Felisha Legette-Jack signs contract extension

We’ll have much more on this later, but here’s the release from IU Sports Information.

Bloomington, Ind. — Indiana University Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Fred Glass has announced that women’s basketball coach Felisha Legette-Jack has agreed to a two-year contract extension.

Coach Jack’s previous contract would have concluded after the 2012-13 season. Her new contract is for two additional years thru the 2014-15 campaign. In addition, Jack will receive a $5,000 increase each year in base salary and $5,000 in marketing income each year, the same rate as in the previous agreement.

“I couldn’t be more pleased that Felisha has agreed to this new contract with its extended terms,” Glass said. “I have a high degree of confidence in her ability to succeed here, and I believe that this will simply be the first of many extensions we sign together.”

In five seasons at Indiana, Legette-Jack has led Indiana to three postseason appearances, winning 18 games or more in each of those seasons, and tied a school record with 21 wins in 2008-09. She guided the Hoosiers to two non-conference tournament titles, including the 2006 Women’s Sports Foundation Classic and the 2008 Hilton Concord Classic and led IU to the program’s second-biggest upset over a top-5 team with a 67-62 win over then-No. 4 Ohio State on Jan. 31, 2010.

During her tenure, Indiana has defeated a ranked opponent on five different occasions, most recently topping No. 19 Nebraska during the inaugural Big Ten/Big 12 Women’s Basketball Challenge in 2010, snapping a 37-game regular season win streak for the Huskers.

In addition, 21 of her players have earned Academic All-Big Ten honors, including six this past year. In 2009, Whitney Thomas was named the Big Ten Medal of Honor winner in 2009, the first time an IU women’s basketball player had ever earned that recognition.


  1. A solid decision by AD Glass. A solid record for Coach Legette-Jack. Now let’s step the program up to higher levels and more fan support.

  2. This is absolutely CRAZY. L-J has ZERO juice with Indiana high school coaches. She’s never successfully recruited instate in her entire tenure. Go watch a Girls All-state game and count the number heading for IU. It’ll make you shake your head in total frustration.

    And now she’s starting all over with yet ANOTHER outsider recruiting coach with NO knowledge of the state’s pipelines? That’s just lovely. Lovely.

    Look, this is a charming and intelligent woman with whom I have absolutely no personal beef. But she’s had her shot, and then some, and this program is just spinning its wheels. This is a rare gutless decision by Glass. I’m terribly disappointed.

  3. Why…why…WHY

    That is all that can be said on this decision. Until IU hires someone with the state of Indiana ties (not necessarily IU), this program will go nowhere. Nice lady, but not going to get IU moving upward…period

  4. Nice move by Glass. Coach Jack is a winner and is winning at IU. Just get the best players you can to fit your program and don’t worry about getting in state players. Recruit to fit your system, not what others want you to do. While I would like to keep in state players in state, I don’t care who plays on the team if they are the ones Coach wants. Her boss obviously has confidence in her and so do I. 3 post season tournaments, other tourney wins, winning 21 games, even beat women’s basketball powerhous ND at ND her first year, OSU in another season; what more do you want from a program that hasn’t been anywhere on the basketball scene in the past 30 years? She’s doing fine and I congratulate her on the extension. She can continue to build her program now that recruits know she will be here for a while longer.

  5. What’s her annual salary–you mention increases but not the full number. How much, exactly, is “marketing income”? Is this a similar structure to the Mens Coach?

  6. I think she has a commitment from an in state recruit for 2012 + the girl from Eminence High School 3 or 4 years ago was in state. She just needs to get a couple more in state. It will come if she can up the run some into big ten and NCAA tournament. She just needs to get over the hump so to speak.

  7. Good for Coach Jack!
    This year’s freshmen class is generally regarded as being in the top 25 nation-wide.
    Good things are about to happen for IU women’s basketball.

  8. Absurd. Absolutely absurd. In state or not. She does not win. Amazing woman. She does not win… There has to be some other underlying reason for this decision. They highlighted a few (only high points) of a 5 year tenure and give her an extension after the last two TERRIBLE seasons. Instate girls will continue to go to ND, Pursue, heck Ball state.. Before IU. I’ll remain a fan of the cream and crimson, but this is absurd.

  9. Why? What has she done to earn more years? Has she built a consistent winner? Has she recruited a great class that will begin turning the program around? Finally, is IU in a position to continue this joke after five years? I guess so.

  10. Somewhere Bill Lynch is shaking his head wondering why he didn’t get this kind of opportunity.

  11. The record in Big10 play is 12-8(2008), 7-12(2009), 3-14(2010). Not sure I care for this trend. Also, if you look her record from a recruiting standpoint, compared to her Big10 peers she hasn’t had one top 60 recruiting class in the past 3 years. My logic says its not going in the direction all the other IU sports are going, which is more winning and less losing. I hope it works out for Coach Jack, but she might be better at a smaller school.

    2011 recruiting – (6 Big10 teams have a recruiting class in the top 60)

    2010 recruiting – (6 Big10 teams have a recruiting class in the top 60)

    2009 recruiting – (All Big10 teams, except IU have a recruiting class in the top 60)

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