I’ll be leaving

At some point I’ll write a goodbye post, where I’ll weave together my impressions of three years in Bloomington, some random thoughts on the future and at least four YouTube videos. But, for now, I’ll quickly announce that I’ve accepted the Ole Miss beat writer position for the Jackson Clarion-Ledger.

It’s a fantastic job, and I am very excited for the challenges ahead of me. But I’ll miss Bloomington, the Herald-Times and, yes, even all (OK – most) of you.


  1. Oh man, I forgot to mention I talked to 4gaurds and he transferred to ole miss….. Suckssss. Hahaha congratulations

  2. Oh no Hugh. Well sorry to see you leave but congratulations on the gig. It won’t be the same though without you, especially on Thursday’s when we chat.

    Best of luck and thanks for the memories.

    Hope down there in Delta country they have a Dude for you.

  3. My wife graduated from Ole Miss and her dad taught there for 25 years. You’ll love Oxford, The Grove, and the amazing athletic facilities at the University. Make sure you stop by Taylors for some awesome fish. Maybe I will see you at a football game this fall, if IU isn’t playing!

    Hotty Toddy and go IU.

    Blessings, J.

  4. good maybe this site will be a little more worth reading….i’m glad your leaving for a worse job..peace

  5. Hey, don’t be so humble. As far as I am concerned, you did a great job covering our exciting athletic stories. Keep up your great work for the Jackson-Clarion Ledger. My best wishes for you and your family.

  6. The Bloomington summers will seem almost alpine to you soon. Thanks for your work and good luck.

  7. Good luck down there Hugh. I’ve been to Jackson many times and have enjoyed it. I’m sure you’ll do well.

  8. Good luck, sir. You will be missed. You did a fantastic job during your time at the H-T.

  9. Im very happy for u! U did an excellent job and I hate to see u go! U will be successful in whatever u do! Thanks

  10. The chance to cover SEC football will be great. The winter weather will be a vast improvement. New Orleans is a reasonable drive away. Most importantly, the feelings for UK basketball that you experienced here will make for a smooth transition to Ole Miss basketball. Feel sorry for you though that you won’t be here to witness the Great Transformation of IU Football Into Greatness. (Gack… ugh… belch – sorry, I seem to have choked on my coffee). Take care big guy, and see if you can’t get access to the BTN for basketball season and get a little fun out of just being an IU fan.

  11. Hugh, while it is sad that you will be leaving, I’m sure that the Ole Miss beat will be very exciting and its the start of a new adventure in your career. Best of luck, and thanks for all the work you have done with the H-T, and for interacting with IU journalism students like myself and so many others. Without that, we would not feel as comfortable working along side you. Thats just speaking for myself, but im sure many others would agree. Again, best of luck, and I’m sure we’ll hear from you plenty this year.

  12. Good luck Hugh! I spent 10 years one long winter in Jackson, MS on business. I actually enjoyed my time down there. Met some great people. Those folks are fanatical about their football. If you have an LSU jersey, don’t wear it… there are a lot of swamps to disappear in.

  13. Our loss. You have done an exceptional job these past few years. Continue your great work there. You’ll be missed.

  14. Hugh, we look forward to your work. Godspeed and welcome to Mississippi! Hotty Toddy!

  15. Welcome to Mississippi and your coverage of the Black Bears. You are about to witness the biggest group of whining fans to ever cheer for a college team. They will complain about every article you write because you and the CL are against their beloved Mississippi Black Bears.

  16. Welcome to Reb Nation. With the rivalry between the School Beneath Oxford, your task will be a difficult one and I pity you. But have a thick skin and you will do fine. The SEC is tough even on a blog.

  17. Poor Oxford TSUN Bears they don’t even know they are NOT in the Delta. Good luck. Your going to nreed it.

  18. I haven’t been this stunned since Elston tripped that Northwestern kid.

    Wow…I’ll miss you, big fella. It’s been a long ride for you at Scoop. Let’s not fail to take a chance to reminisce with lasting smiles…think again of the hours upon hours anchored in shared passion for IU sports, the wonderful exchanges knit together our lasting bond these blogging days soon forgone, cherish the memories of passionate words as we take a trip down memory lane what it meant to be part of the freewheeling talkfest, our honest thoughts, our unrestrained dialogue, a typical day on Hoosier Scoop.

