Mark Morefield, Baylor assistant who sent threatening text about Hanner Perea, leaves program

Mark Morefield, the Baylor assistant coach who reportedly sent texts to Hanner Perea’s high school and AAU coaches threatening that he would go back to Colombia if he signed with a school other than Baylor, has left the program according to a report from Jeff Goodman of


  1. Good riddance college basketball does not need a jerk like this. If Scott Drew was 1/3 the man his Dad & brother are he would have canned the guy first. Maybe he told him to do it.

    Also more bad news for Drew. David Salinas a financial adviser who ran Houston summer programs has committed suicide. Drew had invested money with him. So not only did he probably lose money but the NCAA may investigate if he invested so the guy would steer players his way.

    Oh no when it rains it pours Scott. You trashed Knight and other coaches in the league, then tried to intimidate Hanner and now this.

    You have a nice day now you hear……ha, ha

  2. Somebody should send that guy Morefield to Colombia… Let’s all hope he goes to prison and drops the soap.

  3. Entertaining Old Sports Dude. An IU fan questioning anyone about a summer program steering recruits. What is next? Future complaints about someone steering recruits to New Mexico?

    I commend IU and her fanbase on their spinning of this issue. A +. Morefield texted at the wrong time. Bold statements that should not have been made. The deed was done. The Columbian guardians were shut-out. Well-played IU. No use complaining about it and warning that the neutered Columbian guardians might regain control and bring him home. Morefield had lost when he made the texts. I bet he knows that now.

  4. Ok BSU here is the deal. the dead guy was asking coaches to invest in his POnzi scheme for directing players to their school. this has been verified by at least one coach.

    Now if and that is a big IF you can find that Mark Adams was given any incentive or was just doing it on his own and directing players to IU then…The NCAA HQ is in Indianapolis. I am sure you can find their address. Then turn US in!!! Otherwise be quiet.

    Geez. IU Elite is based in Bloomington. IU has a beautiful campus and a coahc that is recruiting 24/7. Sure we are going to get some of their players. But we have had not gotten all of them. Also this team is similar to the one back in BK’s days. Do you think he was cheating too?

  5. Ditto, Dude. I wonder what IU is suppose to do, turn down these recruits commitment when they verbal? One thing we do not mention often enough is why Coach Crean was brought to IU and that is he holds an advanced degree in squeaky clean from Izzo U. and put it in practice in Milwaukee. One off-hand thought is Scott Drew may suffer from the “milkman complex”. Any thoughts on Morefield are unprintable.

  6. Over the years I have seen this played out several times in college basketball. The assistant takes the fall for the head coach. Nobody believes this guy acted on his own without any knowledge of the head coach. Somebody had to fall on the sword. It was not going to be the pathetic little squint, Scott Drew.

  7. You misunderstand. I applaud IU for stealing the parked kid. Why need international contacts when you can just pick ripe fruit? Drew and Baylor/Rockets connections indentified some good young talent. Drew and Morefield successfully recruited the Columbian guardians. Found a place for the Columbian guardians to place him. IU bypassed them. Sealed the kid off. It is all about footwork, positioning, and desire. Good fundamentals in rebounding and recruiting.

    Baylor lost a parked Columbian to Louisville 5-6 years ago. Maybe all their work bringing kids over to improve skills in the US paid off at Valpo. I don’t care enough to research it. But the Columbia to Waco pipeline hasn’t produced.

    IU and Baylor’s actions are pretty public now. If the NCAA wants to look at it then they need no help from me.

  8. Sorry No BSU. It sounds like Baylor is the guy who gets the hot date to go to prom and takes her to a nice dinner. But when they get to the dance, she hangs out with another dude. No guarantees in shipping players into the country. Fair’s fair, Perea chose IU over Baylor no strings attached. That ESPN article turned nothing up. I could see if half the A hope players came to IU, but I think a total of three played or committed to IU, and that includes Tijan. Not enough to say that something dirty is going on. Actually, since it is based out of Bloomington and that low of a number have gone to IU, I would say it works in the opposite manner.

  9. When Sampson kids weren’t seen at a gym they were 95% smoking weed and 5% conspiring of ways to find Eric Gordon a date.

    When Crean recruits aren’t seen in a gym they’re 3% developing independent-mindedness(yuk), 7% honing leadership skills(barf), .05% preparing for life’s challenges (disgusting), 1% counting dimples on a basketball (somewhat honorable), 14.95% placing experts of the Bible on Twitter (tweet thy Lord… tweet him well), 5% spreading Christianity into small villages of China (a chance for Jordy to finally smoke some weed … or, 69% clipping the toenails of bedridden seniors at Bloomington nursing home facilities (considered an Arts & Humanities elective worth 3 credit hours).

  10. Please those of you who bill themselves ‘spellcheckers’, etal. The country is C-O-L-O-M-B-I-A; someone from Colombia is a C-O-L-O-M-B-I-A-N. Contrary to what was learned in your history classes, the Pinto, the Nina and the Santa Maria did not fly the flag of the District of Columbia, the Ohio city or the Indiana town and were not dressed in OSU uniforms, didn’t have little buckeyes on their helmets and were not wearing red sweater vests.

    By the way, the right back for the Colombia National Soccer team is named Luis Perea.

  11. Tsao- as an internationally minded person, I support your correction wholeheartedly, and see that mistake all the time.

    However, let’s not forget who was recently talking about “Christian” Ronaldo, “Bennet” del Toro, and “junk nationalisms”.

  12. Sounders FC- Thought you liked futbol?…how can you possibly be a Sounders fan? Secondly, you are not ‘internationally” minded…you are just obsessed with your pacifier which disqualifies you from commenting on real sports issues and attempting to pick on arguments you are not intelligent enough to carry by yourself when, in fact, none were sought. As I suggested before, if the pacifier does not satisfy, call your mom.

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