Evaluations from day 2 of the adidas Invitational

6-8, 2012, F/C, Indiana Elite Team Indiana/LaPorte LaLumiere
GAME: Perea scored 15 points in a 72-60 win against the Atlanta Celtics.
SCOUTING REPORT: The highlight of Perea’s day was actually a steal: he lept midway up the backboard to steal an alley-oop pass with one hand and then started the fastbreak the other way. Perea has handled himself well against other elite big men so far, though he has not dominated opponents like he occasionally did in the spring.
COLLEGES: Verbally committed to Indiana.

5-foot-11, 2012, G, Indiana Elite Team Indiana/Park Tudor
GAME: Ferrell scored 10 points in a 72-60 win against the Atlanta Celtics.
SCOUTING REPORT: Team Indiana added several point guards for July in an effort to lessen the pressure against Ferrell, but it is clear the team is at his best with him handling the ball. He has played with an edge, attacking the basket and finishing at the rim.
COLLEGES: Verbally committed to Indiana.

6-foot-3, 2012, G, Indiana Elite One/Broad Ripple
GAME: Patterson scored 23 points in a 66-54 win against Northern Kings, then seven in a 76-53 loss to Double Pump.
SCOUTING REPORT: Patterson was sensational at the high school shootout in late June, but seemed to coast in both games Thursday. He had more success against a lesser opponent in the first contest, but could not get going in the first tournament game. He’s working hard on his offensive game, but he’s still at his best creating with his defense.
COLLEGES: Verbally committed to Indiana.

5-foot-10, 2014, G, Spiece Indy Heat/Brebeuf Jesuit
GAME: Thompson scored nine points in a 85-76 win against the Michigan Mustangs.
SCOUTING REPORT: Thompson is the classic heady point guard, far better than he looks in warmups and constantly setting up his teammates. That makes him an excellent pairing with his teammates, who can all score in bunches. He’s comfortable in that role, but understands he must find a way to score himself.
COLLEGES: No scholarship offers, but Indiana, Xavier, Butler, Purdue, Illinois, Virginia Tech, Notre Dame, Tennessee and Stanford have all expressed interest.

6-foot, 2013, G, Michigan Mustangs/Chandler Park Academy (Detroit)
GAME: Walton led his team with 35 points in a 85-76 loss to Spiece Indy Heat.
SCOUTING REPORT: Walton proved he can score in bunches, trying to keep his team in it with Spiece. He can fly up and down the court, and showed impressive vision in finding the open man for the long pass. He hasn’t showed off an outside shot much, but has made a decent percentage.
COLLEGES: Michigan has offered. Indiana, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Central Michigan and others have expressed interest.

6-foot-7, 2013, G, TNBA East/Benedictine (Cleveland)
GAME: Williams scored 14 points in a 72-48 win over Spiece North Stars
SCOUTING REPORT: At 235 pounds, Williams certainly has the body to be a force at the high major level. He could lose some baby fat and put on more muscle, but he has a strong frame, and has good moves in the post. He is also a good passer for his size. He often makes good moves but fails to finish, however, and generally needs to become more dominant.
COLLEGES: Indiana, Dayton, Northern Illinois and Robert Morris have offered scholarships, and Williams said the Hoosiers have shown increased interest recently. Cincinnati, Penn State, West Virginia, Wisconsin have shown interest as have others.

6-foot-4, 2014, G, Indiana Elite Team Indiana/Tech
GAME: Jones scored 24 points in an 81-34 win over the Brampton Warriors
SCOUTING REPORT: It’s difficult to read anything from Thursday’s game because it was such a blowout, but Jones showed a lot of athleticism, a strong handle, good court vision and awareness. He has a lot of length even for his size, and a beyond-his-age understanding of where he needs to improve. Asked what he needed to work on this summer, he mentioned off-the-ball defense.
COLLEGES: Indiana, Purdue, Tennessee, Michigan, Butler and Valparaiso have sent letters. No one has offered a scholarship yet.

6-foot-1, 2014, G, Indiana Elite Team Indiana/Tech
GAME: Tyler scored 21 points in an 81-34 win over the Brampton Warriors
SCOUTING REPORT: As with Jones, there was only so much to be taken from this blowout, but Tyler is also blessed with a lot of athleticism. He can shoot from long range and is also a strong defender. Tyler and Jones both made it difficult for overmatched Brampton to complete passes. His biggest summer goal is to improve his dribble-drive game.
COLLEGES: Tyler is receiving interest from Xavier and has attended camps at Indiana.


  1. Perea looked athletic and Hollowell looked smooth. Troubles lurking, though: contrary to the analysis above, the team played best when Yogi was on the bench. He loked good in the open coiurt, but not so great in half court sets. Our lead expanded in both halves when he was pulled. There also appear to be chemistry issues; obvious sulking, and some apparent reluctance to acknowledge Yogi as a primary ball handler. Nonetheless, lots of talent. Big win over a team with some big-time players.

  2. I think IU will regret letting Dee Davis get away. They should have given him Abell’s scholarship & passed over Ferrell. Ferrell’s scholarship should have been reserved for Harris. Then IU wouldn’t have to play the over sign game. Doesn’t make sense to let the best player on the best team in Indiana the past 3 years go, then make offers to a half dozen other point guards.

  3. I’ll stick with Abell, more upside offensively and way more D. Even if we do not land Harris we are solid.

  4. Wow, Chet, a kid lands at a perennially top 20 ranked school & he’s passed over by lots of programs? So it made sense to about 19 coaches to pass on Dee. By your logic it made sense to about 150 coaches to pass on Abell.