  19. Good luck, Hugh! And thanks for all you did

    It has ti be a bit tough to switch one’s loyalties. I isn’t just turning off a light switch and turning on another, is it?

    Will you retain a residuum of IU feeling?

    In a long career, that could be tough!

    Of course, you negotiated that well here. I know you’re not an IU grad, but I suspect that most of your readers here wouldn’t have known that, at least not from your writing.

    Thanks again!

  20. And now Dustin is left to face Crean. Alone.

    Good luck, Kellenberger. You will be missed.

  21. Good Luck Hugh enjoyed you writing and the cover of I.U. and local high school sports.

  22. Hugh, first I hope you didn’t leave a good job to take this one. Hopefully you were fired and looking for a new one when you happened on this one. If you’re giving up a good job, please go get your job back TODAY! After 40 years of Dominance by MSU in the 3 major sports, UM grads are becoming delirious. They have children that have never felt what it was like to beat MSU in football or basketball. These children are learning many new things every day, but not how to win. Most of their parents earned their positions in business, the old fashion way, they were born into a family that has connections.

    The UM athletic program is on a downward spiral spinning out of control. Their AD is hated by most alums. Their head basketball coach is a convicted criminal that served no suspension after his transgression. The football coach actively recruits kids with criminal records. And their baseball program hasn’t been to Omaha in over 40 years. The post about them be whiners is well the total truth. RUN, HUGH, RUN!

  23. Best of luck with the new gig Hugh. Has been a pleasure reading your work.

    It’s just a shame that you are going as we are about to see the rebirth of the Cream and Crimson on the national stage over the next few years.

  24. Jackson? Wow, never heard of a writer going to a city that is illiterate. Jackson is a nightmare. I guess you just love Nick Williams that much.

  25. Surprising nughs. Hope you’ve enjoyed your stay in Blughmington.

    Good luck in the fughture. Don’t listen to the naysayers – I’m sure Jackson will be a great place to live.

  26. Thanks everyone for the kind words. Very much appreciated.
    I’ll actually be living in Oxford, not Jackson. The best way I can describe it is if the Star had a Notre Dame beat writer, they wouldn’t ask him/her to commute to South Bend. You’d tell them to live there and be a one-person bureau. That’s what I’ll be doing.

  27. HUGH You better like collage football if you’re moving down here.There is nothing like life in the deep south.Take it from someone who was born and raised in northern Indiana you won’t need your snow shovel down here.Welcome to the deep south!

  28. I was raised in the deep south and it truly is night and day different between there and the midwest. I will never leave Bloomington! Hugh, good luck at your new gig and good luck with the heat, haha! The saddest part for me is that you were here at the worst of times in basketball and did see much if any success. I hope you follow IU sports in the future. Take care!

  29. Was just in the South for the first time a few weeks ago (Arkansas). Loved it. There are a lot of great places to live in this country, and contrary to popular opinion, not all of them are on one of the coasts.

  30. I’ve lived in various areas in the south the better portion of my adult life, about 35 years. Never lived in Mississippi but I did live in south Alabama for a while. There was a time difference between there and Bloomington…about 50 years.

  31. Oh give me a break. I grew up in northern California, and Bloomington is one of the most hippy, secular cities I have ever been to. It reminds me quite a bit of Berkeley.

  32. Pancakeville, so your position is, once that liberal ideologue, Robert Montgomery Knight, left town Bloomington suddenly lurched far to the right AND that Oxford, Mississipi is a far more culturally diverse area.

    Okey Dokey.

    I hope that head injury mends and you get back on your feet soon.

  33. Hugh!!

    NOOOOOOOO! You will be missed… just when IU was coming back to glory too… good luck down there! quite the transition… thanks for answering all my questions every Thursday morning…

  34. RELAX CHET,there are plenty of places in Indiana that are light years away from Bloomington. Have you ever been to Kendallville,Avilla,LaOtto,or Woodburn? They are not exactly full of Rhodes Scholars.

  35. I live in a very progressive city in the South. That being said, among other places I have lived, I worked as a paramedic for seven years in South Carolina during the 80s and 90s. I felt like I was in a remake of ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’. Those folks were being pulled into the 20th century kicking and screaming. The are lots of places that don’t exactly keep up in Indiana, but if you think it matches the sad and backward attitudes and beliefs of Deep South you are sadly mistaken. They are still a generation away.

