Indiana officially adds walkon, assigns numbers to freshmen

Raphael Smith has gone from practice player to full-on walkon, as he was officially added to Indiana’s roster today.

Smith, who scored 13.3 points a game as a senior at South Bend Riley, worked with the team during the spring semester last year. He even sat on the bench for several games (you may remember him as the 6-foot-2 guy standing next to Maurice Creek and Guy-Marc Michel in the grey sweatsuit).

The move gives Indiana 17 players on next season’s roster, including five walkons: Daniel Moore, Kory Barnett, Jeff Howard, Taylor Wayer and Smith.

Indiana has also assigned numbers to the freshmen: Remy Abell will wear 23, Austin Etherington 13 and Cody Zeller 40.

They’ve also posted photos of the players in their uniforms, so if you’re just dying to see Zeller or the others in an Indiana jersey here’s your chance.


  1. I’m still surprised #40 hasn’t been retired. Hopeful that wearing #40 and having the greatest #40 on the basketball staff will by some process of osmosis result in Cody Zeller impacting the IU program as much as Calbert Cheaney!

  2. You can see some of the changes to the jerseys if you look at current players versus new players. Looks like they are going to a lighter shade of red and adding and adidas logo.

  3. Smith is a good addition to the team, even though I’m sure he won’t get much pt. He has long arms and is a good defensive player. Watched him play in HS and wasn’t a prolific scorer, but did well on defensive end.

  4. Out of the 3 freshman, I thought that Remy “looked better” in the Cream & Crimson. Though that’s just a matter of opinion.

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