IU announces football uniform changes

Indiana put out a release announcing some small changes in the uniforms. The most significant points: no more stripes on helmets or sleeves, white face masks instead of red, “more traditional” pants design (translation: no more black tape).

The release follows.


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – The Indiana University Department of Intercollegiate Athletics announced Tuesday afternoon that Indiana’s football uniforms will be returning to a more traditional look for both the basic uniform design and the helmet. Stripes have been removed from the helmet and the jersey sleeves, and a classic white face mask will replace the red face mask that has been featured on IU helmets since 2005. The new jerseys will be traditional IU red and white in color and will feature adidas’ state-of-the-art TECHFIT compression technology.  IU has also replaced last year’s PowerWEB pants with a more traditional design.

“I think fans are really going to like our return to a more traditional design and color scheme,” Indiana University Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Fred Glass said.  “We are thrilled that our partner adidas was able to come up with such a classic look while still using state-of-the-art technology.”  

According to adidas, the TECHFIT jersey is a complete reconstruction of its football uniform. Using a streamlined fit, new fabric, reduced seams and an ultra lightweight name and numbering system, the TECHFIT jerseys weigh 30 percent less than traditional jerseys.  One of the advantages of the compression fit is that there is no extra material for opponents to grab or hold, and it also helps with range of motion and comfort for the players on the field. The TECHFIT compression jersey will debut when the Hoosiers play Ball State on Sept. 3 at Lucas Oil Stadium.

“The uniforms are really sharp. Our guys will be excited and the fans will love them,” head football coach Kevin Wilson said.  “We wanted a look that builds on tradition, yet has a cutting edge style that our players will wear with IU Pride.”

Indiana is one of a select group of universities that have similar all-school agreements with adidas.  The 2011-12 school year will mark the fourth year of an eight year agreement between IU Athletics and adidas. The deal provides uniforms, shoes and equipment for all of Indiana’s 24 varsity sports. It also provides IU with officially licensed gear and clothing for sale at the IU Varsity Shop and IUHoosiers.com, the athletics web site.

For more information on the TECHFIT jersey and other adidas products, visit adidas.com/football.


  1. To me this is a big deal. Glad to see someone knows what they are doing. I love the changes that symbolizes IU tradition even if there is lack of a winning tradition yet.

  2. Didn’t mind the Colts knock-off jerseys last season (wasn’t a fan of the white dickey collar), but these jerseys are clean & classic. I will however miss the helmet stripes, thought those were well done to complement the pants and honor the striped theme of IU over the years.

  3. I’d be okay with a change and a more traditional look if they just wouldn’t have made them Oklahoma ripoffs. They could have changed the pants to have the double stripes and cleaned up the jersey a bit and the uniforms would have looked nice. The Oklahoma copy is very high school-ish.

  4. I actually thought the striped helmets were a bit too busy. But I also agree that the similarities to OU’s uni’s are a bit over the top.

  5. I liked the helmets during the period 1966 to 1972. I hated the helmet from 1983. Who’s idea was that? Never liked the black helmet(just was not IU). These new ones look good, but I guess I’d prefer the stripe on the helmet.

    As for the comparison to Oklahoma, given that the schools have basically the same colors, its inevitable that someone would say IU is copying Oklahoma’s uniforms. I doubt that is the case, but really, who cares? We’re not in the same conference and its unlikely IU will play OK any time soon. And I think it will be a while before any TV audience confuses the two teams while on the field.

    Is it me, or has IU made more significant changes to their FB uniforms over the years than otehr schools?

  6. This look was bad for IU when DiNardo coached and it’s bad now. I’d rather PLAY like OU, not LOOK like OU. The “building on tradition” statement by Wilson would be great and all.. if the IU had the tradition of OU.

  7. In ’83 Sam Wyche was IU’s new coach and he opened the uniform design to the student body. They used true cream and crimson as the colors. They weren’t attractive at all. Interestingly, when Bill Mallory took over the next year he stated that the uniforms were ugly. The resulting uniform changes mirrored Mallory’s “meat and potatoes” approach…. basic block I on the helmet, stripped pants…and Winning football!!

  8. Each new day presents an opportunity to begin a tradition of winning. A lot of Hoosier fans needs to embrace that concept and stop wallowing in IU’s past failures. Other Universities have transformed losing programs into successful programs, and many of those schools did not have as much to offer as IUB.

    The Hoosier Nation needs to believe such a transformation is possible, support the athletic program through donations and attendance at games, and hold IU’s administrators and trustees accountable, refusing to settle for failure. In other words, one way of the other,the Hoosier Nation will get the athletic program it deserves.

  9. They have put together winning seasons at places like Kentucky that has nothing to offer prospective players other than an easy place to graduate from and a chance to play in the SEC.

  10. ^Nice, Tsao. Now that’s what I call “intelligence” to talk about “real sports issues.”

  11. Ugh… Please don’t say the name DiNardo. Nothing against him but that was an extremely ugly time in Indiana football, and that’s hard to do. When it comes to the jerseys, it really doesn’t matter because as much as they talk about tradition, everyone knows we’ll change them again in about 3-4 years.

  12. I love the white facemask. That’s been something I’ve hoped for. You can’t see the players faces. unis are solid. Nothing to rave about. I’m anxious/excited to see what Coach Wilson can bring to the table.

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