  36. A big issue is who will replace Hugh. Hopefully, it will be someone who has the background, interest, insight and writing talent of a Bob Hammel, a legendary sports writer. Andy Graham has potential at that level and seems to provide great depth, breadth and the capacity for strong and entertaining analysis in several sports. He certainly has the history.

    In the final analysis it is an important decision that will impact the role and influence of the HT. Greater breadth of coverage beyond Hoosier basketball and recruitment should be a goal. While football is covered, the coverage is limited and sometimes shallow. The narrow (and narrowing) breadth of Hoosier Scoop is also a concern. Simply see the datelines for the last entry in each of the different sport categories of Hoosier Scoop.

    Hopefully the editors and the publisher will give it serious consideration and see the opportunity to reach out to a wider audience. It is an opportunity for the HT to make a statement about a quality sports section in a major college town newspaper.

  37. Chet- You’ve touched on something by mentioning that you live in a very progressive city in the south. The South is chalk-full of such places, even with all its vestiges of the 1800′.

    The differences in this country have much more to do with urban vs. rural than South vs. Midwest, West, etc. Naive and disgruntled Midwesterners have formed an idyllic picture of California, Washington, Oregon, and other places. Well, drive to Bakersfield, 2 hours north of Los Angeles, and you will find one of the most racist, intolerant places in America. Drive farther north to the outskirts of Stockton or Fresno and you will see scenes that remind you of Martinsville – in 1920. Jump in the car and head up I5 in Seattle towards Vancouver. Stop over in Sedro Wooley, Arlington, Mt Vernon, or Ferndale, and you will rethink the whole idea of “the left coast.”

    Heck, cross the border and check out Surrey and Abbotsford, on your way to Vancouver BC. I’ve seen a few confederate flags on a pickup trucks in these Canadian farming towns. Go figure.

  38. CHET… OH REALLY? Take a drive through Wolf Lake Indiana and you will come to understand the term “Hoosier Hick”.If you think those attitudes and beliefs don’t exist in Indiana it is you Sir that is sadly mistaken.

  39. Speaking of Woodburn that is where Hep was from.

    Hugh, I have a good friend in Oxford and according to him whomever it was on here that mentioned the whining syndrome that goes on down there is correct. He declares a big reason for the high humidity down there is from the tears all the whining creates. I been there a handful of times and from those visits I am quite comfortable in advising you to give up your diet just prior to your physical move. The heat and humidity there makes walking a 100 yards the equivalent of running a mile in Bloomington.

  40. Pancakeville, you’ve lost your mother-loving mind, if you ever had it to begin with. Oxford, admittedly, is exponentially more hip than most of Mississippi, but that has more to do with the extreme backwardness of Mississippi than it does Oxford. I’ve lived in Nashville for nearly 15 years, and even native Southerners, who generally regard the south as superior and northerners with suspicion (at best), admit that Mississippi is backwater and they aren’t proud of it.

    A couple of years ago, a talk radio station here had an online poll: ‘Which SEC football tradition is the most stupid?’ and the overall winner was ‘Ole Miss.’ Not any portion of Ole Miss, just the whole thing in general. And that was, again, mostly native Southerners voting.

    Hugh, I hope you’re getting a major pay raise, because you’ll encounter incredible heat, prejudice, a general suspicion of you if you’re not from the South, prejudice and a general hatred of the Big Ten Conference, which they’ll associate you with for at least your first 10 years in the state. Plus the schools aren’t as good as in Indiana, if you have or plan to have kids.

  41. Honestly, Pancakeville, I just reread your first post to make sure I wasn’t overreacting, and I wasn’t. That’s one of the most inaccurate assessments of both Indiana and Mississippi I’ve ever encountered. Agent Smith and Chet pegged it before I even got on the board. While I’ll concede that Indiana (and everywhere else) has its share of backwards idiots, on balance, Mississippi surpasses every other state, with Alabama coming in a close second.

  42. Hugh, Mississippi is beautiful and the weather’s nice (at least compared to Indiana winters). However, I agree with the above posters about a certain lack of …..ugh….mental agility there. On a recent trip there, we were in a 45-minute tie-up on the interstate because everyone was slowing down to watch semis being weighed at a state weigh station. Your patience will be tried.

