said Drew plans to use him in that fashion.

“Obviously, I don’t know the entire offense right now,” Capobianco said. “But just from speaking to Coach Drew, I think after my redshirt year, he’s going to try to find a way to use all my skills. I think he knows that even though I have the size to play in the post, I can also do some things on the perimeter. He can use me to dribble drive, he can use my shot. He understands that I have some flexibility and he can work with that.”




  1. Bobby should do very well in the Horizon League. When he can play in 2012, the dominant big man in that league should be Butler’s Andrew Smith who is 6’11” and will be a senior that year. However, many of the other centers in mid-majors are around 6’8″ with some even smaller.

    I was hoping that Bobby would stay at IU and go out for football. We would be a great tight end!

  2. Great to see him get a good fit. Interesting that Evansville wouldn’t take all of his IU credits. But on second thought… isn’t he going to have 5 years to do 4 in?

    Anyway, good luck BC.

  3. Evansville might not offer a comparable class for everything he took, therefore wouldn’t accept all the credits.

  4. Good luck to Bobby. Valpo is a good school with quality coaching and people. He should do well.

  5. It will be fun to follow his progression in the Horizon League..He’ll get to play in a conference that had a school in the Final Four two successive years..This gives him great visibility and competitive ball right here in the wonderful hoops state of Indiana. After completion his redshirt year, I might even decide to take in a game at Hinkle and watch him against mighty Butler. Best of luck to Bobby. He should try to get into Valpo’s law school..I understand it’s quite reputable.

  6. Not familiar with Virgil? Robbie Hummel’s free throw percentage is familiar. Though you may be bored out of your wits to sit through the entire provided clip, you still should listen to the last minute or so(around the 4:18 mark when Virgil talks about how many his starters that played for him throughout his coaching career at Valparaiso High School went on to graduate from college…pretty incredible stuff considering it was in the 1960s-70s).

  7. Valpo’s law school is a third tier dump. You have a better chance at being a waiter then a lawyer coming out of the place.

  8. Regent University is a fourth tier law school generally recognized as the worst law school in America. Not too long ago there were 150 DOJ lawyers including the #3 person in charge of the DOJ, at the ripe old age of 32, from there. Sometimes it’s not what you know but who you know.

  9. How do those anecdotes change the fact that Valpo law (along with its third and fourth tier comrades) are terrible, life-ruining investments? Your chance at a real lawyer job is under 50 percent, while COA leaves you with a 150k+ worth of toxic debt.

  10. “Valpo’s law school is a third tier dump. You have a better chance at being a waiter then a lawyer coming out of the place.”

    Have you thoroughly reviewed the case of ‘then’ vs. ‘than’ during your law studies?

  11. Hopefully Valpo will be a good fit for Bobby. I think it is likely that he’ll be a very good player during his two years and will have some outstanding moments. Best of success to him.

  12. VirgilSweetCharityStripe,

    In the past, how well has nonsense diversions about internet
    comment section grammar prevented people from noticing you are generally wrong about every substantive thing you post?

    Valpo isn’t a reputable institution by any metric. Especially its worthless, fourth tier, expensive graduate programs.

  13. I think Bobby may flourish. He was just hanging on by his fingernails at IU. I have always heard that CTC has pretty intense practices. He should get a good chance at playing time as he’ll measure up better against Valpo’s manpower. I also think he may be better for having been at IU for a while than if he had started out at Valpo. He always seemed a good kid. I wish him the best.

  14. Chet-

    I agree. You may want to instantly distance yourself from my concurrence with your opinion. Capo seems like an intelligent kid and my comment was merely meant to show my support in whatever he chooses to do with his life beyond basketball.

    I sincerely apologize to any lawyers, law students, prospective law students, vagabonds, Hoosier sports fans, Hugh, Dustin, mothers, fathers, sons, daughters, God, and all others possessing superiority and supreme intelligence that were highly offended by my offensive exaggeration relating to the reputation of Valparaiso University’s law school. I now believe Alpo tastes better than Valpo. I also wholeheartedly regret being far less informed of facts pertaining to every discussion Agent Smith has paid exceedingly close attention to during my intolerable “substantive” involvement on Scoop…I hope he’s not with the IRS…I actually never did donate $250 worth of gently used clothing to Goodwill…And then there’s Maude.

  15. I don’t know anything about Agent Smith but, then, you could fill volumes with the things I know nothing about.

  16. Have we now entered the lunatic blogosphere? Let’s get back to IU basketball, football, etc. Let the lunatics wander off to other chatrooms (hopefully). Ignoring them will do wonders for our sanity.

  17. Chet,

    Tier system is not always the gold standard. A lot of things go into that beyond academics. Last time I checked, Regent had a 86% pass rate on the Virginia bar…a bar that’s just a tad (insert sacasm) more difficult than Indiana’s. Stick to something you know.

  18. They had a one year pass rate of 88%, well above their average. Their overall pass rate is 45%.

  19. That should read 86% with an overall average of 45% compared to the state average of Virginia law schools of 73%.

  20. And that my friends has dealt with the interlocutor representing the commercial interests of Regent University, a Virginia institution.


  21. Chet-

    VALPARAISO | Setting screens and limited court time led former Indiana University forward Bobby Capobianco to seek a transfer, and he believes he has found a home in Valparaiso.

    Capobianco said Sunday that he his transferring to play for the Crusaders and new head coach Bryce Drew. He’ll have two years of eligibility after sitting out the upcoming season due to NCAA transfer rules.

    It was in the link. Be like Leon Spinks and click on the links. Down goes Ali!

    Things I wonder about:

    I wonder if Matt Dollinger(a.k.a. Almond Glitter)still works for The Post Tribune? Why don’t you guys at Scoop ever provide links to the Post Tribune? Dolly was one fine sports journalist for the IDS Basketblog.

    I wonder if Chris Engel is still enrolled in IU’s law school. …Engel vs. Eline. Supreme battle of the Ughs.

    I wonder if Zach Osterman is still in possession the Alford bobblehead. I think the bobblehead has less rigidity in his upper body on his jump shots(though the hair almost stays in place equally). We should consult coachV to dissect bobblehead’s form.

    I wonder when Hugh and Dustin will have another special guest back on Scoop Talk…I miss the special guests..Maybe Burl Ives, Alfred Hitchcock, or “The Invisible Chronic”..? Bobby Knight would be a drag.

    I wonder if the Hoosiers will make it to the Sweet 16 before claiming bankshotruptcy.

    I wonder if Cody Zeller will be Big 10 Freshman of the Year…COUNT IT!

    I wonder when Agent Smith will get hemorrhoid relief….Top anagram for Agent Smith = Magnet Sh**.

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