Demetrius Jackson looking to build relationship with Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS — Indiana’s coaching staff has clearly laid out its 2013 recruiting plans to Demetrius Jackson.

“We sat down and talked, and (coach Tom Crean) talked about how they need a point guard in 2013,” Jackson said. “And to keep working hard and developing as a player, and just compete.”

Jackson, a 6-foot junior point guard from Mishawaka Marian that is playing for MBA Select 2013, could fit the Hoosiers’ hole (Yogi Ferrell and Remy Abell will be the only ball-handlers on the roster come the 2013-14 season, as it stands now) at the point guard position.

Jackson has a quick first step and is explosive as a scoring guard. He put up 21 points against Team Southern Indiana Red and then 28 against Brookwood Elite during the pool play portion of the tournament.

He had a chance to tie the game when he was fouled behind the 3-point line with six seconds remaining and MBA Select down three, but missed his second free throw.

“I know I missed a free throw and everything like that, but we kinda blew the game early,” Jackson said. “Making mistakes, making turnovers and just not playing like we usually play.

“We got to fight, be dirty, be nasty and play hard. There’s times I didn’t do that personally, but we need to learn from our mistakes.”

The rapidly-improving Jackson, now the No. 71 player nationally according to, holds offers from Xavier and Michigan. But Indiana remains one of the schools he is looking to build a better relationship with during a recruiting process that has no timetable.

“They got something special going on over there with all those Indiana kids coming over,” Jackson said. “That’s really great. I know a lot of people that want to be a part of that. I am thankful to have them recruiting me and just keep working hard so maybe an offer will come from there.”

Indiana has scouted Jackson several times this week, as has Xavier, Michigan and Notre Dame.

Perhaps because Jackson wasn’t always a highly-pursued prospect, the idea of working to develop his game seems to carry more weight with him.

“I want to be the best, so you work hard everyday in the gym,” Jackson said. “Some things come natural, some things you have to work on so for me personally I work on everything. … I want to better my jump shot a lot, so I am working on that a little bit harder than other things.”

Jackson has shown the vision to find his open teammates this week at the adidas Invitational, but they haven’t always been able to finish.

“It gets frustrating after a while but you never put your teammates down,” Jackson said. “You pat them on the back, pat them on the butt and say, ‘You’ll finish it next time.’”



  1. Interesting comment on Indiana kids and “I know a lot of people that want to be a part of that”. Who…you…we would love for you to join the family. There is clearly something special about great Indiana high school players going to IU. A 5 star Indiana player going to MSU, OSU, UK, or UNC is 1+1=2…nothing mystical, just basic math. A 5 star player like Cody, Mitch, Yogi, or Gary going to IU is 1+1=3…something special. It makes me think of 1976 of UCLA in the day, history in the making.

  2. LOVE that quote.

    Who was that idiot crying all the time Crean can’t recruit and doesn’t know what he’s doing?

    Haven’t seen him in awhile.

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