  43. Careful Eric
    I was at the I40 Dragstrip in Crossville Tennessee on Saturday. Rural Tennessee could easily push Alabama into third place on that list.Nashville is a very nice place and Roberts Western World on Broadway is one of my favorite places to drink a cold one.

  44. Hoosier Clarion,I can be there in an hour and fifteen minutes.Wanna meet and have a beer? The bands should be starting up about now.

  45. May I just say that I’m saddened to see the Scoop picture without Hugh, you make it, man. You make it. I also want to congratulate Hugh on dropping l-b’s these past few years, it is noticeable buddy. Good ish.

  46. Hugh, welcome to Oxford. Bring your thick skin as we have some crazy fans. To those of you talking trash about the South, please stay where you are. If you ever visit Oxford you would fall in love and then it would be ruined by being taken over by Yankees. Just kidding, come on down to the Grove on an SEC weekend for a visit and you will definitely change your mind.

  47. Ram, If we left at the same time I am quite sure the shape you would be in after waiting 6 hours on me would then result in me being your DD. Still it is a good establishment for libations and entertainment. Most likely will stop by sometime in late October if my trip does not get altered.

  48. W. Apple, I agree. However, when taken as a whole there are far more cultural disparities in the Deep South. I travel a lot and I do agree that you’ll find that sort of behavior lots of places. Idaho is very beautiful but it has plenty of ignorant racists.
    Pancakeville, no, I don’t think that religious fervor is appropriate from a coach at a state university. However, to think that Hugh will be escaping that type of thing by going to Mississippi strikes me as hilarious.

  49. Best of luck to you. Thanks for your service following sports at the greatest university in the world.

  50. ^That was truly hilarious, Pancakeville. I will be shocked it no one else comments on it.

  51. Tsao,

    We’ll go through this one more time: you have no idea what you are talking about. None. At all.
    You read the Scoop and refuse to subscribe to HeraldTimesOnline.com. That’s fine – it’s your decision, and you’re far from the only one. But you are particularly obsessed with critiquing the work posted here and forgetting it is but a fraction of what we do. It’s like going to a great Italian restaurant, drinking a glass of Happy Hour wine and eating the free bread – then going home to complain on Yelp that the restaurant is overrated and lackluster. You didn’t try the spaghetti, the lasagna or any of the other items the chef has spent hundreds of hours preparing.
    There’s absolutely no reason for us to post the full depth of our reporting here, because that would remove all incentive to subscribe. Since the Herald-Times is in the business of being a business, and those of us who run this place appreciate a living wage, we want to encourage you to subscribe. We’ll post breaking news and analysis here, because we want to have a web presence and entice you (much the same way the restaurant will offer a cheap glass of cabernet from 5-6 and some free bread in hopes you’ll purchase an entree) to subscribe.
    As far as a quality sports section, we’re there. We take home APSEs every year, both as a section and individually. The Indiana beat is incredibly fractured, with multiple outlets to find various news. We have developed a niche, I think, of breaking news and putting things into a proper context. Also, we’re not afraid to ask the tough questions and report to you the answers to those queries. That’s not insignificant, and we’ve maintained professional relationships with our sources in the process (no personal loans here).

  52. The restaurant analogy was superb, Hugh.

    I’ll say it again: Tsao, as we remember, is someone who refers to the patriotism of non-Americans as “junk nationalisms.”

    I’ll be darned if that doesn’t tell you everything you need to know about Tsao, and his lack of ability to think outside of himself and his own vainglorious perspective on the world.

  53. Chet, crack open an Indiana history book,read a little and then report back to us about what took place on the lawn of the Marion Indiana courthouse in 1930.

  54. Actually, I was addressing the post-Hugh need for a solid columnist. Expressing my view (my right in an open blog) that it is ‘narrow’ in scope (too focused on basketball and basketball recruiting)was not aimed at you Hugh…but to was an observation about my view of the blog in general. You are way too sensitive and defensive. (I actually grew to like some of your writing and, at different times, enjoyed your style.

    Do notice that at no point in my observation was I critical of your product. But, my observations about ‘narrow’ scope of the blog stand and we do (honestly) disagree about the degree to which the HT sports section can consider “itself there”.

    Actually, I hesitated to write beyond the ‘good luck Hugh’; but then thought the general tone of the dialogue was becoming pretty repugnant given the number of comments that began to focus on racism in the south when contrasted to southern/northern Indiana and Hoosier Nation. Just as I thought some 2-3 weeks ago that the ‘congratulations’ for losing weight were getting a bit over-the-top and out-of-hand on an issue that was strictly your business to deal with (thus- you interpreted it correctly- a comment about the role of the individuals will to take or not take action).

