Indiana Elite wins three games, advances to Super 64 semifinals

Indiana Elite Team Indiana 54, Devin Harris 53.

Indiana Elite Team Indiana 59, New Orleans 54.

Indiana Elite Team Indiana 76, Connecticut Basketball Club 65.

With three wins, the most-lopsided against the best big men in the country (Andre Drummond), Indiana Elite advanced to today’s semifinals at the Adidas 64 in Las Vegas.

Now the team led by Indiana commits Yogi Ferrell, Jeremy Hollowell and Hanner Perea will play Dream Vision (and No. 1 prospect Shabazz Muhammed) at noon ET today. Should they win that, they’ll play at 8 p.m. ET in the championship game (which will be televised by CBS College Sports).

Dream Vision defeated Indiana Elite earlier in the tournament and also at the adidas Invitational.

The Eric Gordon 16s, with Devin Davis and V.J. Beachem (Collin Hartman is injured), are also in the semifinals. They’ll play N.C. Xpress Elite at 1:40 today.

UPDATE: Indiana Elite lost to Dream Vision, 67-56. According to this blog, Jeremy Hollowell had 16, Yogi Ferrell 15 and Hanner Perea 12 points. The Eric Gordon All-Stars won their morning game, 63-41.


  1. IE turning the corner at last. That thumping of CT BC is an eye-opener. Dream Vision may be “a bridge too far,” but keep us updated. Whatever happens, this has been a dramatic reversal of a miserable start in this tournament.

  2. Whats the deal with the deal with the tweet about Devin Dumes? Was that meant to be negative? Although as a fan base we can be critical about players skills, Hoosier Nation will never forget the guys that were there for us when we needed them most. I can never figure out if this site’s opinions are for, against, or neutral towards Indiana Basketball.

  3. Wasn’t Devin the one who was sucking punching opposing players during his time here?

    He wasn’t a Hoosiers. We just needed warm bodies.

  4. Relax everybody, I was just making a good-natured dig on Dumes’s propensity from taking really, really deep shots. I’m not saying he was a good or bad player, valuable or invaluable, good or bad person. Just saying he tends to jack 3’s from long-distances from time to time. I feel safe in saying this is indisputable.

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