  5. No matter the logic, I also really like Abell. I think he’s is going to be one hell of a pleasant surprise. Defensive abilities…tremendous team player…better scorer than most give credit… and lightening speed with the ball.

  6. Darwin Davis headed to Xavier
    by Alex Bozich in Recruiting | June 23rd, 2009

    Bloomington South guard Darwin Davis didn’t wait for the IU offer that may or may not have come. The 5-9 guard who helped lead the Panthers to a state championship and won the MVP award at Bob Gibbons’ Tournament of Champions, is headed to Xavier.

    Davis also held an offer from Purdue and was receiving interest from Butler, Cincinnati, Iowa, Tennessee and IU.

    He does appear to have many the same qualities as Abell. Team player, lightning speed, and strong defender. Nice looking jump shot. Is it possible that Crean was keeping his options open when Davis committed to Xavier? I don’t follow this stuff too closely. Didn’t Abell get a financial aid package instead of an official scholarship? I believe Crean said he was always interested in Abell, but could no way compromise the 2011 scholarship he was holding for Zeller’s spot.

  7. Final note: I’m not sure how much Davis has grown since ’09, but Abell(6-4/ 200) appears to have quite a size advantage. Jones will be graduating..Creek is still a question mark..Hulls and Yogi aren’t real big. I like having Abell’s size to go along with his defense and quickness in the backcourt.

  8. Dee had an offer from a top 20 program after South won the state his sophomore year. He didn’t wait for the wishy washy coach of the hometown college mired at the bottom of the B10 to get around to making an offer. Purdue was smart enough to offer. You have Hulls & Davis, with 2 years of separation, in your own backyard coming off a state championship & you don’t lock them both up? Especially after panicking when Purdue offered Hulls.

    D-5, besides Ferrell, Crean has made offers or is actively recruiting at least 3 other PG’s under 6 feet tall. PG size doesn’t seem to matter to Crean. Nor does using a shotgun approach to recruiting, instead of focusing on solid prospects.

  9. So, your position is you feel Crean is doing a poor job of recruiting. Correct?

  10. 1957-

    We’ll see how it all works out soon enough. I’m not sure if point guard size matters as much your other guard on the floor. How big was Isiah? I do like the interchangeability of Abell and the way he’ll compliment what we already have in place. No doubt Davis is a smooth as silk, but Remy looks like a sturdy and reliable combo that can fill many roles. I also like having a kid from Kentucky on the roster. He’ll have something to prove when we go up against the rival from the South. It will add excitement, interest, and storyline. As I said, I’m not an expert..just a fan of a humble looking kid from out-of-state that wanted to play for Indiana even before the big in-state commits got on board. I think we were in need of a change in the personalities and chemistry…someone with enough size and skills to make those that were comfortable a sure lock their spot on a starting roster a little less comfortable…someone unattached the local AAU/high school cliques, and someone that has the unselfish attitude necessary to help unite a team by example…And considering his strongest assets on his high school team had little to do with being relied upon as a scorer, his 16 ppg. average at Eastern is nothing to thumb your nose at..Seems like pretty solid numbers on a team that reached the State Finals. That’s my opinion for whatever it’s worth.

  11. D-5, that’s all well & good, but we’ve got 5-6 players like Abell. Tweeners that do a little bit of everything OK, but nothing fantastic. What IU doesn’t have is a kid that can run a team & get them into an offense. Not necessarily Abell’s or Ferrell’s strength. Davis on the other hand is one of the best I’ve ever seen at running a team. My point about size is that you shouldn’t discount Davis because of his size. You brought up Abell’s size advantage. My point was why would you worry about Dee’s heighth, & not worry about Ferrell, Walton, Tyler, etc., who are all 6′ & under.

  12. I missed your response in that. So, your position is you feel Crean is doing a poor job of recruiting. Correct?

  13. Don’t we have Hulls for two more years? I think he’s pretty close to fantastic and making huge strides in his game. Abell has the ability to get to the basket(sounds like Crean’s opinion means little to you, but I believe he claimed Abell has already convinced him that he’s better than anyone on the roster at going strong to the rim). That aspect alone will make Hulls far more dangerous. It will also help open up the paint for Zeller.

    I’m not going to get into a game of negativity on kids I’ve yet to see play at the college level. I think you may be underestimating Abell’s abilities. I’m hoping my hunch is correct and he’ll be far more than the ‘average Joe’ you’re painting him to be.

    Lastly, Crean got the prize recruit of the state in Zeller(at least the southern half). I was a huge fan of Branden Dawson. It doesn’t always go in favor of the players we have more a personal liking. After seeing more of Cody’s game this past year, and discovering just how versatile he is for a 7-footer, I’m realizing how fortunate we were to land him.

  14. Let’s see if I can’t settle this.
    1. Ferrell and Davis are both really good and they are pretty similar. Whatever the rankings say, there isn’t a ton of separation there one way or the other.
    2. There’s certainly an argument that could be made that Crean underestimated Davis and should’ve recruited him harder and earlier. But at the end of the day, he probably won’t regret that per se, because he still ended up with a really good point guard. It’s hard to believe he could’ve had both. You could say he made up for a mistake there.
    3. Considering how late in the game Remy Abell’s scholarship came open, he’s really his own separate argument. He was never part of an either/or proposition involving the other two. Plus, his height makes him a different player as more of a combo guard. Not exactly apples and oranges, but not a straight up discussion.
    That work?

  15. Dustin-

    You know how much I liked Abell before he was in any discussions on this blog. I’m sticking with that initial assessment. Thanks for your input.

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