    So, I thought I’d try to move this conversation from the focus on racism and ignorance to the real impact your leaving would have on the blog itself and how it may/can be improved. Your reaction surprised me, I really thought you were more mature.

    (For your benefit… I was a subscriber for two years (1 1/2-2 years ago I stopped subscribing for the very reason I mentioned…Indiana has several sports that are cause of enjoyment and pride: soccer, swimming, track and field, baseball (improving) and, as I pointed out, a quick perusal of the other sports clearly show inconsistency in this blog’s coverage.

    Have a good career.

  55. Hugh,

    I hope you love the opportunity and enjoy every moment! Thanks for your hard work here and good luck!

  56. RAM, I am well versed in the sad history of racism in the Hoosier state. I might note that the final chapter of the life Grand Dragon of the KKK and his life in Indiana took place when he was sent to prison. I see that as a positive note. Indiana has a sorry history in that arena, this is true. However, consider this. When Milan scored their historic upset of Muncie Central to win the 1954 state championship they were facing a team with a number of black players. More than 20 years would pass before white Mississippi universities would be allowed, by law, to even play other schools that had but a single black player on the team. I am not dismissing your statements at all. You are correct in pointing out the historically warts on the Hoosier nose. It’s simply a matter of the level of pervasiveness. If you can’t appreciate the scope of the difference I don’t think I can explain it.
    Regardless, the history, while not entirely irrelevant, is not the discussion. We are talking about the current state of affairs.

  57. I didn’t state, but assumed it was understood, that white high schools in Mississippi were also forbidden from playing teams with black players

  58. Hugh; best of luck to you in your new job. I hope you enjoy great success. I appreciate your contributions to the HT and this blog.

    I’ve traveled extensively across this great country and I’ve lived in many differents places. There are few places that I would care to live in again, but Bloomington is one of those places. The older I get, the more I appreciate Bloomington and IU. You must pursue your career, but maybe, some day, you’ll return to Bloomington. All the best!

  59. Chet, you say you live in a southern city. You must realize that the south has come a long long way in the last 50 years.We even get the Big Ten channel and most of the bigger cities now have side walks. If you live in Atlanta you might not notice that.I live in rural Alabama,20 miles to the nearest city of any size. Thanks for spreading your old stereotypical perception about us,it great cover.If you are truly unhappy in the south there are plenty of roads that will take you back up north. Home is where your heart is.

  60. RAM your stereotyping comments of people from my home town are about as well received by me as Chet’s comments are by you. What moral high ground do you think you hold? Think about it.

  61. RAM, I can’t help but noticed that you ignored the specifics of my comments and went on to delve into vague generalities. Why don’t you specifically comment on your disagreements with what I actually wrote?

  62. Chet I THINK I DID THAT AND HAVE DONE THAT ALL DAY.If my responses have not been to your liking that’s unfortunate.If you think I am too vague learn to read between the lines. I am not commenting here so you can give me a grade so JUMP BACK Professor.

  63. I couldn’t less about the other sports…..including football.

    We need MORE basketball news…..especially recruiting,

  64. Hugh-

    Good luck and sorry for many(most) my idiotic posts during your time at Scoop. You did a great job of reinventing Hoosier Scoop. You brought a new energy and made it into a very interactive site. You have an excellent mixture of talent and you did a wonderful job in front of the camera on ScoopTalk. Hoosier Mornings and the LiveChats during games were some of my favorite ways to follow Indiana U. sports. It’s easy for any of us to find fault and criticize aspects of your coverage. We are all works in progress, but you are the always under the microscope for everything you say and write. It’s not an easy job to balance your own opinions with the inherently biased fans so closely attached their teams. I’m sure all that know you best, your colleagues, will miss you dearly. Your work ethic is honorable and you have no worries a long and successful career in sports journalism.

  65. Hugh… best of luck with your career. During the time you spent at HT the overall IU coverage experience improved dramatically. If that had anything to do with you, the paper is loosing a good leader.

  66. Hugh…I’m really sad to see you go. You’ve done a tremendous job. Thanks for all of your hard work. Best of luck. You’re leaving just as things are starting to turn around!

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