IU releases football schedules through 2014

Indiana released it’s football schedules through 2014 on Wednesday. There isn’t much new in terms of non-conference opponents. There will be upcoming home and home series against Missouri, Bowling Green and Navy, as has been previously reported. However, the Hoosiers will play at Massachusetts next year, which is a new development. The return game on that is 2017.

The release and the schedules follow.

Sept. 3 – vs. Ball State (Lucas Oil Stadium)
Sept. 10 – VIRGINIA
Sept. 24 – at North Texas
Oct. 15 – at Wisconsin
Oct. 22 – at Iowa
Nov. 5 – at Ohio State
Nov. 19 – at Michigan State
Nov. 26 – PURDUE

Revised 2012 Schedule
Sept. 8 – at UMass
Sept. 15 – BALL STATE
Sept. 29 – at Northwestern
Oct. 13 – OHIO STATE
Oct. 20 – at Navy
Oct. 27 – at Illinois
Nov. 3 – IOWA
Nov. 17 – at Penn State
Nov. 24 – at Purdue

Sept. 7 – NAVY
Sept. 21 – MISSOURI
Oct. 12 – at Michigan State
Oct. 19 – at Michigan
Nov. 16 – at Wisconsin
Nov. 23 – at Ohio State
Nov. 30 – PURDUE

Sept. 13 – at Bowling Green
Sept. 20 – at Missouri
Sept. 27 – MICHIGAN
Oct. 11 – at Illinois
Oct. 18 – at Penn State
Nov. 8 – at Minnesota
Nov. 22 – OHIO STATE
Nov. 29 – at Purdue


BLOOMINGTON, Ind. – The Indiana University Department of Athletics has released schedules, including strong non-conference opponents, for the 2012, 2013 and 2014 football seasons, as announced today by Vice President and Director of Intercollegiate Athletics Fred Glass. Due to conference realignment and the new Big Ten divisional structure, some previously scheduled games on the 2012 schedule had to be reset.

Since becoming athletic director, Glass has sought to add quality non-conference opponents to the football schedule and release those schedules out at least as far as the Big Ten has scheduled its conference games, which it has done through 2014.

“Releasing future football schedules gives our fans time to plan for football weekends here in Bloomington and even for road games. Scheduling high quality non-conference national opponents like Navy, Missouri, Wake Forest, South Florida and Virginia, and high quality in-state non-conference opponents such as Ball State and Indiana State to go along with our home Big Ten schedule, will bring football to Memorial Stadium that our fans want to see. We hope our fans will come experience the excitement of great college football in Bloomington,” Glass said.

Over the next two years, Indiana will start a pair of series against in-state schools Ball State and Indiana State. The Hoosiers will play Ball State in both 2011 and 2012, and IU will play the first of three home games against Indiana State in 2012. The other ISU home dates will be in 2013 and 2014.

“In building our program, we want to play an exciting and competitive schedule. We look forward to each opportunity,” Indiana head football coach Kevin Wilson said. “Each schedule will be challenging, and our players and staff welcome the opportunities that await us.”

The Hoosiers have also added some high caliber out-of-state opponents on future schedules. In addition to completing a home-and-home series vs. Virginia in 2011, IU begins home-and-home series with North Texas in 2011, finishing in 2014; Navy in 2012, finishing in 2013; UMass in 2012, finishing in 2017; and Missouri of the Big 12 in 2013, finishing in 2014. Indiana will play home and home series with Wake Forest and South Florida in 2015 and 2016, respectively.

Beginning with the upcoming 2011 season, Indiana will be part of the Big Ten Conference Leaders Division. This divisional alignment ensures that the Hoosiers will annually play fellow members Illinois, Ohio State, Penn State and Wisconsin, as well as rival Purdue. Indiana and Purdue successfully advocated keeping the Old Oaken Bucket as the regular season finale.Indiana will also compete annually with Michigan State from the Legends Division for the Old Brass Spittoon. The Hoosiers will play two other opponents from the Legends Division each season, rotating among Michigan, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota and Northwestern.

Indiana’s 2011 schedule includes a contest against in-state foe Ball State on Sept. 3 at Lucas Oil Stadium, Virginia at home on Sept. 10, and home conference games against Penn State on Oct. 1, Illinois on Oct. 8, Northwestern on Oct. 29, and the Old Oaken Bucket game vs. Purdue on Nov. 26.

To order season tickets, contact the IU Athletics Ticket Office at 1-866-IUSPORTS or visit IUHoosiers.com.


  1. Last year I saw UMASS defeat James Madison in Harrisonburg just a few weeks after the Dukes had upset VaTech. Safe to say that Umass won’t be the same pushover that Towson was.

  2. Yep, I agree. UMass is a very fine football program. One of the best in the NCAA sub division.(D2) Always ranked high and plays good football. It will be tough for IU to win……..Unless Gunner signs. HaHa

  3. GFDave, love that somebody has some CAA perspective. You’re absolutely right. Massachusetts is a ton better than Towson. Towson is a CAA bottom feeder. That’s a really good FCS league.
    That being said, it’s still an FCS league. For all the respect that I have for that level of play (and honestly, I have a lot) I’m a little surprised they’re doing a home and home.

  4. After IU kept getting whipped by UK on a regular basis, I see they are nowhere in sight…smart call. As for Nebraska, IU wouldn’t stand a chance, even against their cheerleaders.

  5. IU actually leads the series with UK, and won the last matchup. They won’t play us since they already play UofL.

  6. Jimmy’s right, it was UK that stopped the IU-UK series, claiming that their SEC schedule was too demanding to include a Big Ten team on the non-conference schedule.

    Looks like it will be 2012 before IU has a chance to get revenge against Wisconsin in Bloomington. We play them in Madison this year, but it’s not likley IU will have a chance this year.

    Overall, it looks like Wilson has moderately increased the level of competition for IU football through 2014. Still have some powder-puffs (Indiana State), but Navy and UMass will not be push-overs for any team.

  7. Yep, Kaintuck football definitely puts the fear in folks. They are among the very select teams that IU actually leads in the overall series. I don’t blame you for coming on here and crowing. Do they still put out their playbook in crayon? You know what they say about UK, ‘It’s not much of a school academically but…’, well, actually, that’s all they say.

  8. Increased level of competition but maintained level of stupidity. True road game against an FCS team? Only one year with more than 2 non-conference home games? These are not things BCS schools do.

  9. Seriously?? We don’t play Nebraska until 2015?? How can that possibly happen?? What?? H-T guys, please give us something on how that happened. You’d think the league would rotate everyone against Nebraska ASAP as an introductory process.

    I’m with Jeff, this sucks. I like the upgrades in the non-conf opponents, but it’s ridiculous that we don’t have Nebraska until 2015.

  10. I’m old enough to remember the last time IU played Nebraska in Bloomington. It was not pretty. Don’t complain that it will take four years before we play them, count your blessings. Wilson will need some time to build up his team before taking on too many of the Big Boys in the same year.

  11. How is it that IU plays at Wisconsin two years in a row (2010 & 2011), isn’t this a scheduling mistake?

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