IU commits fare well in next round of tournaments

The three summer travel teams with multiple Indiana commitments all fared well in the tournaments that ended Friday, some better than others.

The Eric Gordon 16 and Under team, which includes 2013 commitments Devin Davis and Colin Hartman, claimed the 16U Best of the Midwest championship in Fishers, defeating Spiece Central 69-62 in the finals.

Indiana Elite Team Indiana, which obviously includes 2012 commits Yogi Ferrell, Hanner Perea and Jeremy Hollowell, defeated the New England Playaz in overtime in the semifinals, but lost to Pryme Tyme 63-52. Ferrell had 11 points, seven rebounds and five assists in the loss. Perea had 10 points and 10 rebounds, and Hollowell had just four points.

Spiece Indy Heat’s 16 and Under squad, which includes 2014 commits James Blackmon and Trey Lyles, reached the silver bracket finals of the Best of the Midwest, though a score from that game was not immediately available.


  1. I was at the elite game and they had a huge height advantage but the other team was well drilled and really controlled the game. We have several chances to get back in it but tried to force some shots close in and had several turnovers. In the four games I saw Jeremy was pretty much a non factor and i dont think scored more then 8 in any of the games. Hanner was impressive. Watched Pattersonas well in two games and would not probably have noticed him if I did not know who he was. He had maybe ten points in both games but really did not stand out at all.

  2. It’s so hard to tell anything from some of these games… Kids are tired, the play is inconsistent, and coaching is lacking in a lot of ways. It will be nice to see how each of them plays during their final high school seasons. Games require more preparation and although the teams won’t have the talent seen in AAU, Indiana high schools play at a high level and can gameplan around certain players. I’m much more interested in seeing how each of these “savior” recruits do in the winter. I think the fatigue factor is not talked about nearly enough in these summer games. It is very, very, very hard to win a tournament where you play multiple times a day/weekend. The best team isn’t guaranteed to win, especially when there’s not all that much motivation to win.

  3. Did the entire staff get a 3 Day Weekend?

    And, it sure is funny how 4g disappeared the second Crean started getting all the recruits.


  4. Things are dead because its summer. People can only get excited for so long about the size of a recruit’s calves, the result of an AAU game, or an ex-coach moving jobs.

    As soon as 09/03 rolls around, when IU takes on Ball State in Indy, there will be plenty of chatter.

  5. It won’t take that long actually. Big Ten Media Days are July 28-29. First football media availability is Aug. 9, I believe. We’ll start ramping up then.

  6. Glad I’m not the only one that thinks that “things are dead around here.” Can’t wait to read more about the football team and how they have progressed through the spring and summer. IU FB needs a lot of good media coverage so that the first few home games have above average attendance. Putting butts in the seats is critical to team morale, recruiting and creating the home field advantage. Given some of the powder puffs on the schedule, IU FB needs all the help it can get from the HT staff.

    By the way, why does IU play Wisconsin in Madison again this year?

  7. Podunker,
    The addition of Nebraska and the switch to divisions caused the Big Ten to basically start over when it came to schedules. In some cases, the alternations continued on the same rhythm they had been, but in many, they didn’t. That worked against IU in most cases, but the Hoosiers do host Northwestern for the second straight season. So there’s that. But a lot of teams are dealing with that problem.

  8. I often spend a few minutes on the sports section (I’m not in B-town). This time of year I go through it in 30 seconds.

  9. DD; maybe IU playing WI in Madison again this year is for the best. It’s going to take some time before IU will be ready to match Wisconsin. Maybe the next time we play them in Bloomington, we’ll be ready to avenge last year’s humiliation or at least give them a good game.

    I can still remember taking a road trip to Madison so my friends and I could see IU beat another Big Ten team. At the time, Wisconsin;’s stadium was a dump. Can’t remember the exact year, but it was in the 70’s. IU kicked the Badgers all over that field for two and half quarters, just dominating them. Then Corso, who I always thought lacked the killer instinct, started playing the third team. After dominating WI with the first team, IU relaxed and barely held on to win.

    If IU wants to model another Big Ten team’s transformation, it should emulate Wisconsin football, from annual Big Ten door mat to perennial Big Ten contender and bowl participant. If it can be done in Madison, it can be done at IU. It just takes leadership.

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